Infinity Escape Review!

January 11, 2016
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
January 11, 2016
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Infinity Escape Review!

Escape_Brown_side The long awaited arrival of this new offering from Infinite Therapeutics, the Infinity Escape, is finally here. We received ours at our Southern California showroom over a week ago. I actually set it up myself and spent quite some time on it to get a good feel for it for this review. Here are my thoughts on this model:

1. Set Up/Assembly

The chair took some time to set up. The shoulder airbags, hip airbags, ottoman, and arm rests all came in separate boxes and had to each be attached/assembled. The assembly was not terribly difficult…and that’s coming from a man who is not a fixer-upper person by any stretch of the imagination. I found the pictures in the owner’s manual to be too small to make out the detail of some of the parts being assembled, but I figured it out anyways.

The shoulder airbags took a little figuring out to get them locked in, but, again, I figured it out.

2. Comfortable Fit

When I first sat in the chair, before turning it on, I found it to be a very comfortable fit. It was not too narrow, as with some chairs, but it seemed to fit me quite comfortably. I am 5’9″ tall and about 185 lbs. No problem fitting. This chair can handle taller and wider bodies because of the broader seat and shoulder airbags as well as the longer chair back.

Infinity Escape Remote

Infinity Escape Remote

3. Remote Control

The remote control has a very simple button and screen layout. The screen is quite easy to use and seemed to be patterned somewhat after the remote control of the Infinity Iyashi. Don’t be fooled, though, by the simple remote layout. Once you get into the screen menu, you will see that this chair has a lot of versatility and can do so much more than what you might be led to believe when you first take the remote in your hands.

For example, the chair shows only 4 auto programs when you first go to the auto menu: Recover, Relief, Stretch, and Renew. But, then you have the option for “Special Programs”, which gives you 5 more auto programs to choose from, for a total of 9 auto programs. So, this chair actually has 5 more auto programs than the Infinity 8500 and Iyashi.

This chair has 10, 20, or 30′ timer increments and also allows the instructions to be viewed in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, as well as English.

One thing I almost forgot…on the remote there is a button labeled “Quick Relaxation”. Press that button and the chair goes into a nice, soothing auto program without the use having to go into the auto programs to select a program. Push one button and you are good to go!

4. Roller Massage

This chair has the extended roller track (aka L-Track), which allows for the buttocks to be massaged as well as the back and neck. I found the roller massage intensity to be moderate and very comfortable. It was not too intense, yet not too soft. It was, as Goldilocks would say, “just right”!

I found the neck roller massage to be a little soft in the auto programs, but when I went to the manual settings and moved the rollers up to the neck, I found it very intense. So, if you want a strong neck massage, don’t be discouraged during the auto programs…the manual settings will provide more than enough kick for your neck area. By the way, it did a great job at the base of the skull. Great news for stress headache sufferers.

I also felt as though the transition of the rollers from the low back to the buttocks was pretty smooth. On a lot of L-Track chairs the rollers hurt the user because the rollers go over the bony prominences of the pelvis. Well, on this model, the transition was smooth and quite comfortable (for me, anyways).

5. Mechanical Foot Rollers

This was a treat! This chair has 6 rollers per foot…more than any other chair that I am aware of. It felt fabulous; my soles, toes, and heels were all massaged. And quite comfortably, I might add. I loved it. After a while, as with most mechanical foot rollers, it got a little old and I had to turn off the foot rollers, but the overall experience seemed head and shoulders better than comparable chairs with foot rollers.

6. Airbags

The chair lists 38 airbags, but it doesn’t feel too much different than any other chair. The things I noticed about the airbags are

  • The arm airbags were long and “sausage-like” and ran the length of the forearms. I had to focus on keeping my arms pushed to the outside of the arm rests so that the airbags would not squeeze my arms out of the arm massager.
  • The calf airbags didn’t do much; I hardly noticed them.
  • The shoulder airbags both inflated at the same time (not alternately) to hold the upper body in place while the rollers passed by. They were not too strong, but quite adequate.
Infinity Escape Stretch

Infinity Escape Stretch

7. Stretch Program

Like most L-Track chairs, the stretch program is a little different, since the chair can’t flatten out the chair back and seat (they are one long unit). But, the stretch program on the Escape was good, nonetheless. It involved a lot of roller massage in the buttock area as well as using the calf and shoulder airbags for compression and distraction while the chair tilted back into it’s zero gravity position (only 1 zero gravity position on this chair, by the way). And I noticed that while the airbags were deployed in the stretch program, the rollers lifted the neck up. Then the airbags deflated and the rollers continued to hold the neck up so that it felt like the neck was getting stretched. It was reminiscent of the Panasonic MA73 or Osaki JP Premium neck stretch.


Well, that’s about it as far as the major observations go. Of course, I’ll learn more about the chair’s nuances as I sit on it more and as I hear back from my customers who purchased it.

It is a great bang for the buck for an under $3K L-Track chair. I will soon do a comparative review between the Escape and the Apex Ultra, another L-Track chair priced just the same.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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