Quick Hits – Inada Flex 3S, Inada Duet, + Used/Open Box Chairs!

June 10, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 10, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Quick Hits – Inada Flex 3S, Inada Duet, + Used/Open Box Chairs!

Inada Flex 3S

Inada Flex 3S

Inada Flex 3S

I have already posted a couple of videos on YouTube about my visit to Inada USAs new headquarters and the new Inada Flex 3S massage chair. Well, we have the Flex 3S chair up on our site now and I should be receiving my floor model for the showroom any day now. I am quite excited to really get to know this chair and providing wonderful reviews and videos for your research.

I really like this chair and think that it will rival the popularity of the Sogno because of it’s feature-set, it’s Sogno-esque design, and the lower price point of $6499. I have a dark brown unit coming to the showroom and will begin recording videos right away. Stay tuned for more info about this new model from Inada.

Inada Duet

inada duet black Speaking of new models from Inada, the Duet has been a chair for which many people have called. It is the newest model for Inada Japan and has sparked a lot of interest from massage chair shoppers over here in the USA. Well, when I visited Inada USA two weeks ago, they had a Duet on display, but with plexi-glass boxes over top of the exposed roller systems. This is a chair that Inada USA is not going to be importing into the USA anytime soon, if at all. I asked them why, especially considering the obvious interest I’ve seen from my customers.

They tell me that there are a few features of the chair that need to be improved upon before they will even consider bringing it to the USA:

a.) The ottoman rests too far out from the rest of the chair. For older people, it becomes a challenge to get in and out of the chair. I totally get this. I have had many seniors come to my showroom and rule out certain models simply because the resting position of the ottoman is too far out from the rest of the chair, making it very difficult for the user to get in and out of it.

b.) The butt and calf rollers are not sophisticated enough to handle all sizes of calf widths. For larger calves the massaging  mechanism doesn’t quite handle the musculature. Inada USA would like to see a “flexible” set of rollers that can expand and constrict to accommodate differing calf sizes.

c.) Inada USA likes to let Japan do all the market testing of a new model. When the chair passes with flying colors and with a very low failure rate, then Inada USA will  consider importing the chair.

So, unless Inada Japan makes some corrections with this model, Inada USA will not import it. If changes are made to satisfy the Inada USA people, it could be another 2 years before we even see it in the US.

Open Box/Used Chairs Available!

I currently have 4 open box/used/floor model massage chairs available for anyone interested:



1. Espresso (dark brown) HT-7450 – 1.5 months old; perfect condition; only used  for 2 weeks. Regular Price: $3499; Open Box Price: $2699.

2. Black Infinity IT-8500 – This one arrives today and is only 3 weeks old!! Again, perfect condition and it is our most popular model. Regular Price: $3995; Open Box Price: $3295.



3. Black Infinity IT-8100 – This is a floor model that is ready to move on to a loving home. I’ve had it for about 6 months and it is in excellent condition. Regular Price: $2895; Open Box Price: $1895.

Infinity IT-8100

Infinity IT-8100

4. Cream Osaki OS-7200H – 3 months old, this chair is packed and ready to go. Hardly used and in pristine condition. Regular Price: $3795; Open Box Price: $2695.

os-7200h cream


All of these chairs are ready to ship. You just need to call me at 888-259-5380 and I’ll process the order for you.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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