Remote Control – Luraco Legend Massage Chair (Video)

March 28, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
March 28, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Remote Control – Luraco Legend Massage Chair (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Remote Control – Luraco Legend Massage Chair”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to talk about the remote control of the Luraco Legend L-track massage chair. Now, Luraco came out with an interface for their remote controls that mimics that of a smartphone.

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Alan: And when you turn the chair on, when you turn the remote control on, thus turning the chair on, you’ll get a display of various and sundry icons, and you can just push them just like a cell phone icon, and it will give you the functionality that you need. It’s a really easy-to-use remote control, and the remote control of the Luraco Legend is a little bit more, it has a few less features than the iRobotics 7 Plus, but it has everything that you need to get this thing going. It doesn’t have the voice response, which the iRobotics 7 Plus has. In other words, there’s no voice response telling you what’s going on with the chair, and that’s probably the biggest difference. It does not have Bluetooth, or music speaker functionality either. But to turn it on, you go to this little dial here. This is where you do most of your navigating from. You turn the chair on, and it’ll come up to an intro screen, and then the chair will default to the first auto position, and you’ll notice the screen here. It says ‘Auto,’ those are your auto-programs. ‘Manual’ settings if you want to isolate the massage roller to one particular place. ‘3D’ to adjust also the rollers, but with the depth adjustment. An adjustment here is where you can adjust the positioning of the chair, and where the ottoman is, and where the chair back reclines to.

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Alan: You can turn ‘Heat’ on and off there. You’ve got an ‘Intensity’ adjustment there, so you can adjust the airbag intensity, the compression of the airbags on your different, various and sundry body parts, and also the depth of the rollers on your back. You can adjust the ‘Speed’ of the rollers. There are some auxiliary settings you can turn on there, and then, or you can adjust there. And then you’ve got the ‘Users,’ which is, not many chairs have the memory function, where you can memorize a program, and the ‘Users’ button will allow you to do that. So, let’s say you create a manual program that you really, really like and you’ve created, and you want the airbags turned on your calves, you want rollers to go up and down your mid back, you want the foot rollers on, you can save that. So, the next time you get in the chair, if you really like it, turn it back on again, and you know, press the saved program, and bang, you’ve got the same program you were enjoying before. Now, in the auto-programs, if we push that, you’ll see the different, the nine different programs there. It always defaults to the ‘Health’ program. I like to use the ‘Demo’ program in the showroom because that gives everybody a real good taste of what the chair can do. But you’ll see that there is a total of nine programs there, and you can always go back to the home screen by pushing that little ‘Home’ button there. And of course, you can go to the manual settings, and you’ll see opportunities to adjust the manual, or whatever position of the spine that you want to work on, and then you can also adjust what the rollers are doing, and where the rollers are going more specifically on that screen.

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Alan: And then we talked about adjustments, where you can adjust the recline of the chair, how high or low the shoulders go during the scan, the shoulder rollers, the foot, the angle of the ottoman, up and down, and you can also adjust the length of the legs, because it’s an electronic leg adjustment. You can turn the chair in to zero-gravity positioning, and there’s also a shoulder sensitivity feature. And so, then you can go onward and upward, you’ve got the ‘Heat’ program, where you can turn heat on or off. Right now, it’s off, you can turn it on. You can go over here to the ‘Intensity,’ we talked about that, and the intensity scales are one through five. So, what’s cool about this chair is that the ‘Neck,’ the ‘Mid Back,’ and the ‘Lower Back’ are all, and the ‘Buttock,’ are all, those are the four parts of the roller track that can be adjusted independently of each other. So, let’s say, in the butt, you want it a five out of five, but let’s say in the neck, it’s too intense, and you want to go down a little bit to a two, or in the lower back, you want it higher also. You can adjust these four areas, the neck, the mid back, low back, and buttocks independent of each other, and also, you can adjust the legs and arms, compression intensity, independent of each other as well. So, that’s kind of a cool feature, and then we go back to the home, and then you’ve got ‘Speed,’ you can adjust the speed of the tapping or the kneading. The ‘Settings’ things, you can adjust the length of the massage program, this one defaults to 30 minutes, but you can adjust the time, you can adjust the password, you can set a password, so that other people can’t mess with your chair. ‘Sleep Settings,’ ‘System Information,’ anyway, you can play with that when you get the chair, and then, of course, the ‘Users,’ which is the memory function.

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Alan: Here’s where you save the user, there is where you bring the user back up later or load up the user when you’re coming back to use the chair. But anyway, it’s a very, very simple, a very simple remote control. To turn it off, you push the power button, and again, you push it again to bring it upright. So, the first time you push the off button, it turns the program off that you’re on, that’s on, and then you push it a second time, and it brings the chair upright to the neutral, or resting position. So, that’s the remote control of the Luraco Legend, pretty easy, eh? I mean, it’s pretty simple, just like a smartphone, very easy to adapt to and get used to.

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