Massage Chairs Lost at Sea!

ocean freight ship

When it rains it pours! You have heard, over and over, how Covid-19 has been interfering with massage chair logistics. From not enough containers in China to 1-2 week back ups at the Port of Long Beach, to a dearth of trucks and truckers to get the chairs delivered, and an across the board hike of shipping and freight costs.

Massage Chairs Lost at Sea! - ocean shipWell, now we’ve got something new that has affected the logistics of at least one company that has nothing to do with Covid! In the article below, Bloomberg discusses the loss of 750 containers at sea due to bad weather. The Maersk ship was coming from the Xiamen, China region and had some containers headed to the Cozzia/Ogawa/JPMedics warehouse in Southern California.

Apparently, waves slammed against the ship causing the containers to slide off into the sea. The chance of recovering the containers and products is pretty much nil. Cozzia/Ogawa/JPMedics had a few containers among the lost bunch, including a container with much needed parts. I feel terrible for Cozzia. Like importers haven’t had enough to deal without having to deal with this new one.

Dr. Alan Weidner