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The first “Made in Japan” L-track massage chair, the Fujimedic Kumo feature-set includes foot rollers, 4D rollers, knee & calf heat therapy, BlueTooth technology, multi-language remote, space-saving, memory function, and a 3 year parts & labor warranty.

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The first “Made in Japan” L-track massage chair, the Fujimedic Kumo showcases a very rich feature-set that includes foot rollers, 4D L-track rollers, knee and calf therapy, 2-stage zero gravity, BlueTooth technology, chromotherapy, multi-language remote control, voice-activation, space-saving, memory function, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty.


12 reviews for JPMedics Kumo

  1. David Caplan Virginia (verified owner)

    I only had the Kumo for a few weeks, but the buying process could not have been more painless. Massage Chair Relief was incredibly patient and helpful in helping us determine the best chair for our needs. We had space recommendations and the Kumo is relatively compact. We’re still getting to know it but love it so far. Thanks!.

  2. Patricia Jacobson

    My husband and I came in to Dr. Weidner’s store in Taylorsville and bought this chair in May 2020 after trying out about 7 different chairs in his showroom. We had a fantastic experience with Dr. W and found him extremely honest and knowledgeable. The chair was delivered a week later and we paid to have it set up in our home.

    The chair was AMAZING, like Angels singing amazing… until about 5 months later when there was a loud “clunk” during use, and then the main rollers lost much of its force while moving on the track. It was usable in any other function except for the main rollers. So I called the warranty/repair company, Cozzia. That’s where the nightmare began. The Cozzia tech came out, said it was a wire harness and ordered it & said someone would let me know in about a week when the part arrived and then he’d schedule the install within the next week. No call after 2 weeks. I called Cozzia again and the CSR said she’d check into it and call me back that day. Nothing. I finally got an email about a week later saying the part was in stock, so I called the tech directly, and he gave me the number to the guy (Dylan/Dillon) who sets up appts in the Utah area to get an appt. Dylan, hands down, is THEE MOST obnoxious, arrogant, dismissive PUNK I’ve EVER spoken with in any cust svc dept. He refused to set up an appt for me before the part arrived at my home, even knowing it was en route from CA, and told me he didn’t care how long we’d waited and not to call him again, he’d call me. At this point it was just before Christmas, we had been without the use of our VERY expensive chair (paid for in full) for about 6 weeks, so I asked if he’d make an exception knowing we’d been waiting about 4 weeks longer than originally told. NOPE. So we waited. The tech set up the appt for New Year’s Eve, and it didn’t fix the problem. After troubleshooting, he decided the whole back roller mech had to be replaced, so he said he’d order it and left. About 2 weeks later I called Cozzia CS to see if the part was on its way, and they said it hadn’t been ordered. Their notes said tech found no issue, waiting to see if customer sees code while in use. We weren’t told anything of the sort. So Cozzia contacted the tech, the tech called us to clarify, and he said he’d order the part. Once again, we waited. On Feb 2nd I called the Cozzia CS dept again and the rep said the mechs were out of stock and they were waiting for a shipment from China. At this point my husband got Dr. Weidner involved. We were SOOO angry with the repair company that we had hopes that he could step in and help us get something done faster for us. After another 2 weeks of more waiting, we finally made the painful decision to ask Dr W if he’d take the replacement part and the chair back at a discounted refund, and he agreed. For this reason alone I would recommend Dr. Weidner’s showrooms to ANYONE.

    When the guys showed up to remove the chair, we took a picture of the broken roller mech. Unfortunately I can’t upload the picture to show you what broke, but it was one of the only plastic pieces in the mech itself that had cracked. To be fair we did have the opportunity to have the mech replaced (eventually), but knowing that the main roller mech has plastic in it, and the daily usage on its strongest settings after only 5 months broke it, why go through the horrible customer service experience again to have it break a few months later? I am completely gobsmacked that any plastic at all is used in a part that has such a huge impact on the chair’s functionality! The mech is practically 100% metal, but the small parts that hold the rollers to the motorized part is PLASTIC… unbelievable!! One would have to assume it’s absolutely done on purpose for profit. SO DISAPPOINTING for a chair we spent thousands in cash for. I no longer trust any chair that Cozzia services. The worst part by far is that we’re still in daily pain (spinal arthritis, sciatica, etc) and afraid to try another chair again.

