Reed Willmore – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

December 13, 2016
 By Allison Bricker
December 13, 2016
 By Allison Bricker

Reed Willmore – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Reed Willmore – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview”

AP-Pro UltraReed Willmore: Oh, I’ve got you, I’ve got video, both, now.

Dr. Alan Weidner: There you go. Well, that’s wonderful. I couldn’t be happier now that we got it figured out. Well, Reed, thank you so much for taking time to visit with me this morning, I appreciate it very much.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: Well, as you may or may not know, I do these interviews with customers who have purchased chairs from me so that people that’re shopping for chairs can get a feeling for what experience you had in your buying experience, as well as what, you know, how you found us, and how you came to decide on the chair that you decided upon, and a few other things that’ll come to mind as we begin our chitchat. But now, you’re here in Utah, you’re one of our local customers.

Reed: Yep.

Alan: And I know that you bought the Apex Ultra massage chair.

Reed: Uh huh.

Alan: So, tell me a little bit about how you came to decide upon that chair, or maybe tell me a little bit about the process you went through to get a chair, how it started, and how you ended up at our place, and ended up with the chair you ended up with.

Reed: I have wanted a massage chair for a long time, and I love researching on the Internet. So, I spent quite a bit of time just looking up different companies, reading about chairs, and I think it wasn’t very long after I started researching that I realized I really needed to sit in a chair, that researching it on the Internet wasn’t going to be enough, and there’s a local company down here in Utah county that has chairs, but they only have a few of them. And I was in there probably about a year ago, sat in them, and I thought ‘Eh, that’s nice, but I want to be able to find some place that can compare.’ And I was looking on the Internet, found your store, and especially liked the fact that you had a lot of chairs available, and that I could make an appointment and go down, so and the fact that it was local was great for me, that there was something available close by. So, I was thrilled when I found a store that I could actually go in and sit in chairs, so …

Alan: Well, you know, our store is quite unique, there’s not many like this around the country, so when people find out about it, here in Utah, they’re kind of surprised that it’s in their own backyard. They don’t realize that it’s hard – and you know, we have people that fly in from all over the country to try these things out – so you’re lucky to have it close by, even though you had to drive probably 40 minutes to get to us, but we’re glad you came. So, from the time that you started looking for a chair to the time you bought the chair, did you say it was about a year?

Reed: A year overall, but when I was seriously – when I, I mean, I did some preliminary – but when I was serious about it, it was probably only a couple of weeks that I looked, and then I made the appointment, and came in, so …

Alan: Now, tell me about your experience in the showroom. Of course, I was there, but I want to hear it from your mouth, and what was your experience with the different chairs, with having to make that decision on buying a chair, and how you decided upon the Apex Ultra?

Reed: Well, probably the biggest criteria was I had a price point that I wanted to stay at, and one thing that I really appreciated, being in the store, was I didn’t feel any pressure whatsoever, to try and go over my price. You were really great at letting me know which chairs were in my price range, and then I think I sat in, what, four or five chairs?

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: And just the ability to sit in a chair and go through a whole cycle, spend as much time as I wanted in the chair, and compare them all was great, and I know myself well enough to know that if I had sat in one of those more expensive chairs, that was out my budget, I probably would’ve fallen in love with it, and liked it. So, I remember at one point, you even saying ‘I’m not even going to show you that chair, because that one’s out of your budget,’ which I appreciated, and it was really helpful to me to be able to sit in some chairs. I remember one that was on the left side of the room that I sat in, and almost immediately could just tell ‘Yeah, this isn’t the chair for me.’

Alan: Right.

Reed: And I wouldn’t have known that just based on the features, and the feature list on that, but to sit in it and feel it, and also, to really feel the difference, because I had – the model that I got has the L-track in it – which I love, love, love.

Alan: Right.

Reed: And to be able to feel the difference between the S-track and the L-track was, you know, just to have that hands-on experience, and feel that was great, so …

Alan: Yeah, I’m a big fan of that L-track. I think that’s kind of like the biggest thing in our industry since – you know, since maybe 3D rollers, or something like that – I think it’s a big innovation, I love it myself.

Reed: Yep, yeah.

Alan: Now, the other chairs that we had you sitting in, in that price point were the Osaki 4000T, the Titan 8400, which was another L-track, and the ZeroG 4.0 from Human Touch. What else, about the Ultra, did you like, maybe that separated it from the other L-track chair, or just the other chairs in general, what was it about that chair?

