Massage Chair Industry Update – May 15, 2014

May 19, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
May 19, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – May 15, 2014

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – May 15, 2014”

update Alan: Well, hello, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Thursday, May 15th, 2014. We’ve got a few things to go over today, not too many things, but a couple of points, and a couple thoughts.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: Stock status, I’m not going to go in to any great detail, it’s pretty much the same as it was two weeks ago. We have some back-orders on the 9800 and the 7800 from Infinity, a couple of YuMe colors, but yeah, if you have any questions about any of the stock, just call me, or email me, and I can let you know what’s in stock.

[SCREEN TEXT: GE Capital 18-Month Financing Option May 21 – June 3]

Alan: OK, we’ve got Memorial Day coming up here at the end of the month, and I had mentioned a number of months ago, that we have GE Capital financing, 18-month financing options, that are available at certain times of the year.

[SCREEN TEXT: 0% Interest for 18 Months!!]

Alan: Well, Memorial Day is one of those times, so from May 21st to June 3rd, you can get 18-month financing on any of our massage chairs, so right now – throughout the year we have 6 or 12-month financing options – well, now we can give you an 18 month option, between the dates of May 21st, which is next week, and June 3rd. So, if you want to take advantage of 18-month financing, don’t forget, and give me a call, let me know, or email me or whatnot, and let me know what chair you want, or chairs you want, and we can get you taken care of for that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada USA Grand Opening of New Offices]

Alan: Also, I am going to be heading out to – sorry about that, my phone just kind of went off, I’ll shut that off – we are going to be going, I am going to be flying out to Colorado to Inada USA’s grand opening, they’re having a grand opening in a new office in Colorado. That’s where Inada USA’s based out of, and as we know, Inada USA imports chairs from Inada, from Inada Japan, and they’re moving to a new building, and having a grand opening.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada 3S Chair Model]

Alan: I’m also going to be trying out this chair called the 3S, which is a chair that is – the only way I can describe it is kind of a dumbed down version of the Inada Sogno – it’s not as good as the Sogno, not as comprehensive a feature set as the Sogno, but it has some nice features, it has a nice blend of the Sogno features with the Doctor’s Choice 3A chair, which has since been discontinued, it kind of incorporates a little of both of them. I remember sitting on that chair at The Furniture Market in Las Vegas, when I was visiting Inada USA’s booth there, or store, and I remember it had a remote control very similar to the Doctor’s Choice 3A chair, it had shoulder airbags, if I’m not mistaken, like the 3A, it had a body design more like the Sogno, and a couple of the other airbag features of the Inada Sogno. That chair is not fully deployed in the US, Inada brought it in, it’s being tested in a couple of the Asian markets, I believe in New York and in Los Angeles, and it is a chair that’s designed for shorter body frames, if I’m not mistaken. I could be wrong on this, I’m just kind of trying to remember, go off of what I remember, but I believe it’s for people that are 5′ 9″ or less. Anyway, I’ll find out more about that chair when I go to the grand opening in May. Speaking of Inada, and I’ll videotape the grand opening, and whatnot, I’ll videotape that 3S chair, I’ll do whatever, I’ll record whatever I can, and of course, post it on our YouTube channel, but subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you’ll be notified whenever I have those videos posted. Anyway, I may take some time to interview Inada president, Cliff Levin, while I’m there, and maybe a couple of the other staff members if I have the chance.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada Duet? Don’t Hold Your Breath!]

Alan: Anyway, speaking of Inada, I get – and I mentioned this two weeks ago, the Inada Duet – I continue to get inquiries about the Inada Duet, which is a new model they have out in Japan, a couple of things that make it unique, it’s a smaller chair, it’s not like the Sogno at all. If anything, it kind of reminds me of the YuMe chair a little bit, but what this chair has is it has a roller system that goes down your back, a separate roller system, and then another roller system that goes from the buttock down in to the back of the calves, and I get inquiries about, you know, actual roller massage in the calves. There’s some chairs now, particularly the Chinese ones, that have massage rollers under the soles of the feet, but this would be one of the first chairs that has rollers in the calves. The other thing that’s unique about it, is it has a roller system that has kind of independent suspension, if you will. There’s quad rollers, so there’s four roller heads, but each of them have kind of their own computer programming, so that it can measure the tightness of either side of the spine, as opposed to just four quad rollers that just kind of go up and down the spine in unison. This will kind of separate the left from the right a bit, and as we know, some people have a scoliotic curve. I don’t know how many people have some form of scoliosis, I mean, it’s a high, high percentage, it’s not a issue for most people, but a little bit of a curve in the spine means that there’s muscles that are hypertonic more so on one side than the other, and other muscles that are less developed than others. So, having, you know, independent suspension, if you will, is what I like to think of it as, on the roller system, it’ll cater to different spinal shapes and spinal hypertonicities. So, anyway, but that chair is not going to be out for probably – and Inada may not even import it, I mean, Inada USA may not even import it, I’ve asked Cliff Levin about it – and he says if they even consider bringing it in, which is not even fully considered yet, it won’t be for a year and a half to two years after the chair’s been deployed in Japan, because they want to make sure that the chair is, all the quirks are worked out of it, all the warranty issues are resolved, and all the corrections that need to be made to make this thing as fully functional, and with as close to zero a failure rate as possible, they want all that worked out before they even consider bringing it in. So, the Inada Duet, I get a lot of questions about it, cool chair, it looks like a cool chair, I’ve never sat in it, but I am going to learn more about it, and if I hear any more about it from Inada USA, believe me, I’ll let you know on this, either in my blog, or article library, or on this YouTube channel. So, anyway, I’ll be reporting back from Inada’s grand opening at the end of May, so stay tuned for that. I have written a couple of blog posts that might be of interest to you. These new chairs, what has happened is, Inada pioneered a couple of things, they pioneered, with the Inada Sogno, it pioneered two very particular things that we see in a lot of chairs now. The design of the – the shape of the chair, that kidney shape of the Inada Sogno’s been reflected in a lot of newer models of massage chairs coming out of China, and with that comes arm airbags that’re built in to the armrests, as opposed to being on top of the armrests, like it is with the Panasonic chairs. It also incorporated airbags on the sides of the thighs that actually massaged the iliotibial bands, or the IT bands. Well, in the Doctor’s Choice 3A chair, they pioneered shoulder airbags that inflate to the front of the shoulders, and pull the shoulders back. Well, a lot of the new chairs that come out have these hip airbags, built within the framework of the armrests, and they also have shoulder airbags. Whether they, they either come – and I’ve talked about this before in other blog posts – but shoulder airbags either inflate to the front of the shoulders, to pin the shoulders back, or shoulder airbags that inflate to pin the sides of the shoulders in, to hold the body in place while the rollers are going up and down the spine.

