Quick Hits – New iRobotics 6SL brown color; Apex Regent=Johnson J6800

April 9, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
April 9, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Quick Hits – New iRobotics 6SL brown color; Apex Regent=Johnson J6800

rss-icon-1-970189-mHere are a couple of things to know that have recently come to light in the massage chair industry:

1. Luraco has changed the brown color of it’s iRobotics 6SL chair to a lighter, more chocolate-colored brown. And, when I say chocolate, I mean chocolate. In the words of Luraco, it is the color of a Snickers bar. Brown can mean a lot of different things to different people, from light brown to dark brown, to coffee brown, to yellowish brown, to chocolate brown, etc., etc. Every massage chair company has their own version or description of brown.

Well, the iRobotics 6SL brown is a Snickers brown. Take a look at these pics to see for yourself:

New Chocolate 1 New Chocolate 2









2. Luraco’s iRobotics 7 is still not available, but rumor has it that it should be out anytime now. Finalizing the software has been the holdup. We are looking forward to get this model in our showroom to really give it a good going-over and become familiar with it. I am excited to play with the new remote interface as well as experience the overall massage mechanism. I will provide a full report once we have it in our possession.

I should also mention that the iRobotics 7 will be made of imported Taiwanese parts and American-made parts. The chairs will all be assembled in Arlington, TX. Once an order is made, the chair will then be assembled and quality tested before it ships out. This is something quite unique to Luraco. All other companies have the chairs assembled and tested overseas and then they are shipped to a warehouse here in the USA, from where the chair ships.

But, with Luraco, the parts are all assembled here once an order is made and then shipped out from their headquarters in Texas. I just had an i6SL order last weekend, the assembly began just this last Monday and it shipped out today.

3. The new Osaki line of chairs, called Apex, has a model called the Apex Regent massage chair. It is the old Johnson J6800 model that we used to carry, but rebranded as the Apex Regent. I am familiar with this chair as we used to have it in our showroom. It’s got 3D roller massage and a pretty unique heating pad that can be placed behind you or on your chest. It also has pockets to put your hands into during the massage to keep your hands warm.


Apex Regent






4. Inada has just lowered the price of their Flex 3S model to $5999. The chair was $6799, but the new pricing just started this last week. A great price for a Japanese quality made chair.

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