  3. Marc B

    I spent hours in the store testing chairs and after testing the Kumo I started using it as the base chair and comparing the others to it essentially spending half my time at the store in the Kumo on the different modes… none of the others even came close to matching up. Ironically when I went back months later with a friend she was doing the same thing returning every few chairs to the Kumo before also buying one. Her process was trying both the aggressive modes for her and her son and the relaxing modes for her husband.

    The Kumo gave the deepest massage, had the smoothest most comfortable rollers (didn’t feel like they were poking into you), had one of the most user-friendly remote screens and the best massage programs. A couple other chairs had better arm or leg massages with rollers and not simply airbags for those body parts, but the gap between the quality of the back work and rollers was so far superior with the Kumo that it was silly to even consider the other chairs. Same goes for the stretching which I thought would be a better feature than it turned out to be. There was one chair that gave a better stretch than the Kumo, but the Kumo seemed to be 2nd best. Now 6 months later I can tell you the stretch is one of the least important features on a massage chair. If you want a good stretch, get out a yoga mat.

    I find that I use the Chinese massage the most as it is by far the deepest… just keep cranking up the intensity whenever it falls off in the programming. It does the best full body work, has deep airbag compression on the arms, and the best work on the low and mid-back. The Thai setting has the best work between the shoulder blades and a nice stretch. For the neck, the custom neck work seems most effective. For low back pain the spot massage is one of my go-to’s. For relaxation maybe its me, I do Japanese or relax, but still with fairly deep pressure just in the recline position

    I am a CMT that specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage. Not only do I give exclusively deep tissue massage that’s all I like to get. I know there is no chair that will ever replace a therapeutic massage by a skilled therapist (There is no elbow drag with leverage setting and none of the chairs gives a therapeutic arm or leg work, but the compression and rollers will increase circulation and can be somewhat relaxing to overworked arms and legs). That said, I needed something I could use daily, especially after working on a client or playing recreational sports. This chair has lived up to my expectations I literally use it 4-6 days per week, for at least an hour on days I see clients. I have also begun letting my clients run a 20 minute cycle as a wind down from the 90 minute often painful therapeutic massage they just got from me and the feedback has been all positive.

    I am not sure anyone has ever made the perfect massage chair, but this is the best for what it is. It gives you the most control, has the most comfortable touch and works the deepest while also giving you options to give very targeted work.

    Finally why I bought from Massage Chair Relief is an important part of the review. This is a major investment for most of us in the middle class… I had to finance mine. So it was important to know that I will still be able to use the chair 10 years from now or even 20 years from now. Once you throw in the lifetime labor warranty given by the store, you have 5 years parts (3 plus 2 from the manufacturer). After that, if anything breaks or needs replacing I simply call on massage chair relief and they come to the house (no shipping the chair to china or japan) and they do the work at the house (not sure how that works for people that done have a local retail outlet near them). I also never felt pressured to buy. I literally spent 3 hours in the store testing chairs before making the purchase… I didn’t feel like anyone was judging the time I was spending. I bought my chair from Dom and my friend bought hers from Michael, both were very nice. They can tell you what features the chairs have and which sell best. They can also tell you where the chairs were made, but ultimately you need to spend time in the chairs to make your decision. I had my chair in a few days and my friend had hers in a little over a week as there was a slight supply chain problem.

