Massage-Chair-Relief Article Database Tutorial

February 18, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
February 18, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage-Chair-Relief Article Database Tutorial

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage-Chair-Relief Article Database Tutorial”

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to demonstrate to you how to use our website to access articles and blog posts that I’ve written over the years. Now, we have a database of hundreds and hundreds of articles regarding every topic in the massage chair industry. Whether it’s articles about particular models, or articles about health care concerns, or health care benefits of massage chairs, or articles about warranties, or whatnot, we have this amazing database of articles that you can access on the website. There are three ways that you can access them, and I’ll go over those three ways right now.

Alan: As you can see, we’re on our home page. If you take your mouse and scroll down, below the fold, you’ll see a section here called ‘Still Not Sure Which Massage Chair is Right For You? ‘Need More Information?’ Well, scroll down below that, and you will find a section called ‘SEARCH MASSAGE-CHAIR-RELIEF.COM.’ You’ll notice it’s right below ‘VISIT DR. WEIDNER’S ARTICLE LIBRARY / BLOG,’ which we will come back to in a moment. If you have a topic that you want to search, you just go ahead and type, put your mouse in to that search field, and type something in. So, let’s say we want to look in to – let’s take a look at pregnancy, ‘massage chairs and pregnancy,’ and let’s see what – and you can hit your ‘Return’ button, or click the ‘Search’ button there. Oh, and here’s an article right now, ‘Can I Use My Massage Chair When I Am Pregnant?‘ and then some other articles that refer to the topic of pregnancy and massage chairs. Or, we can go in here and type another topic like ‘warranty issues,’ and you hit your ‘Return’ button, or the ‘Search’ button, and of course, new warranty information articles pop up, anything I’ve talked about warranties. So, let’s say – or you can type in a particular model of a chair – let’s type in the ‘Inada Sogno,’ and then all the articles of the Sogno topic – anything that I’ve written about the Inada Sogno, whether I’ve alluded to it briefly in an article, or if I’ve dedicated an entire article to it, will pop up on these results. This is a Google search field, and it brings up these articles, you know, these results, in a search engine format, just like it would if you were in Google. So, that is one way that you can tap in to the rich article database that we have, and then of course, you can click on either one of these articles to go and read them. If you want to get out of this section, and you just want to delete the results, click the ‘X,’ and bang, your results are gone, and you’re back to the way that was originally formatted.

Alan: The other way is to go right up in to our article library, or blog, and click on that yellow button. That will actually take you to the home page of the blog, and you’ll see here loaded up top, is another search field. So, again, you can type in a topic, let’s type in the topic of ‘the 8500 from Infinity,’ hit ‘Enter,’ or click the ‘Search’ button, and then a whole bunch of articles – actually, it’ll show you four articles – but it’ll show you pages of articles that will deal with the topic of the IT-8500. So, that’s the second way that you can access it. Of course, as I said, you can click on one of those links, and it’ll bring you right up to the article in the blog, and – oh, this one actually brought up the actual product page, we can go back to that page, and click on – let’s, here, let’s click this, this looks like it’s a comparative review, we click on that, and bang, here comes the article. The one compares the IT-8500 to the Osaki 7075R, Part Two, so we know there’s another part to it, and that is how you can access articles from the search fields.

Alan: Now, let’s say we are on the home page, and I want to find an article about – I want to see what articles are available about the – let’s say, the Panasonic MA70. So, go over to ‘Panasonic,’ click on the ‘MA70,’ and on all our product pages, the format is the same, you’ll see the same layout on all the pages. Some of the options will be different, of course, the pictures will be different, and the color options may be different, but the format’s the same. If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see here four tabs ‘Overview,’ ‘Features,’ ‘Articles,’ and ‘Specifications,’ or specs. Under the ‘Articles’ section, my web guy has created this cool tweak to our website, where you can click ‘Articles,’ and all the articles that I’ve talked about on the topic of the MA70 will pop up in this ‘Articles’ section. You can scroll down these articles, and read all you want about the MA70, anything that I’ve written about it, any videos we’ve posted, anything, it’s all in here on the ‘Articles’ page. So, that is another way that you can access information, or access our database of articles, and it’s magnificent. So, if you know what product you want, and you’re not really, you’re not in the initial shopping phase, where you’re kind of searching all kinds of things about massage chairs, you can just go in to this ‘Articles’ section on the chair that you want, and read about it. Now, here, let’s go, let’s try the ZeroG 4.0, you can do the same thing, so here’s the ZeroG 4.0 page. If we scroll down a smidge, you’ll see again the ‘Overview,’ ‘Features,’ ‘Articles,’ bang, click the ‘Articles,’ and here are all the articles that I have written that have the topic of the ZeroG 4.0 in it to one degree or another. So that, my friends, is how you can access all the articles that we have on the Massage-Chair-Relief website, and the database is rich, and please take advantage of it. We love the fact that you can use this as a resource in your due diligence for trying to decide on which massage chair to get. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thanks for visiting today, hope this helped you out. Feel free to share us on Facebook, or Twitter, or Google Plus, and of course, we would appreciate it if you’d subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can be updated with subsequent videos that we put out. Have a fantastic day, we’ll see you. Bye bye.


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