Dan Tibbetts – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

February 7, 2017
 By Allison Bricker
February 7, 2017
 By Allison Bricker

Dan Tibbetts – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Dan Tibbetts – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview”

IT-8500Dan Tibbetts: Hey, Doc.

Dr. Alan Weidner: Hi, Dan, how are you doing?

Dan: Good, good, just got done doing a massage.

Alan: Good. Well, thanks for taking time today to meet with me and chitchat about your massage chair, and your massage chair buying experience. Now, you have the Infinity IT-8500, right?

Dan: That’s correct.

Alan: OK, well, tell me a little bit about how you came to arrive at that choice, and the decision to buy that chair over any other one.

Dan: Well, Doc, I’ve been looking for about four years, three to four years, searching.

Alan: Wow.

Dan: And obviously, this is a huge investment for me.

Alan: Yeah, for anybody.

Dan: So, anyway, I’ve been searching, and I just, I’ve always been in to the natural health way of doing things.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Dan: And I talk and see to a doctor, an MD, an MD out of Florida, called Robert Morris. He’s big in to a holistic type of detoxing, and so forth, and I work with one of his people here in Michigan, Debbie Solomon, but anyway, they push that real big. As a matter of fact, she may be your next purchaser of a massage chair.

Alan: Well, good, we’ll take it.

Dan: Oh, yeah, I’m sure. But anyway, so my lymphatic system is really, really backed up, and this massage chair has helped tremendously …

Alan: Really?

Dan: At pushing it all out. But anyway, I’ve searched everybody, Doc, I trolled the Net looking for different places on massage chairs, and I found your site.

Alan: Well, good.

Dan: And there’s nothing compared to your site, I started going to your site, I started looking at all the videos, all the …

Alan: Articles?

Dan: You know, the interviews you do, it’s amazing. You sold me on buying this chair, you know?

Alan: Well, great, thanks.

Dan: And of course, we have Relax Your Back here and everything, but unless you get in to a massage chair and sit in it, that’s a big investment just to be buying off the Internet.

Alan: Yeah. Right.

Dan: So, obviously, I talked to you, you called me, and you know, I’m a pretty big guy, I’m like 6′ 2″, like 245, and so my shoulders are real wide, and you helped convince me, and show me what was the chair to get, and I went with Infinity, and …

Alan: Did that chair work out OK for you, does it fit you all right?

Dan: It fits me perfect, Doc.

Alan: Good.

Dan: It fits me perfect. The measurements you gave me were right on, right on schedule, so …

Alan: Well, you know, that chair is known to fit people really well. Large, small, people just feel like that chair just fits them. It’s just a nice fitting chair. There’s others that don’t feel so comfortable to fit, but that one does seem to fit a lot of body types, and I’m very happy to hear that it fit you, because you’re no small dude. You’re like a football player kind of guy …

Dan: Yes, sir.

Alan: And I’m glad to hear it fits you.

Dan: Oh, it fits me perfect, and I went to Relax Your Back, and ehh, a lot of, I went – what’s the most – the Japanese chair out there, the big expensive one?

Alan: The DreamWave.

Dan: I tried that one, and you know what, that one seemed smaller to me, and I didn’t feel as comfortable. The Infinity, the IT-8500, just blows it away, in my opinion.

Alan: Wow, well, that’s great, I’m glad to hear that you found a chair that you like so much. Now, when you got the chair, now did you get the white-glove service, or did you set it up yourself?

Dan: Oh, no, the white-glove service. For the $200 I spent, you know, you just can’t go wrong, Doc. If you don’t do the white-glove service, obviously, they’re going to drop it off right at your doorstep.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: And that’s it.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: No, I’m not able to do that.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: You know, I don’t get around too well, and they brought it right downstairs. They put it in the room, they set it up for me and everything.

Alan: Right, great. Now, when you sat on the chair, was it what you were expecting? Was there something different that you got out of it, or tell me what your first impressions were of the chair after you sat in it for the first time.

Dan: It was like ‘Oh my, this IT-8500 is so comfortable, so plush, very nice,’ I mean, I just …

Alan: Was it too hard on you? Because that’s a deep-tissue chair, for some people, it’s pretty intense.

Dan: Oh, you know what, oh, you’re talking as far as the massage goes?

Alan: Yeah, the roller massage on the chair.

Dan: You know what, it was a little intense, when I first started it, for about the first two weeks.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: I was feeling a little pain, because most people, their muscles aren’t accustomed to getting that type of a massage.

Alan: Right.

Dan: But now, even at its highest intensity, I want more. I want more. I’m doing between an hour and an hour and a half every day.

Alan: You’re kidding me. Holy cow.

Dan: No, and I try to do it two times a day, that amount, I love it.

Alan: Wow, that’s amazing.