[SCREEN TEXT: Shoulder and Hip Airbag Measurements]

Alan: Well, by virtue of having shoulder airbag housing here, which is a hard stop on either side of this shoulders, and hip airbags that have a hard stop on either side of the thighs, there is only a certain amount of distance that you could fit inside, between the shoulder airbags and the hip airbags. Now, 99% of the people will fit just fine within those airbag, the shoulder and the hip airbag distances, but there’s some people that will have trouble with that. It’s particularly if you’re taller and broader, and maybe you have larger hips, larger, broader shoulders, and so what I did – and I get people asking me now ‘Will I be able to fit in the Cyber, will I be able to fit in the Iyashi, will I be able to fit in the Dreamer,’ or whatever chair, and so, they ask for measurements – and so, I’ve done this enough that I thought, my heavens, why don’t I just make a blog post, and write down all the measurements, so that’s what I did. I wrote a blog post, and it’s called ‘Will You Fit in a Massage Chair?‘ It’s a measurement of the seat, the distance between the thigh airbags, and measurements between the shoulder airbags, so you can get an idea of if you’re going to fit comfortably in whatever model you want. Now, these are the models that are in the showroom, I think there was only about eight or so, that I got measurements of, but that information is there. Most of the measurements are pretty close, it’s close to 22 inches in the thighs, I believe, close to 19 inches, around there, in the shoulders. If you’re a muscular man, a real big muscular man with huge, broad shoulders, like Hercules, you might feel yourself being very restricted by the shoulder airbags. If you are a heavy person, maybe over 300 pounds, 325, 350, and you carry your weight in your hips, and in your belly, you may feel that, that 22 inches in the seat is going to be restrictive to you, but you never know until you try it. I have one customer in New York that bought an Inada Sogno, and he was, when he first sat in the chair, he said he couldn’t fit between the airbags, but he has since been able to work his way in to it, and it’s very easy for him to get in and out of it now, and he loves the chair. So, don’t give up just because you think the measurement is too narrow for your hips or for your shoulders, give it a try, if you can, come out to the showroom, if you can, and come try out the chairs. Or, you know, get the chair and work on a way to fit in it. I know that kind of sounds a little iffy, and a little, you know, skeptical, as far as, you know, knowing for sure if a chair’s going to fit you, but know that these chairs do have some restrictions, and check out the measurements on that article in our blog, and see if that helps you in any way in figuring out if a chair is right for you.

[SCREEN TEXT: Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent Infographic]

Alan: Also, I’ve posted on our article library, or our blog, a new infographic for the Osaki Pro Intelligent. What’s interesting about the Pro Intelligent is that it’s a chair that could double as a regular chair, because it has arm airbags that retract in to the armrests. They’re not built in to the side of the armrests, or on the top of the armrests, they actually retract in to the armrests and are hidden, kind of like the ottoman on some chairs, like the ZeroG 4.0, or the HT-9500. Those ottomans actually retract underneath the seat, and hide, so it doesn’t even look like a massage chair. Well, the Intelligent does that, with the seat, and the arm massagers, and I hope to have that chair in our showroom at some point, so that I can start doing some, you know, start doing some videos on it, and whatnot, but interesting chair. I posted an infographic, it’s on our blog, or our article library, check it out, and please if you want, post it on your website, or on your social media property, you can, there’s code there, you can take it, and post it.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: OK, and you know what, I think that is just about it, nothing really exciting on the horizon as far as new models coming out, or any changes, or discontinuing of any other models. If you have any questions, feel free to call me, you can always reach me on the phone number, 888-259-5380, you can email me, you can get on our chat program on our website, you can communicate through comments on our Facebook page, on our Google Plus page, or through our YouTube channel, on any video. I’m always available for answering questions, if you have any insights, or comments, that you think I need to know about, about certain chairs, or whatnot, or any questions, please feel free to share those comments with me. Or if there’s anything you want me to talk about, or any other chairs you’d like me to review, or give you input on, let me know, I’m always reachable. ‘Like’ us on the Facebook page, ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, share us on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, whatnot, we appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. Of course, subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you can be updated with subsequent videos as they come out, and we try to come out with anywhere from one to three videos a week. Well, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ it seems like spring is well underway, I hope you have a magnificent spring and summer. I’ll see you in two weeks on the next massage chair industry update video. Until then, have a great day. Bye bye.

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