  4. John Hiefield (verified owner)

    After extensive research we decided on the JP Medics Kumo. We have had it for a few weeks and we are incredibly happy with the chair. I talked with a lot of massage chair companies and it was Massage Chair Relief that really gave me confidence in purchasing the massage chair. Very informative, no pressure at all to buy and every single question I had was answered. The order process was smooth and transparent. It was really nice to be able to track the chair during shipping. The white glove delivery company was skilled and efficient. The reason that topped it off was Alan Weidner himself. He is very passionate about the product and industry and he will not sleep unless you are completely satisfied with your purchase. The massage chair model decision is your choice but I can guarantee you that this company will not let you down with whatever chair you end up choosing. They stand behind what they sell and it shows. Our family is enjoying the chair greatly and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep during a massage!

  5. Zach

    I have only been using my chair for a couple of days now, but I already love it and can tell what a difference it can make for me both physically and mentally. I had a brief moment of “oh my god what the hell did i just buy?!” when this first arrived on my doorstep, but after the first use I couldn’t have been happier. I get so excited to use this daily!

    I did hours of research when trying to find the right chair and think I made the right choice with the Kumo. No chair will have EVERY feature you want. The only thing I can think of this chair lacking is calf rollers…but then some of the chairs with calf rollers lacked other features. The airbags on the feet and legs are nice, but I would like them a bit stronger. I have skinny legs though so they may be perfect for someone a bit larger. Same goes for the arms. An arm roller would be great but I believe only one chair offers that now.

    The touchscreen on this chair is very user friendly. Bluetooth connectivity is very easy as was the entire setup process for the chair. I did have a slight issue with the chair not working when I first set it up, but customer service was so great they sent me a replacement part AND a technician within a week. That was another reason I chose this chair – Dr. Weidner said they had great customer service.

    Speaking of Dr. Weidner, he is VERY helpful in the selection process and happy to answer any questions you may have. He has a plethora of knowledge on massage chairs (just go watch some of his youtube videos), and was always quick to respond. He helped me with everything from different features to the financing aspect of things. It gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing I was purchasing this chair from him.

    As far as the massage goes, I have been doing about 2 per day (one vigorous and one more relaxing). There are so many options to choose from. The stretch feature is incredible. It’s not going to give you a yoga quality stretch or anything, but it maneuvers you into some great positions and is super relaxing as well!

    The massage is more than strong enough. I know strength is relative, but I think most people would be pretty happy with the intensity of this. And if it’s too strong you can always make it softer…but I think it’s good to have the option. I had tested out the OHCO M.8 at Relax The Back, and while it’s a beautiful chair, the massage just wasn’t strong enough for me.

    I LOVE the “spot massage” feature as well. I had a little neck stiffness this afternoon and went right over to the chair for a 10 min neck massage (I recommend removing the head pad for this), which I was able to alternate between shiatsu, swedish, tapping, clapping, etc etc. I even used the “neck heat” feature and threw on the foot rollers while I was sitting there, because why not 🙂

    All in all I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! You can’t really put a price on your health. I can’t tell you how many days I get home with an achy body and would think “boy I could really use a massage”. But that’ll cost you near $100, plus you have to drive and schedule it and even then sometimes they do a horrible job. What a convenience to have this right in my room.

    And that’s just the physical aspect of it…

    Being able to sit in the chair and throw on the “relax” setting while you listen to some music for 15 minutes does wonders for stress relief.

    Anyway, I could ramble on about this chair for days. Bottom line: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  6. Tiff

    Review long overdue.

    Dr. Alan Weidner was very responsive and knowledgeable and he helped me with my decision to purchase my massage chair which I use daily religiously everyday since I bought it last year.

    Some caveats: Wish I could change the intensity for the feet/arm part and wished there were rollers for the arm part. Wished there was also heat for the arms/feet

  7. Paul Hursh

    The chair hits all the right spots. Very relaxing and stress relieving. I often fall asleep at the end of the massage.