Dan: Because it’s really pushing out my lymph system. I mean, I’m cleaning out so good, it’s amazing.

Alan: Well, you know, one of the things that has been said of massage, and massage chairs is that it increases circulation, and it enhances lymphatic drainage, or at least lymphatic circulation. And I don’t really know how that’s measured, but just from listening to you, it sounds like that is something for you, that is quite apparent.

Dan: Well, one of the things that Dr. Morris pushes, Doc, as far as when you’re pushing the lymphatic system, you’ll see, if I can say, in your urine, it’ll look like there’s snow in it.

Alan: Oh, really?

Dan: You know, like when you shake that little crystal ball …

Alan: Uh huh.

Dan: And it shows all this snow and stuff …

Dan: That’s what it …

Alan: Really?

Dan: Snow, that’s what it …

Alan: Really?

Dan: Yes, sir, when you’re pushing your lymphatic system. And oh my, since I got in this chair, it’s been double-fold, pushing my lymph.

Alan: Wow, that’s interesting, I’ve never heard that before, but you know, I’m going to mention that when I write the description of this – you know, this is going on the YouTube later today – and I’m going to make a mention of that. So, it’s kind of like white flakes, there’s more white flakes?

Dan: Yes, and that’s what’s pushing on your lymphatic system, and that’s what gets us sick, that’s what gets us sick for everything.

Alan: Wow.

Dan: You know, I suggest you look up Dr. Robert Morris on the YouTube.

Alan: OK.

Dan: You know, and on the Internet, it’ll explain all that to you, it’s amazing.

Alan: Well, that’s so cool. So, for people that are watching this interview, this is something that they can actually measure themselves by checking out their specimen to see if the urine’s got this white in there that maybe is an indicator of lymphatic drainage. That’s interesting, I’ve never heard that before, but I’m going to follow up a little bit on this, with other customers, and see if they notice that.

Dan: Oh, yes sir.

Alan: When you sat on the chair, were there any surprises that you thought ‘Oh my goodness, this is a really nice feature, I really like this,’ or anything that was a pleasant surprise to you?

Dan: The deep-tissue part of it was like so amazing. It just, it relaxed me, it was deep, it hurt at first.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: You know, so I turned it down, and it’s just, I don’t know what to say, everything about it. I started out like probably most of your customers do, in the auto modes.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Dan: But then I remember I emailed you, and you called me, and you explained the manual modes.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Dan: And now, it’s like a whole new world.

Alan: Good.

Dan: It’s just great, it’s even more, I could do more with the manual modes.

Alan: Awesome.

Dan: I just love it.

Alan: Did you like the foot rollers? I find the foot rollers to be, on that chair – like on some chairs, it’s too intense, others, it’s too soft – on that chair, it’s like Goldilocks, it’s just right.

Dan: I agree, I love the foot rollers.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: And it’s so, it is intense, but like with wife, she loves it too, what we did, because it was too intense for her, she’s an itty-bitty thing, and what we did was had he put on a couple pairs of socks.

Alan: OK.

Dan: So, that deadened the, you know, intensity quite a bit.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: But oh, we love it, we love it.

Alan: And you know, you can shut the foot rollers off independent of the rest of the chair, so if it does get too much, you know you can turn those off.

Dan: Correct, correct, and oh my god, when people come to the house, that’s the first place they go to. They don’t even talk to us anymore, they go straight to the massage chair.

Alan: Yeah, yeah, well, chairs are like people magnets, and all of a sudden, friends that you never knew you had will start showing up regularly.

Dan: I agree.

Alan: That’s kind of how a chair is, everybody loves to sit in them. Now, the stretch program, I really like the stretch program on the 8500. Have you had much chance to experience the stretch?

Dan: I’ve experienced everything on this chair, Doc.

Alan: Like that?

Dan: I’m retired, I’m retired, so I use it as much as I can, like you said, so I’m doing it constantly. Yes, I love the stretch part of it.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: It stretches me real good, really, really good.

Alan: Good. Good program on that chair. So, when you got the chair, what would you say were the symptoms that you were looking for relief from? I mean – I mean, obviously, the lymphatic drainage was a byproduct of it – but were there particular symptoms that you had, like back pain, or neck pain, or anything that you were really looking to get resolved with the use of a chair?

Dan: Yes, sir. Back pain, neck pain, my knees were bad, a whole slew of problems.

Alan: So, you’re a mess, Dan.

Dan: Yes, sir, thank you.

Alan: Yes, sir. Yes, sir, I am.

Dan: And that’s one reason why I see, you know, I’m trying to do the holistic approach, and see Dr. Morris, and so forth.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: And to find you, because I, through my luck, I found out you’re a chiropractor.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Dan: That’s holistic all the way there.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: You know, I’m trying to get away from the natural doctors. I’m sorry, not the natural doctors, the you know, the Western-type of doctors.

