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5 Steps in Finding the Right Massage Chair


Already Know Which Massage Chair You Want?

Visit the product page of each chair to learn about it and read customer reviews

If not

Use Our Filtering Process

Use our very own "My Chair Finder" Software to narrow down your choices based on your needs

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, move on to Step #2.
If not

Compare The Chairs You Filtered Through

Choose the chair models that interest you most and use our "Comparison Chart" software to see which ones offer the most features that you need/want.
When you have completed your comparisons, move on to Step #3

Now that you've narrowed down your search, take time to educate yourself about your model options...

Visit the product page of each chair to learn about them and ready customer reviews
View any videos we have on each model
Read any articles that we have written about those models
When you have completed your research, move on to Step #4.

Visit Us In One Of Our Showrooms

If possible, visit one of our showrooms that has the model(s) you are interested in. Taking a test drive plays a huge role in your decision-making process. If you don't live close to one of our stores, and you can't find the models in another store near you, consider taking advantage of our "Out-of-Stater" program and come see us.

If you can't try out your chair(s) of choice, and end up buying your new chair sight unseen, you will always have our industry-best 90 day, no-questions-asked, unconditional money back guarantee that includes free return shipping should you feel that you've chosen the wrong chair. Risk...removed! Our Return Policy

If not

Call And Talk To A Trained Staff Member

Call us at 888-259-5380 or click on the chat button located at the bottom of any page to have your remaining questions answered as well as our opinions and suggestions based on your needs & wants. Our trained staff are an invaluable asset at your disposal, especially if you can't try out the chairs in person!

Now you're ready for Step #5... Purchasing your new massage chair!

If not

Purchase your new massage chair!
Now that you've narrowed down your list to the best option, you have a couple of options to complete your purchase:

1. Visit the product page on our website, select the color and options you'd like, and add your chair to the shopping cart to begin the checkout process, or

2. Call us at 888-259-5380 and we can take your order over the phone.

Congratulations! You're done and your new massage chair order is being processed. Check your email inbox for your receipt once your purchase has been completed.


My husband and I recently purchased the Infinity model massage chair from Massage Chair Relief. The company offered the best prices,the ONLY company with white glove delivery and an ironclad return policy. We have been using our new chair to great benefits for our relaxation, improved sleep and much needed massage for recovery after exercising. Dr. Weidner has provided many helpful emails along the way to promote an excellent overall wholistic approach to well being and the benefits of the chair for these goals. I highly recommend this product and this company.
Anne A.
I am so happy to get massage chair from this store. I got Infinity IT-8500 X3 and never been disappointed. The chair is so comfortable with strong kneading and pressure from airbag. From my experience since I went to many stores around I feel more comfortable with Michael's service. He is so helpful and honest about his information. If you know what I mean when you go to other stores and they give you to test the most expensive ones and feel too pushy to buy. Michael gave me and my husband more time to try and work around with our budget. Another the most important is after sale service. Michael and his massage-chair-relief team are great team work. Since I have the chair for 2 years and my chair shoulder zipper broke. They helped me to contact and get replacement with installation for free! Lifetime warranty is so legit! I definitely recommend you to get the massage chair from this store.
Anne N.
Great product and service. Would recommend.
Wonderful service and amazing chairs they made us very happy!
nathan J.
I drove to Cerritos because of the selection of all the different brands under one roof , Michael was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. New proud owner of Daiwa hybrid supreme .I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a quality massage chair. And their delivery team was excellent
Michael did a great job informing us about all of the chairs available and we ended up picking a great one. Thanks for your help!
Anini B.
I bought a massage chair from Massage Chair Relief 4 years ago and need someone to move the chair for me, Michael and his team was very helpful with setting up the move.
bo P.
Very happy with their product and service. Bought an Osaki admiral chair in a beige leather color back in 2021 that's still working well. Delivery was quick. Their guys set up everything. Recently used their (previously) free service to move my chair when we moved to a new home. Not sure if they offer this with all purchases now. They were easy to communicate with and would highly recommend them.
Christina C.
i chat with michael, exellent service, very unbiased on massage chairs. will definitely buy from him.
Martin C.
I just got the new chair and gave it a test run. This chair is a beast—just what I wanted, deep tissue pulverization! LOL. I registered it and it’s going to be a lifesaver for me to be able to keep playing my fiddle!I think it is important to let customers know what width doorways they need to consider. My house is an old ‘60s house and the front door width is 34.5”, but the interior doors are only 30”. I was planning on putting it in my TV room, but 30” was too narrow, so now it sits in my Livingroom right next to the piano. There isn’t much room for much more LOL, but I live by myself so doesn’t really matter much. But your future clients should probably be reminded to factor their doorway widths into their purchases.Thank you so much for all your help. You really do run quite an extraordinary operation and I’m so thoroughly pleased that I found you guys.Much luv,The happy customer,Kath
Kathy P.
The best massage chair selection I could find in California! Michael is very knowledgeable and friendly and helped me a lot with picking my massage chair and with explaining me the settings after. Definitely recommend!
Asya O.
A while back, my wife and I were visiting a friend who had a massage chair in their home. We had seen chairs at trade shows and in big box furniture stores, but never tried using one until at our friend’s home. It didn’t take long to see and feel the benefit of the effects of a massage chair, so we began the process of finding THE chair for us.We soon realized, there is much more involved than just picking a color and style. There are so many different manufacturers, all with multiple models with varying features… and costs!We visited some of the local retail stores that had been running TV ads. Oh my, lesson one: we found more than a few uneducated sales reps eager to get our money with no concern about what type of chair we needed. As we would settle into the showroom promotional chairs, we would begin asking questions about the various features and benefits of those specific models. What we got were sales reps fumbling to find the correct brochure so they could read to us the manufacturer’s spiel. After a few experiences like that, we turned to the internet to do our own research, hoping to find straightforward user-friendly information so we could make our own decision. With so many brands and such wide-ranging price points, we soon realized we had some work to do to make sure we made the correct physical and fiscal decision.Fortunately, we happened onto the website for Massage Chair Relief, finding quite a few informational videos by owner Dr. Alan Weidner. Truly a treasure-trove of unbiased analytics, Dr. Weidner’s assessments of the market in general and brands and models specifically, offered us the ability to narrow the field to a comfortable point to make a selection. Of course, there is no substitute for actual hands-on experience when selecting a high dollar item.While most chair manufacturers are based beyond U.S. borders, we notice one was Luraco, headquartered in Arlington, TX, not far from our home. We arranged a visit to the factory to see first-hand the facility, staff, and products. We were treated as royalty, given an extensive tour and tried all their models. As a dealer for Luraco, Dr. Weidner’s company was highly regarded by the Luraco staff. We decided then to make our purchase of a Luraco chair through Massage Chair Relief and took advantage of their white glove delivery.One of the other items that made a positive point with us was Massage Chair Relief offers a lifetime labor warranty for repairs. When we were at the factory and saw the inner workings of all that goes on inside a massage chair, that made the decision simple to choose MCR. Their nationwide network of support technicians ensures a quality experience no matter the location.Regardless of manufacturer or model of massage chair, we were put at ease with the ability to make an informed choice to purchase from Massage Chair Relief, knowing our chair was backed with confidence by Dr. Alan Weidner and his staff.
Gary C.
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