  8. howard weitzman

    It’s been about 24 years since we purchased our first massage chair.
    Not being any younger, my wife and I were ready to go foranother chair. We shopped around through the internet and deduced that there were many choices out there. After searching for months, we came to the conclusion that the market offered several choices. So, we sought out a distributor that could provide us with answers to our questions and help sort out the best chairs that would suit our needs. Luckily, we discovered massage-chair- relief and the ever so helpful and knowledgeable Dr. Alan Weidner. Ever since that first day that we contacted Dr. Weidner, he has been nothing but the most knowledgeable and helpful person who has patiently and diligently communicated all answers to our questions. There was NO forced sale here! Dr Weidner knows his stuff. In addition, he is competitive with price and shines in the market with the return policy and unique labor warranty. In such a competitive market where the prices are very similar with each distributor, Beats all competition with fabulous service and follow-up to our questions.
    We have had the JP Medics Kumo chair for several weeks. So far, we love it! Here’s why:(Not necessarily one order of relevance)

    1. There are a tremendous # of options With several pre-programmed programs available. Each program allows customization to suit your needs. When the program starts there is a body scan dedicated to the user.
    2. The chair is beautiful to the eye as well as very solid construction. My 250 lb. frame feels absolutely solid as it “locks” into the chair as each program goes through its cycle.
    3. Each program is definitely unique. If you want to concentrate on one section of your frame you can manipulate that exact area.
    4. I love the zero gravity feature with 2 settings.
    5. The electronics are intuitive and easy to navigate through. There is a swivel digital video screen on the left arm as well as a round dialed setting with about 5 pre- set options. Both the screen and the round dial each have a cut- off just in case you need to stop the massage suddenly.
    6. The actual intensity of the massage can go from “relaxing” to fairly rigorous. The 4 D feature is authentic mimicking a deep tissue massage. We have not taken the chair to its limits yet and are slowing working our way to that point.
    7. At no point does the chair ever feel like it is approaching its mechanical limits. This is a very well constructed machine that truly lives up to its description that was given to us.

  9. Jay (verified owner)

    Everything about Dr weidner and his company “Massage Chair Relief” has been Great. They are all about making sure the customer is happy. I found out about him from his youtube channel. I asked him -and Michael from the California showroom- a lot of questions. It came down between the Luraco and the Kumo. Both top selling chairs. I ended up with the Kumo because it would look nice in our bedroom. Plus it takes less space. He was willing to match a competitor. (almost, I was willing to pay a but more because of the lifetime warranty he offered and also I felt very safe going with them), I also had a issue with my original CC and he was very accommodating , which I really appreciated. I few things that were disappointing. The delivery experience was awful. It was raining and the delivery guy simply left it at the curb. I offered him money as Dr. Weinder suggested but he says it is against his companies policy. Why? How come it was suggested by Dr weirder to do that?? I paid an extra 100 bucks for a few delivery guys to bring it up. The boxes were soaked up already I was afraid that the chair is damaged. But it was so well packed. Nothing was damaged so that was good. (Just the 100 bucks ….) The chair looks beautiful and is very relaxing, and the remote is very intuitive. and the controls on the right side is really helpful. But, don’t expect a good stretch. That is the only thing that bothers me. I knew it would not be as good as the Luraco as this is an L track chair, but this was even worse than expected. Its very relaxing and can also make a very deep massage. Bottom line, I like the chair (would love to have a better stretch though) And the Wife LOVES it!

  10. Chris Tosches (verified owner)

    After many hours researching on the computer and visits to various stores, I purchased the Fujimedic KOMO massage chair.
    This chair has it all! It is made in Japan, not China. It has a more human like massage feel. It is very comfortable for both my wife and I with different heights. Very easy to use. The knob on the right armrest makes it fast to change settings, but the large LED touch screen on the left armrest is super simple and very clear on maneuvering through the many different program settings, time variation, chair positions etc… Another big plus is the classy design. I found that most chairs would look like an old version of something from an RV (over stuffed vinyl) or too over the top with plastic looking modern pods. I bought it in the pearl white and it looks great with the rest of my furniture in the family room, (no need to put it in a different room out of view) you will want to show this off lol! Very important is the L tract only needs to be 5″ away from the back wall, Great space saver!
    I highly recommend going to the Massage-Chair Relief store. 1) There was NO pressure salesmen. 2) I got to try about 10 difference chairs for as long as I wanted (great showroom). Very important to actually try the chair in person & compare fit, strength, comfort, programs etc… 3) They were very knowlegable and most important, “They have Amazing customers service”. Anything I needed or questions I had was addressed immediately. Plus only they offer a Lifetime warranty for labor on the chair, awesome.
    I love my chair! So does my wife and all the friends that come over and try it.

