Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 2)

December 13, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 13, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer (Part 2)

Cyber & Dreamer

Cyber & Dreamer

Here is Part 2 of my Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber vs. OS-3D Pro Dreamer review:

6. Body Size Restrictions
I mentioned in Part 1 of this review how the shoulder housing of the OS-3D Pro Dreamer tends to dig into the middle of the upper arms for folks with broad shoulders and chests. That is one restriction we have seen in this model. Here are a couple of others:

a.) The Dreamer has a lower height limit of 5’2″. I have a customer who’s wife was that height and she found the chair to be a little big for her in two ways: the shoulder airbags inflated too much above her shoulders because her torso was too short and the rollers hit the back of her skull rather than the top of her neck just under the skull. Yes, even after the scan, the rollers went too high on her head and massaged the bones of her skull…not too comfortable. Of course, you can always use one of the neck pads to buffer the rollers on the head.

One customer used the head pillow of the Dreamer as a seat cushion to lift the torso up a bit so that the shoulder airbags fit better and so that the rollers wouldn’t hit her head.

b.) The dome at the top of both the Cyber and the  Dreamer can be a little restrictive for folks who are quite tall. When the literature states that the height restriction for the Cyber is 6’4″, they weren’t kidding. I had a customer come in who was 6’5″ and tried out all of our chairs in the showroom. When he sat on the  Cyber, the top of his head hit the dome and it was not terribly comfortable for him. He sat in the Dreamer and DID fit. So, if you are 6’5″ tall and you are choosing between these two models, go with the Dreamer. If you are 6’6″ tall, neither one will work for you.

c.) The Cyber lists a minimum height requirement of 5’5″. This, too, is correct according to our experience. Two things don’t work really well in the Cyber when you are closer to 5′ tall: the waist airbags inflate and push the back of your arms rather than work solely on your waist area, and the shoulder airbags don’t inflate onto your shoulders, but slightly higher, maybe catching a small part of the top of your shoulders.

7. Stretch Program
The stretch programs are different in each chair. The Dreamer program is more typical of the type of stretch programs you would expect to find in other chairs. The Cyber has a little different feature, wherein the arm airbags inflate and grab the arms during the recline so that it feels more like the arms are getting stretched along with the torso. Most of the pull you will feel is in the arms and not so much in the torso.

I will also mention here that my feet kept coming out of the foot massager of the Pro Dreamer when the chair was in full stretch, even  when the foot airbags were fully deployed. This was annoying to me. The feet should stay in the foot massage mechanism during the stretch, but mine kept slipping out. I didn’t have that problem in the Cyber. I don’t know if it was because my feet are only size 8.5 or because the airbags didn’t inflate enough or because the design of the foot airbags is not optimal. But, for whatever reason my feet kept slipping out during the recline stage of the stretch program.

Fortunately, the calf airbags grabbed my calves and kept me anchored during the recline, but the fact that my feet were slipping out was driving me nuts.

8. Body Styling
The Dreamer has a shorter and wider body, whereas the Cyber is a taller and slimmer looking chair. I think they both require the same distance from the wall, but the overall shape and appearance is different for each chair.

9. Airbags
The Cyber has 36 airbags, whereas the Dreamer has 48 airbags. I’m not exactly sure of the distribution of airbags, but the literature regarding the Cyber mentions that it uses a different air cell technology that allows for greater body coverage with less airbags required. Again, not exactly sure about how the technology works, but it is supposed to allow for greater body coverage through less air cells.

10. Other Minor Differences
A few other things that differentiate the two chairs includes:

  • The Cyber reclines to 175 degrees, the Dreamer to 170 degrees.
  • 10 auto programs with the Dreamer; 11 with the Cyber.
  • 13 motors that operate the Dreamer; 7 that operate the Cyber.

Well, I hope this 2-part review shed more light on these two fine chairs from Osaki. Feel free to call anytime if you have any other questions about them.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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