Reed: To my best recollection, the one that it stood out, because I started in the Ultra, I tried the other chairs, and then I ended up coming back to the Ultra, is I really like an aggressive massage …

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: And I like the pressure on it, and the Ultra seems to me to be a little bit more aggressive in the rollers than the other chairs. So, that feature, I remember – I can’t remember which chair it was – but I remember kind of thinking ‘I wish I could have that feature off of this chair, in this one.’

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: But overall, I like the configuration of the airbags. Oh, and I really like the feet rollers on the Ultra too.

Alan: Yeah, it’s pretty intense. The foot rollers can be intense with the airbags pushing down.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: Has that been a problem for you, or did you find that it was difficult at first, and you adapted to it, or did you lower the intensity, what did you do?

Reed: So, I have this little trick that works for me. I like the second zero-gravity position, and it has three.

Alan: OK.

Reed: My preference is, I like the second one, and after I get in that position, then I put – because it has the adjustable foot – you know, you can lengthen the foot part of it …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Reed: And I, when it first starts, that’s when it, the rollers are kind of intense on my feet, so I actually push out with my toes, so that there’s not quite as much pressure when it starts, and then it, only after a couple of minutes, I either, my feet adjust to it, or I don’t know, whatever, but then I just relax my toes, and then let the rollers go in, and that’s worked out great for me.

Alan: Oh, that’s a great suggestion, I’ve not heard that before. I do know that the foot rollers on a couple of the chairs are a little intense for some, and your foot’s kind of a funky area.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: Some people don’t like their feet being touched at all.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: And some chairs have a really, really light foot massage that’s great, but if you like an intense, good, deep foot massage, that Ultra will not leave you wanting.

Reed: Right.

Alan: It does a good job at that.

Reed: Well, my sister sat in it. She’s had surgery on her feet, and her feet are very sensitive, and I just took two like, kitchen towels, rolled them up, and placed them on the rollers.

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: Because she still wanted the airbag, and that intensity, and so I just put them under her feet, and that, she could still feel just a bit of the roller, and it cut down enough that she could still, you know, enjoy all the rest of it without the pressure of the foot roller, so …

Alan: Yeah, that’s another good idea, I’ve heard that idea before. You know, you can turn off the foot rollers. There are different settings, but when you push the foot-roller button, you can shut the rollers off. I think it’s three presses, and it’s off.

Reed: Well …

Alan: But just FYI, if she comes back, but if it’s just you using it, eh, just leave it.

Reed: I’ve had fun exploring, and I’m just amazed at how many different combinations of programs you can get, out of, between the, I think there’s six auto-programs, and then all of the manual settings that you can do, so …

Alan: Yeah, there’s a lot of things that can be done, and the remote is quite simple, isn’t it?

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: It doesn’t take much to kind of work your way around that remote control.

Reed: My only, the only – if they were going to make a modification to it, because I like to – I have it in what I call my Zen Room …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Reed: So, it’s just a room, I like to basically turn off the light, I have a little tabletop waterfall that has a light on it, so there’s just a little bit of light in the room, but when the remote is, when you’re not actively pushing something, it’s totally dark, so …

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: I have to push a button in order to get the lights to come on, then to be able to see it.

Alan: Right.

Reed: It would be nice to have a backlight on it, that either stayed on, or you could somehow turn on, to see.

Alan: You know, that’s a good point, and that’s a common comment we’ve had about other chairs too. It’s not just the Apex Ultra, but that’s a fairly common complaint, so you’re not alone in that department. Now, as far as the neck massage goes, I really like the neck – I mean, I love the butt roller …

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: Bar none, I think that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I think the neck massage on the Ultra is fantastic. It’s quite vigorous, what’s your take on it?

Reed: So, I’m unique. I have quite a few friends that come over and sit in it regularly, and I’m probably the only one of everyone, I take the head pad off …

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: So that I can feel the neck roller, because I really do like the aggressive, and I seem to remember that the Ultra comes up higher than the other chairs. It really actually comes up quite high on the back, and I like the ability – there’s a lot of times I will actually press my head in to the rollers, so it gets really aggressive on my neck – and I do like it a lot. On one of the auto-programs, it actually works its way up your neck, and then slowly presses down through your neck, and then stops there, and I’m always disappointed that it doesn’t stay there longer. And I know you can do the, you know, the spot massage, but it’s like ‘No, just a little bit longer right there, that would be great.’

Alan: Right there. Well, now when it hits your skull, that’s one of the things with that chair, you can adjust it, when it’s doing a body scan, and it beeps to let you know that it’s at the shoulder area, you can lower those rollers a bit, so it doesn’t hit the back of your skull, because that can be uncomfortable, hitting the bottom of the skull.

