Massage Chair News and Notes – 12/05/2012

December 5, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 5, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair News and Notes – 12/05/2012

Here are a few things you should know about if you are thinking of getting a massage chair for Christmas:

1. Shipping deadlines – If your chair is shipping by regular curb-side delivery, then I would strongly suggest placing your order by Friday, December 14th.

Many of you, depending on which state you live and which chair you order, can order as late as Monday, December 17th for regular
curbside delivery.

If you are getting White Glove Delivery and want your chair by Christmas, I would strongly suggest placing your order by Monday, December 13th. It always takes longer for the white glove delivery since a 3rd party is involved to do your local delivery.

**These dates are for as close to guaranteed delivery as you can hope for. You can still have a chance to get your chair if you order after these dates. Last year, we had quite a few orders after the deadlines and most of them still got to their destinations in time for Christmas. So, don’t give up!!

We have our own personal delivery company that does our Southern California deliveries for us, who can deliver as late as Christmas
Eve. Even if you order as late as the morning of the 23rd, we could still probably accommodate you before the 25th!

2. Port Strike at LA Harbor – bad news all around! There is a strike by port workers in the LA harbor. What does this have to do with anything? Well, all the massage chairs that are coming from overseas come into the USA through the LA harbor. The dock workers are on strike so no chairs are getting into the country right now. Osaki is being affected the most because of this…their very popular OS-7075R is waiting off shore in some ship anchored off the coast in the Pacific Ocean. The likelihood of getting that chair in any color other than taupe (which is still in stock) is getting slimmer by the day. 

By the way, this strike does not just affect massage chair shipments, but ANY merchandise coming from overseas.

3. A customer of mine noted that in the Osaki OS-7000/OS-7075R assembly video that we made, there is a small assembly error my boys did. Here is what my customer noticed:

“In your assembly of the Osaki 7000, when you put the 6 flat washers, lock washers and nuts on to attach the 2 side pieces, you put them on in the wrong order. The large flat washers need to go on first, then the small lock washers and then the nuts. The lock washer compresses when the nut is tightened on and “locks” the assembly on. Hope this is helpful. Thanks again for all your help.”

So, please take note if you are using my Osaki OS-7000/7075R assembly video as a guide to your chair assembly. Thanks, Richard!

4. Stock Update – because of the Port Strike, Osaki is back-ordered on the OS-7075R in all colors and the OS-1000. Inada is back-ordered on the red Sogno and has about 1 week of stock left of the creme and black leather Sognos. Refer to my last Massage Chair Industry Update (12/04/12) for stock of the other chairs.  I will notify you when the Port Strike ends.

Dr. Alan Weidner


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