Human Touch Novo XT Review (Condensed!)

May 2, 2017
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
May 2, 2017
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Human Touch Novo XT Review (Condensed!)

Novo XT massage chair - red

Novo XT massage chair

A reader of my blog recently mentioned that my review of the Novo XT massage chair by Human Touch was too long and that he wouldn’t read it because of that. So, I got to thinking that perhaps it would help if I wrote a condensed version of my longer articles so that folks can get the meat of the review with less effort. This article is just that – a condensed version of my recent 2000 word review of the Novo XT massage chair. Here are the highlights in bullet point form for your perusal and ease of reading:

  1. Design and engineering in part by Human Touch in the USA. Manufactured in China (Rongtai factory).
  2. Unibody design, space saver.
  3. Comes in black, brown, red, dark gray, and cream colors.
  4. A surprisingly quiet massage chair when going through a massage program.
  5. Can fit up to 6’9″ according to literature, but 6’4″ for a full neck massage is more realistic.
  6. 3D L-track roller system – 5 roller depth settings.
  7. Arm rest pouches on the left and right for the remote control.
  8. Default program running time is 20′ but it can be adjusted up to 30′ or down to 10′.
  9. Mechanical foot rollers with adjustable roller speeds. Additional foot pads come with this chair if the foot massage is too intense.
  10. Rubber nobules on the linen that covers the arm airbags help keep your arm in place during the “sequential” back and forth inflation of the arm airbags.
  11. You manually set the height of the rollers during the body scan portion of each auto program. A display on the remote shows different body heights with associated numbers from 1-9 representing different body heights. You can also adjust the roller height long after the program is well under way.
  12. The regional massage option in the manual modes allows you to set one of 3 different zone sizes (short, medium, long), depending on what area of your spine you want to focus.
  13. The neck massage of the Novo XT is quite vigorous. Some chairs are very weak, but the Novo XT does a good job on the neck, not to mention the 3D depth adjustment which will allow for an even deeper neck massage.
  14. Rollers “rub” across the back muscles, in addition to kneading those same muscles.
  15. The Novo XT massage chair has a heat function that is easy to turn on or off from the remote control.
  16. Voice response feature is available in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese.
  17. Ending a program and bringing the chair back to the start up position involves a “Stop” or “Power Off” option and then a “Restore” option. Just pushing the power button will not do it alone.
  18. Electronic leg length adjustment feature.
  19. 30 different auto program options! 6 main auto programs, with 4-5 sub programs.
  20. Extension stretch feature, very similar to most other L-track chairs.
  21. BlueTooth connectivity allows you to pair your device with the chair and play your music over the chair’s music system.
  22. 1 zero gravity position.
Novo XT massage chair - brown

Novo XT massage chair – brown

Currently, the Novo XT massage chair is priced at $7999 and, through our store, that price includes white glove delivery and the 5 year Premium Protection extended warranty. Great chair, great massage. A very good high end Chinese-made massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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