The Cosmetic Benefits of Massage

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In addition to being an excellent stress reliever and a fantastic treatment for ailments ranging from insomnia to muscle strain to migraines, massage is also has a number of cosmetic benefits. This New Beauty blog post takes a look at the different ways massage can improve your appearance.

Facial massage can be effective at reducing puffiness by inducing lymphatic drainage. It also has the effect of relaxing muscles and fascia that have become taught due to stress. Doing so will make fine lines, crinkles and wrinkles less visible, which can make your face look younger and healthier.

Another positive effect of facial massage is that it drives freshly oxygenated blood to the area. This has the dual effect of flushing out toxins, which will make your complexion look clearer, and will help your face absorb vital nutrients like vitamin E that play an important role in keeping your face looking elastic and vibrant.

Some studies have even found that regular facial massage has the effect of stimulating cell regeneration, which can minimize the appearance of visible signs of aging such as wrinkling, creasing, sun damage and sagging. Click the link below to learn more about the cosmetic benefits of massage.

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