International Massage Chair Orders

March 28, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
March 28, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

International Massage Chair Orders

I get a lot, and I mean a lot, of inquiries about our massage chairs from around the world. If you visit our International Orders page you will see that we have shipped chairs to Germany, Greece, England, New Zealand, Iraq, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada (refer to our previous blog post about the Canada stuff), and Chile, among other places.

We just love our international clients; they are kind and gracious and, oh, so grateful for the care we give them when we ship a massage chair to their country. However, there are some things our international clients get to know when considering buying a massage chair from us or any other US retailer. I have made a list of 7 things that are very important to know before ordering:

1. Warranties are usually null and void as soon as the chair leaves US soil. Now, Panasonic and Sanyo are huge international companies and may have warranty caveats around the world. I have heard of some of our clients getting serviced overseas by local service techs of Panasonic and Sanyo electronics. It is interesting to note that most of our international sales are Panasonic and Sanyo. Human Touch and Omega warranties are not in effect outside of the US, when shipped from a US retailer. Of course, you may never have a problem with the massage chairs and a warranty issue may never come up. If a problem does come up, you can do a couple of things: a.) call the manufacturer and pay for the part that needs replacing, or b.) find a technician in your country that can fix the problem and just pay him/her for the service rendered.

2. Many countries do not accommodate the 110 volt electronic devices, but use the 220 v system. No problem! Just get a transformer/converter that will convert your power from 110v to 220v. We use a transformer, called a step-up transformer, that we buy from a supplier in California, which retails for about $149. We have sold and shipped many of these around the world and they are heavy duty and extremely reliable. They can handle the size of appliance that is a massage chair. You can also check with your local stores in your country to see if they have something that will work. It will save you the shipping, at least. DO NOT plug a 110v massage chair into a 220 v outlet, unless of course you enjoy spending a lot of hard earned money and then seeing your possession burn up immediately!

3. We prefer wiring of funds for international orders. We do accept some credit card orders, but there is a larger chance of fraud with credit cards, so we are cautious when dealing with an international client that wants to use a credit card. Many times, you will have to call your banking institution that issued your credit card to get permission to purchase a high dollar item like a massage chair over the internet.

4. We typically offer free shipping and bonus gifts for all our domestic US massage chair sales, but for international orders those bonuses do not apply. Shipping is just so expensive for both that we cannot do that and consider ourselves to be fiscally responsible. We will get a shipping quote for all of our visitors that request one, but the free shipping is not a possibility. I will tell you, though, that most of our buyers find that the cost of a massage chair in their country is so expensive that it is cheaper to buy the massage chair AND shippping from us. We ship most of our massage chairs by air, but once in a while, we get a request for shipment by sea…it is usually a little less expensive, but it takes quite a bit longer to get your new massage chair if you go by sea.

5. No refunds on massage chairs shipped internationally. Make sure it is what you want, because once it leaves US soil, it is yours for the keeping or selling!

6. Every international buyer should check with their local customs office to find out what duty, customs, or sales tax you may have to pay before you can pick up your massage chair. Every country is different, so it behooves you to look into it before making your buying decision so that you are not shocked by some huge tax levied against your beautiful new massage chair.

7. Our toll free phone number, 1-888-259-5380, does not work for international callers. You will have to email or text or online chat with us to get a hold of us to discuss a purchase. I would be happy to give you my personal cell number if you are serious about getting a massage chair shipped internationally. Email me if you ‘d like to talk over the phone and I will send you my number.

I think that is about it regarding international orders. If you have any further questions, feel free to get a hold of us and we will answer to the best of our knowledge and ability.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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