Mail Bag: 3D Roller Technology; L-Tracks?; Inada Duet; White Glove Concerns

March 27, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
March 27, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag: 3D Roller Technology; L-Tracks?; Inada Duet; White Glove Concerns

emailQuestion #1

Which massage chairs have 3D roller technology to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage rollers? Which feature do you feel is more important for a massage chair, 3D rollers or a long stroke, made available by the L-track?

My Response #1

Hi, Fletcher
Thanks so much for your email. The following chairs have 3D roller massage (either through actual 3D roller massage or airbag-assisted):

Inada Sogno
Panasonic MA70
Panasonic 300007
Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer
Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber
Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent
Human Touch ZeroG 4.0
Human Touch HT-7450
Human Touch HT-9500
Cozzia 16018
Cozzia 16027
Cozzia 16028
Cozzia 366

3D vs. L-Track all depends on what you are needing out of a chair. If you have sacral, buttock, sciatic, gluts, etc. pain, then you might want to seriously consider the L-track type roller technology (Infinity Iyashi is really the only viable alternative in the USA), regardless of 3D roller technology. If you are looking for an effective overall massage, including the ability to adjust the roller intensity for various folks in your home or business, then the 3D option would be optimal.

I hope this helps.

Question #2

Hi, I note that Inada in Japan is selling a recently released model called the Duet with W engine. Not sure whether you have come across it. How does this new model compare to the Inada Sogno? Would appreciate your thoughts on the new model. Thanks in advance.

My Response #2

Hi, Kevin
Thanks for your email. Yes, Family Inada in Japan recently introduced the Duet. It is not in the US and probably won’t be for quite some time, if at all. But this chair looks pretty cool… it has a separate roller system for the buttocks and calves. It also has independent intensity adjustments for each side of the quad rollers. Whenever Inada comes out with something, it is usually innovative and this chair seems to be just that. I am looking forward to trying it out someday. The Sogno still has a more rich feature-set. It has foot massage, upper arm massage, IT Band massage and the cervical traction device, most of which are unique to the Sogno. The square inch coverage of the Sogno still far surpasses anything else they, or anyone else for that matter, have put out into the marketplace. The Sogno really is a unique and iconic chair. It is one of those chairs that comes along once in a great while that changes the whole industry. It is a special chair. The Duet will be cool and is innovative, but probably won’t touch the Sogno in terms of popularity.

Question #3

IT-8200 Hi Alan,
I was hoping to ask a favor? I read 1 review that stated the “white glove” technician was not knowledgeable about how to set up the chair. The customer looked up “you tube directions” even though it was for a previous model chair, to help the tech. out. I was just curious…how do you find someone able to assemble the chair that lives in Jacksonville? I am a school teacher and a single mom…I would rather save the 300.00 if I going to feel insecure with the set up. Can you please help me feel a little more assured. Thank you so much.

My Response #3

Thanks so much for your email. The massage chair company outsources the white glove work and delivery to 3rd party shipping companies. They don’t have their own people doing the assemblies. Having said that, I know there are a few situations where the delivery guys didn’t really know what they were doing and maybe bumbled their way through the set up. But, I can tell you, from my own experience of setting up some chairs (and I am a terrible handyman, by the way!), that they are relatively easy to do and most of the chairs that are delivered with white glove service go without a hitch. I’m sure that is how it will be with yours. When I placed the order with Infinite Therapeutics I specifically mentioned your concern that you wrote in the comment section of your order (I actually copied and pasted your concerns to the order). So, hopefully, everything will go without a hitch. It is likely that the delivery guys have not set up one of these IT chairs before, but I am pretty sure they will, with the help of the owner’s manual and their own set up experience, get it done without a problem.

I have sold thousands of chairs and the number of major white glove issues I could count on one hand.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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