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: I’m trying to go with the chiropractors, the NDs, and so forth.

Alan: Right.

Dan: So, yes, I was looking for, you know, help with my lymphatic system, and my knees, my back, you know, my neck, everything. This chair has been so amazing for me, Doc.

Alan: So, you’ve noticed changes with your pain, and the intensity of your pain, and whatnot, with the chair?

Dan: Huge changes, huge changes.

Alan: Right.

Dan: And yeah, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.

Alan: Now, so you got some pain relief, you’ve seen lymphatic drainage, any other things that you noticed with your health since you started using the chair? And the reason I ask that is sometimes people will notice things like ‘Well, gee, you know, I – and it’s different for everybody – like I notice that I sleep better, or I can take a deeper breath, or I can bend over farther,’ or whatever. Have you noticed any other side benefits of having the chair?

Dan: Everything you just mentioned, and you know what, you’re right, there’s so much, I just have to constantly, I have to think about what they are.

Alan: OK.

Dan: Because oh, for a while, I was having so many problems with everything.

Alan: Wow.

Dan: But now, I say the biggest thing is pushing out that lymphatic system, and it’s just healing everything up.

Alan: Wow.

Dan: It’s moving everything.

Alan: Well, that is awesome to hear. I really am interested in that lymphatic drainage, I think that’s pretty cool. I’ve never heard anybody describe that before, so I’m going to take a mental note of that for future interviews as well. Now, is there anything about the chair that you wish was different, or something that you don’t really like about the chair, or anything along those lines?

Dan: Oh my, I love everything about this chair. If I had to put my finger on one thing …

Alan: Or something they could change, you know, gee, if they would change this one thing, that would be good?

Dan: OK, you know, on the back of the machine, the head cushion?

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Dan: When I’m doing the stretch, it slides off sometimes, it slides off on the floor.

Alan: OK, because it goes up too high, you’re saying?

Dan: You know what, I don’t know, because it’s stretching me, and just the pad, maybe it doesn’t come down far enough, and it just falls back on the chair.

Alan: No, no, you know what, I’ve heard that comment before about the 8500, and I don’t know if, I can’t remember if you and I talked about this, but you can tear off the pillow from the Velcro, and strip the covering over the air hose, and move that pillow down farther, that should, I don’t, have you done that?

Dan: I did do that, yes.

Alan: OK, and you’re still getting the pillow to come off the chair?

Dan: Not as much, though.

Alan: OK, alright.

Dan: Not as much. That would be my only thing, but you know what, now when it did fall off, now I feel the actual rollers on my neck …

Alan: Yeah.

Dan: And I love it even more.

Alan: They’re intense.

Dan: They’re more intense, I love intense.

Alan: Yeah, yeah, they’re intense. That neck massage on that chair is stellar. OK, so I think that’s probably all that I had. It sounds like your testimonial is not just about the 8500, but massage chairs in general, and it really seems like this is a good testimonial for the total benefit of massage chairs, of all massage chairs. Is there anything else that we haven’t talked about that you’d like to discuss? Did the ordering process go well for you, did, were there any hiccups along the line? Were there any, anything else that you’d like to just throw in about your whole experience?

Dan: The whole experience was amazing, and that’s because I firmly believe that I went with you, and your company, Doc.

Alan: Thank you, thanks.

Dan: Everything went so smooth. The ordering process, the extra things you did for me, the calls, your Internet site, I mean, I can’t speak highly enough of you.

Alan: Well, thanks.

Dan: And I’m telling everybody about your company.

Alan: Well, you are now, by doing this interview, because you’re going to be on YouTube later today, and you will be telling everybody.

Dan: Oh, good, good, good.

Alan: Thanks. Well, I appreciate it, Dan, I appreciate you as a customer, and I really appreciate you taking time out from your schedule to visit with me, and chitchat, and I can’t stress enough how important these interviews are. They help people, first of all, they’re genuine, none of this has been staged, I haven’t communicated with you and said ‘OK, I want you to ask this, and I want you to answer this.’ This is completely off the cuff, as most of the stuff I do on YouTube is, but this is great information for people that are trying to decide on a chair, or maybe decide on a company they want to buy from. So, this is invaluable, so I really appreciate this, Dan, thank you kindly.

Dan: It’s not a problem. No, thank you for all what you’ve done for me, and helping me get this chair, thank you, Doc.

Alan: You bet. We’ll have this up later today on YouTube. You can watch yourself, and see how you look, and see how you sound.

Dan: That’s what I’m scared about.

Alan: Well, I don’t like looking at videos of me after, I just, I get them, I print them, and then I’m done.

Dan: No problem, no problem.

Alan: Alright, my friend, you have a fantastic day.

Dan: You too, Doc, take care.

Alan: See you. Bye bye.

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