  11. Ken R. (verified owner)

    A month ago, I purchased a Fujimedic Kumo Massage Chair (Model FJL50) from Massage Chair Relief (‘MCR’) in Phoenix. On my third visit to the Arizona store, Melodie, who was great to work with, said a Fujimedic Kumo chair had been returned to MCR’s California store during the 90-day trial period. The chair (originally purchased online) was briefly used by the first purchaser, who returned it because one of the family members didn?t like it. Fortunately, the Arizona store had a Fujimedic Kumo in the showroom, and I was able to demo it to help with the purchasing decision.

    I’m old school, and like to see and demo large purchases, which simply doesn?t happen with online shopping. My experience has shown me that MCR staffs their stores with knowledgeable salespeople, stocks a good variety of quality chairs, and makes it known massage chairs are their business. I?ve been to gadget stores in the mall that demo and sell massage chairs, but the selection is limited, and I?ve found the knowledge of mall salespeople is even more limited.

    Finally, I pride myself in research. Each visit to MCR was followed by internet research and reviews of chairs I demoed. I was probably in the Arizona store a total of 5 hours during my 3 visits, but I estimate a total of 8-10 hours on the internet researching and reading reviews. This was a big purchase for me, and I wanted to make the best possible choice.

    I’m not new to massage chairs, as I purchased new in 2002, a Sanyo HEC-DR21 massage chair. The Sanyo served me well for 17 years, but the leather material had started to tear, two rollers had disintegrated, and the motors had weakened due to age and use. I used this chair probably 600-800 times a year, or well over 10,000 times during its life (equates to about 25 cents per massage). Additionally, I used this chair to read and watch TV in my den/office.

    My requirements for a massage chair replacement were in order of importance (1) good build quality manufacturer for longevity of service, (2) good quality massage, with several programs, (3) seller that provides service after the sale, (4) good value for a expensive chair, and (5) comfort for sitting to read or watch TV.

    Melodie was very patient and helpful each time I visited. What I found particularly enlightening, was she either had the answer to my questions, or if she didn’t, would find out and get me an answer. She never guessed at an answer, but made sure it was correct before providing the answer. I wish everyone salesperson was like this. Also, Dr. Alan Weidner called and texted me to ensure that I didn’t have any unanswered questions.

    A new Fujimedic Kumo would have been over my price budget, but as it had been returned by the first buyer during the 90-day trial period, the sales tag had been discounted into my price range. The chair was delivered and set up (at no extra cost) by two MCR technicians 4 weeks ago today. It was difficult to tell that the chair had ever been used by the first purchaser. It was clean and unmarred in any way I could see. My chair color is white pearl, and I couldn?t be happier with this choice.

    As testament, all three of my children, with their spouses (in their 30’s), visited from out of town for a week during Thanksgiving. They loved the chair and rated their top three program choices. With 11 standard massage programs to pick from, each of the 11 programs made someone’s top three. These six people all mentioned before coming how they wanted to sit in my massage chair (thinking I still had the old one). They were certainly surprised by the new chair. I had to reserve a time to use my own chair!

  12. Steve Santjer (verified owner)

    This is a review of the Fujimedic Kumo Massage Chair, in Edo Brown. We have owned the chair for 4 months at this writing, with my wife and I each using the chair about 6 times per week. I will cover features that resulted in us selecting this chair, features we like, and some details we would like to see improved.

    My wife and I have owned several massage chairs over the years. We lived in Japan for five years when stationed with the United States Air Force, and frequently tried the latest chairs offered at stores in our area near Tokyo.

