Infinity IT-8200 vs. Osaki OS-6000/7200H (Part I)

September 26, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 26, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Infinity IT-8200 vs. Osaki OS-6000/7200H (Part I)

Two very similarly priced chairs, the IT-8200 and the Osaki OS-6000 (and 7200H) are fast becoming very popular chairs in the massage chair industry. Since the Osaki OS-6000 and the OS-7200H are exactly the same chair except for heat in the latter, I will refer to both of them as the OS-7200H, so that I don’t have to continually write both models down. Here is part 1 of a 2-part series on the two chairs…how they compare and contrast.

I thought I’d begin with the similarities of the two chairs in Part I (Part II will cover the differences):

1. Music System – the Osaki OS-7200H has a plugin jack on the remote control pedestal that plugs into your cell phone and plays the music over the  external speakers. The speakers are located in the shoulder airbag housing and face inwards, toward the ears of the chair user. The sound is good and this system gives you control over what songs you want to play from your phone’s interface. You can also adjust your sound volume from your cell phone too.

Osaki 6000 Massage Chair

The IT-8200 has a USB port at the back of the chair, near the power cord. You just plug in a jump drive with the preloaded music of your choice and control the music operations directly from the remote control. You cannot pick and choose which song to listen to except for buttons on the remote which will move the song selection forward or back by one song. The speakers for this chair are also located in the shoulder airbag housing, but the speakers face outward, away from the user. However, the sound is good enough and loud enough to hear. You can adjust the sound from the remote control too.

Apparently, the newIT- 8500 chair, which is the same guts and body as the IT-8200 has speakers that face inward toward the user’s ears as well as a headphone  jack for private listening.

2. Body Styles – both chairs are designed as look-a-likes to the industry-leading Inada Sogno Dreamwave chair. They both have the newer, more contemporary “rounder” body shape which houses all the massaging features, including the arm massage airbags (which are conveniently and aesthetically hidden from sight). A common complaint of the traditional body style is that the arm airbags look ugly and very unbecoming for a piece of furniture. This new body design addresses that.

3. Zero Gravity – most chairs, nowadays, have the zero gravity feature, which is nothing more than the seat tilting up at 30 degrees to take pressure off the low back and distribute it more evenly throughout the spine.


4. Neck Airbags – both chairs utilize neck airbags, though quite differently. The IT-8200 has an interesting airbag system that rocks the head back and forth. One side of the airbag will inflate thus turning your head to the opposite side and then the other side inflates thus turning your head to the other side. Very simple…nothing too terribly incredible, but it is relaxing and will induces passive motion to the neck musculature and other soft tissues.

The Osaki OS-7200H has a very Sogno-like headpiece which has airbags that inflate against the back of the neck and down onto the trapezius muscles. Not as discriminating or refined a massage as that of the Inada Sogno, but a nice option nonetheless.

Of course, with both chairs, you can lift the head pillows or head piece up and over the back of the chairs so that you can enjoy roller massage in the neck instead of airbag massage.

5. Stretch Program – both chairs have a stretch programs that work similarly. These programs typically involve airbag inflation on the feet while the chair back and ottoman go up and down and the rollers move along the spine to promote a passive motion to the whole body.

6. Heat – both chairs use a heating element, but the IT-8200 offers lumbar heat whereas the Osaki OS-7200H offers upper back heat.

7. Other – both chairs cater users up to 6’5″ and as short as 5′; the warranty is the same for both chairs, i.e. 1 year parts and labor, in-home/2 years parts/3 years structure; synthetic leather upholstery; body scan technology; Chinese-made; extendable ottoman.

In Part II, I will review the differences between the two chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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