Reed: yeah.

Alan: Have you had any problems with that?

Reed: I have – well, I mean, there are spots – but I kind of like to be able to play with it, because I could just move my neck, or move my head enough, just to get it off the bone.

Alan: Ah.

Reed: And I kind of like that ability that I can kind of manipulate my head while the rollers are still there, and hit the spot that I want it to hit, so …

Alan: I like that, yeah, that’s – you’re optimizing your use of it – that’s great, without having to adjust too much.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: How tall are you, Reed?

Reed: I’m 5′ 7″.

Alan: 5′ 7″. So, your fitting is just fine in that chair. You’re like almost the perfect, median height for that chair. For some people over like 6′ 1″, 6′ 2′, the legs get a little bit too long, and the knees kind of kick up a bit, and then they can’t feel the calf rollers on the back of their calves. So, you’re the right height, but for someone that’s over, I’d say 6′ 1″, 6′ 2″, it gets tedious trying to make the chair fit.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: Tell me what you thought about the calf rollers, because we don’t have any other chairs with calf rollers in them at the showroom.

Reed: I love the calf rollers. I mean, I like the – I’m pretty sure they hit right – for me, they hit perfectly, right at my calf. A luxury that I would love is if the calf rollers actually rolled, I mean, moved up and down themselves.

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: They roll in one spot, which is really nice, and I like the combination of the airbags with the rollers, it’s just nice.

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: I never sit in the chair without having the calf-and-leg rollers on, I like it all the time, so …

Alan: Yeah, well, now, that’s good. The calf rollers are an interesting innovation. It can become a little irritating, just staying in one place, any roller is like that.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: Sometimes the feet become irritating, the foot rollers become irritating, or the calf rollers become irritating, because it stays in one place, and unfortunately, you cannot turn off the calf rollers. So, if that does become irritating, you know, some people might need to put, like a washcloth or something under there …

Reed: Yeah, dull it down.

Alan: To kind of damper it a bit, but yeah. But OK, now, as far as the …

Reed: Just saying, when you were talking about height …

Alan: Yeah.

Reed: I have had various – I have a group of men that meet in my house, we just kind of – that’s our Warriors men group, and I have friends who, I think the tallest is probably 6′ 1″ or 6′ 2″, and I have a friend who’s about 5′ 5″, and they’ve all sat in the chair. They’ve all loved it, so …

Alan: Wow, awesome.

Reed: I’ve had friends of all different heights in it, and my friend who’s 5′ 5″ is kind of stocky, and fairly wide, and he kind of snuggles down to get in the chair, but once he’s in it, he loves it, so it does accommodate a whole wide range of sizes.

Alan: Well, and isn’t the chair a friend magnet? I mean, people just are attracted to it, they’re just attracted to it, like a tractor beam.

Reed: Very much so.

Alan: Well, now you need to give them my card, and send them down, Reed, and …

Reed: Well, I actually have, on the shelf right next to it, your cards that several people have taken, and a brochure that you left, and so people, I just like to say ‘Here, this – where did you get it – I was like ‘Here’s the store, it’s local, go try it out.’

Alan: Bless your ever-loving heart.

Reed: I have several friends who are actually saving their pennies, so you may see some in a little while.

Alan: Good, until then, you’re going to be stuck with them, whether you like them or not.

Reed: That’s right.

Alan: They’re going to be coming by to visit you quite regularly.

Reed: My 17-year old son works at Costa Vita, and he’s on his feet, and I can always count on him coming home from his work shift, and that’s the first place he goes, and sits in the chair.

Alan: Good. Well, he’s OK, he can mooch all he wants.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: But it’s those friends and neighbors that just, the friends that come out of the woodwork …

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: They’re the one you’ve got to get down to the store. Now, did you have any complaints, like physical complaints, back pain, headaches, neck aches, whatever, when you were looking for the chair, was it for any kind of somatic complaints?

Reed: Not specific, I have always had lower back, right across my, like hip bones, on my back, and that is, I do have to, because the chair is pretty aggressive, that’s another one, where I tweak when it, depending on how my back’s feeling, when it rolls over that spot, it can be a little intense. But all I do is just kind of arch my back a little, just to get enough pressure off as it rolls by that, that feels good, but that’s been the only complaint that I have on my back.

Alan: Right.

Reed: I carry a lot of tension in my head and my neck, which is why I love the neck rollers.

Alan: Huh.

Reed: That’s just great for me.

Alan: Well, have you found that by using, how long have you had the chair now for?

Reed: Almost seven weeks.

Alan: Seven weeks. Are you finding that by regular use of the chair, some of those somatic complaints are diminishing?