    Our first chair was an inexpensive heat and vibrating massage in a glorified, cloth covered lawn chair. It was all we could afford, and seemed fine. Later, after living in Japan and trying “real” massage chairs, we set our sights a little higher. About 20 years ago, we purchased a roller based chair from Human Touch. It seemed great in the showroom, and while I was satisfied with it, my wife thought the massage was too intense. The only adjustment was slipping a thin cushion into the backrest. She stopped using it because she hurt worse when she got up out of the chair. We ended up selling it at a garage sale.

    Fast forward to 2018. On a business trip through Incheon Airport in the Republic of Korea, I tried a full featured chair in an airport lounge. Very nice, even if I couldn’t understand the remote! But, I was hooked, and started shopping when I got home.

    I wanted to get a chair that had all the latest features, would be friendly to my wife, was high quality, and looked good. I like all things Panasonic (super reliable!), but the row after row of buttons on the remote (some even hidden behind doors) would cause confusion, and I feared the chair would not get used. The Inada chairs were popular in Japan, and we liked them, but the chairs available in early 2019 did not have foot rollers.

    After months of internet research, we selected the Fujimedic Kumo. It has lots of air bags (64!), heated 4D rollers, L-track, zero gravity, foot rollers, and an open foot massage mechanism. This was important, as I have US sized 14 feet. The heated knee massage was a plus. Another unique feature is the easy to access large intensity adjust knob, located on top of the right armrest. In an instant, the massage strength can be dialed back if it is too vigorous. Perfect to address my wife’s complaint about the previous chair.

    We like:

    • The back rollers are heated, but only warm, like human hands. Don’t expect them to be “hot”.
    • The Bluetooth speakers are better than expected. We search for “Nature Sounds” or “Spa Music” on our music subscription service phone app, and off we go! The therapy lights, however, are too far back to make much difference.
    • The chair is fairly quiet during the massage, only making soft whooshing sounds from the airbags, and an occasional slight creaking noise from the shoulder airbag support when the airbag intensity is on it’s highest setting. The nature sounds from the speakers help mask any noises from the chair to keep the veil of relaxation in place.
    • The default massages are soft to moderate. Relaxing as is. It is easy to crank up the intensity of the 4D rollers (adjust knob, or touchscreen buttons) or airbags (quick access buttons on right armrest, or on the touchscreen). On the 4D highest setting, I feel like I received a deep tissue massage. Love it!
    • The stretching function that is part of the “Stretch”, “Thai”, or “Joint Care” programs is nicer and more relaxing than I was expecting. Especially in the morning.
    • When the massage completes, it leaves you right where you’re at – reclined with the speakers playing. Great if you went to sleep during the massage! (Compare this to a popular chair sold at Costco that “beeps” loudly 13 times like a garbage truck backing up when it automatically sits you up at the completion of the massage. Yuck!)
    • The touch screen is easy to navigate, only showing the functions needed at the time one needs them (not complicated).
    • It is Made in Japan, and has an additional year of warranty (3) over the similar, Made in China Cozzia Qi SE.
    • It arrived in three large boxes, well packed, and shrink wrapped onto a single skid. We chose to assemble it ourselves. It was medium difficulty if one has a mechanical ability, taking about 4 hours. The chair came with tools to assemble. The assembly manual was good, and an assembly video is available on YouTube. The chair takes a minimum of two strong people to move if assembling apart from the final location.

    We would like improved:

    • The touchscreen is too bright at it’s lowest setting, and is bright white with black or blue letters/images. The similar Cozzia Qi SE has a black screen with white letters. This is a better choice. Even with one’s eyes closed, the light from the screen is intrusive. There is a timer to have it shut off, with the minimum time being 1 minute. To turn it back on, just touch the screen.
    • It would be useful if the screen displayed a “screensaver” of the remaining massage time when the screen was asleep during the massage.
    • The zip-on bottom seat cushion’s foam insert gets rolled up in a ball inside the rear of the upholstery cover when the L-Track roller works on one’s glute’s at the lower ends of the track’s travel. The lump is noticeable when one sits on the chair. There is a hidden zipper that let me see inside the cover, and I was able to straighten the foam out, only to have it ball up again on the next massage. Only two 1” wide strips of Velcro hold this foam in place. This is no match for the rollers when the intensity is turned up. This part would do well with a redesign. This is the only issue that is preventing this chair from receiving 5 STARS from us. Hopefully, the manufacturer redesigns this part, and we can replace it.