Reed: Oh yeah.

Alan: Are you noticing that you’re not as tense in the neck, or not as frequently as tense, or the low back’s better, or are you noticing anything like that?

Reed: I am, and my low back, I just have noticed in this last week, I think there was one night particularly – because I typically sit in it when I get – I teach school, so when I get home from school, that’s where I head, I sit in it, and then I’ll sit in it once again usually before I go to bed. And I was just aware, after I had been in it for a cycle, that I hadn’t arched my back at all, that the rollers had just gone over it, and that I didn’t notice anything about my lower back, so definitely.

Alan: So, the tissue’s not as tender as it was before?

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: You must, do you teach high schoolers?

Reed: I teach 6th graders, 11 and 12-year olds.

Alan: I was going to say, man, I …

Reed: Which is almost as much.

Alan: Yeah, I was going to say it’s got to be high schoolers. They’re the ones that cause us all the pain. Now …

Reed: I did, I wanted to mention one little quirk, and I don’t know, just to make, maybe other people aware. When I first got the chair, it was very noisy at the start, and I remember thinking ‘I don’t remember it being this noisy when I was in the showroom.’ And I listened to it, and I thought ‘This is distracting noisy,’ and I thought ‘I’m going to give it a little bit of time to see if it’s just, you know, newness, works its way out, or whatever.’

Alan: Right.

Reed: And I finally pinpointed it, it was when the airbags were on, the pump filling the airbags was really noisy …

Alan: Yeah, yeah.

Reed: But after probably about a week, maybe 10 days, that noise went away …

Alan: Oh really?

Reed: And it’s much quieter now, so …

Alan: Maybe it was just kind of working out its own little quirks.

Reed: Yeah, so if anyone else gets that chair or something, that was just something that I noticed to say, that noise has gone away now, so it’s just kind of the normal noise that I heard at the showroom.

Alan: Yeah, that’s good to know. I’ve not heard that, but I appreciate that feedback, and I’m sure someone else will hear that, and this will be a help to them.

Reed: Yeah.

Alan: Now, have you noticed any other health benefits from the chair? I mean, yes, you came with back pain, and you had some neck tension, have you noticed anything else when you use the chair, like – and the reason I ask this is because some people will make comments, you know – ‘Hey Doc, by the way, I sleep better after I sit in the chair,’ or ‘I find that I can breathe deeper,’ or whatever the thing is. Have you noticed any other weird things like that?

Reed: Well, I think I probably sleep better, and that’s one reason why I typically will go sit in it for a cycle before I go to bed.

Alan: Yeah, yeah.

Reed: Because then I just find myself just relaxed, and …

Alan: [phone rings] Sorry about the noise, hold on, just a minute. There we go, sorry about that.

Reed: No problem. So …

Alan: But you’re finding that it’s very soothing and relaxing?

Reed: Yep, very much so.

Alan: Wow, well, that’s pretty neat. Is there anything else about the chair, or about the experience that we haven’t covered that you want to chitchat about?

Reed: No, I just, I wish, I’m shooting myself now that I didn’t get the chair years ago, and just really enjoy it. I can’t think of really anything about the chair that I don’t like.

Alan: Wow.

Reed: It’s just, it’s been great, I’m really glad I have it, so …

Alan: Well, that is great. Well, your information today has been great, Reed. I really appreciate your time, and you know, going over this with us, and with the people that’ll be watching this video. Just so that you know, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but this video will go on YouTube today, so if you’re too shy, it’s too late, you’re already, you’re committed, man.

Reed: I kind of figured that when I did it. It’s like ‘Eh, it’s good enough.’

Alan: Well, it really helps. I mean, people can hear me talk all day long about the chairs, and it can seem a little disingenuous after a while, because I sell massage chairs, it’s my job to pitch them. But to hear a customer talk about it, and talk about their experience with it, and how it’s helped them, and how they decided, you know, to buy from us, or whatever, that’s invaluable. So, your input is really – we really appreciate it – I’m very grateful that you took the time to talk with me today.

Reed: I would tell anyone ‘Sit in a chair, you want to experience them,’ that’s the way to buy a chair, is to sit in them, and experience it, so …

Alan: Well, thank you so very, very much, and I’ll have this up later today, you can watch it for yourself, and …

Reed: Great.

Alan: Hopefully, you’ll be happy with your performance today.

Reed: Thanks, good talking to you.

Alan: Thanks, Reed.

Reed: Alright.

Alan: Take care.

Reed: Have a good day.

Alan: Bye bye.

Reed: Bye.

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