    Why Massage Chair Relief?

    Honest, non-technical approach to selling was appealing. There are several online sources for chairs, but we chose Dr. Alan Weidner and Massage Chair Relief because he answered questions we had within a day of sending them to him. His YouTube channel is informative without being slick. The 90 day return policy is outstanding (Note: buyer must pay return freight). The Out-Of-Stater program is a great service, however we didn’t use it because a Kumo chair was not in the showroom. He is available by direct phone if you need him. One more thing, the FREE lifetime labor warranty (after the factory warranty runs out) is great piece of mind when purchasing such a hard working mechanical device.

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Made in Japan

The first L-track massage chair that is “Made in Japan’, which always connotes superior quality.


L-tracks are all the rage in the industry and the new Fujimedic Kumo massage chair has one! A 44″ roller track length will reach all the way from the neck down to the butt muscles. The design of the roller system allows for the rollers to actually hit the gluteal and piriformis muscles, in many cases helping some sciatica issues.

4D L-Track Roller

This chair also has a 4D L-track, which means that the depth and speed of the rollers can be adjusted, thus giving you, the user, the ability to increase or decrease the roller massage intensity. A very convenient smart dial is located on the right arm rest that allows you to easily adjust the roller depth and speed.

64 Airbags

Airbags everywhere you’d expect a new massage chair to have them, i.e. shoulders, waist, seat, arms, hands, calves, feet, and more.

2-Stage Zero Gravity

If you want to put your body into the most comfortable and least stressful position, try out the zero gravity feature of the Kumo. Zero Gravity is pretty much a must have nowadays in a massage chair. It has been proven to be the most efficient way to position your body for relaxation and longevity.

Voice Activation

Connect your chair to the app and you can tell you chair what to do! Use your voice to activate the chair and direct the chair to the program you want to run on your spine. A very convenient and simple hands off approach to using your chair.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Rollers under your feet rotate forward and back to stimulate your reflexology zones. You will feel like a new person after this experience, especially if you are on your feet a lot throughout your day.

Multi-Language Remote Control

Adding only what’s needed and removing the rest is a traditional Japanese design approach and is the inspiration for the simplified interface that controls the Kumo massage chair. With a tap on the seven-inch touchscreen control panel, you can switch between English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Kumo’s easy-to-use wired-touch pad controls the chair’s massage functions, allows for saved custom massages, and even displays what features your current massage is using

BlueTooth Connectivity & Chromotherapy

Connect your device to this chair via the BlueTooth technology, listen to your favorite music, turn on the LED light patterns and your chair and room will be turned into a auditorium of relaxation, therapy, and mood.

Space Saving Feature

Perfect for tight spaces or smaller living spaces, the Kumo has a sliding base that moves the chair forward before reclining, thus allowing you to put the chair within 5″ of your wall.

Heated Knee & Calf Therapy

The Kumo is the first massage chair with 3D knee technology that combines air compression with heat therapy to massage the knees with adjustable airbags.

Heated Rollers

The roller balls are heated to provide a comprehensive heat therapy along the entire lenght of the spine as the rollers move up and down your back.

Memory Function

If you create your own custom program, you can save it and use it as your own each time you come to sit in your chair.

3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Most chairs have a 1 year parts & labor warranty, with a second year of parts, and a third year of frame/structure coverage. The Kumo comes with a three year parts and labor warranty with the option for an additional 2 years of parts and labor as an extended warranty option. Usually, it can be said that a better warranty means a better chair!