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Luraco Legend Plus

Transcript of Video Titled “Calves & Feet Massage – Luraco Legend Massage Chair”

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Luraco Legend PlusAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to show you how the legs and feet are massaged and set up in the Luraco Legend L-track massage chair.

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Alan: Now, this chair has an electronic leg extender, and so it’s not what we call a spring-loaded or accordion leg extender, where you just push, like the Infinity 8500, or some of those chairs, where you just push with your legs, or the Inada DreamWave, for that matter. You don’t just push your legs out to make it longer, you have to adjust it electronically, and make the legs extend electronically, not manually. So, I’m going to turn this on, and I want to show you something that’s kind of cool about this chair. So, I’ve just turned the chair on, and it’s now going back in to a default position, and you’ll notice that the legs, the ottoman’s rising up while the chair reclines, and it’ll stop. Now, if I push my heels down, watch what happens to the length of the chair. I’m pushing the legs down, because maybe it doesn’t measure me right, or maybe it’s too short, and you can just push your legs, push and then let go, and then it stops. So, you can actually adjust the length of the ottoman, without having to go in to the remote control to do it.

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Alan: But you can also do it on the remote control, because after the scan’s done, I don’t think you can push it out with your feet anymore. So, now if you want to do it, you got to go to the ‘Adjustment’ button, and you’ll see here – oh, just a minute, we go over here, just a minute, oh, for heaven’s sake – you can see ‘Leg Length Adjustment,’ so I can push that, and see, it’s extending it out even more now, or I can push the other button, and I can retract it, bring it back in. So, in the scan session, when the chair is scanning your body in the beginning, you can push the chair forward, and with your heel, pushing your heel down on the bottom of the foot roller, or the bottom of the foot massager. Now, also, you’ll see that the airbags are inflating on my feet. Can you see that, how the airbags are coming together? You can adjust the intensity of those airbags by going in to the remote control to the manual settings, or the intensity settings, and you can increase the intensity of the squeeze. So, I’m going to increase the intensity up to a five out of five, but you’ll notice that the calves and the feet don’t inflate at the same time. The feet will work for a while, and then after – and by the way – there are foot rollers also working concurrently with the foot airbags. So, I’ve got foot rollers working underneath the soles of my feet, and I’ve got the airbags compressing my feet down on to the rollers, so it enhances the intensity of the rollers. And then you’ve got calf airbags that will inflate, and I don’t know if we’re going to have this video on long enough that we can see that, but the calf airbags will then inflate once the feet airbags are done. And so, you have also, if you’ll notice on this chair, you’ve got two calf portions of the massage.

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Alan: Most chairs have a foot portion, and one calf segment. Well, the Luraco Legend, like the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus, and like a couple of other chairs, not many, but they’ve got multiple segments in the calf, and that allows for longer legs. Now, the Luraco Legend is not a chair for tall bodies or heavy bodies, it’s ideal for up to 6′ 2″, and up to 240 pounds. So, it’s not a chair made for big, big bodies, but if you got a little bit longer leg, you can put your legs in this, and the whole thing will extend out. As a matter of fact, I will show this to you by adjusting the legs out on the remote control. Oh, I’m bringing it back in, so if I extend it out, watch what happens, and while I’m doing this, the calf airbags may begin, and you can see those inflate. But watch what happens when I extend the legs out, the legs will go a certain distance, and then the calves, the calf segments, will also open. Just a moment, see that, so now the calf length segments are opening up. Now, I got short legs, my feet are barely hanging in there, and but, at least I’m doing this so you can at least see that this, that the two calf segments will allow for the legs to extend even farther, so that you can have a long-legged person sit in this chair, and be able to get the benefit of the massage. And not – sometimes when a tall person sits on a chair, their legs are like this, and then their butt, their thighs aren’t flat with the chair seat, and the, you’re just not getting a – it’s not very comfortable.

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Alan: Well, the Luraco Legend will allow that to happen. Now, obviously, we’re not seeing the airbags inflate in the calves, but anyway, I just wanted you to know that this does calf airbags, and it does inflate, but they inflate a little bit slower. Mostly – the feet are – the foot airbags are doing most of the work, and then when you’re done, of course, you can always bring the chair back up to neutral, and whatever massage you’re in, and enjoying the calf-and-foot massage, will end at that point. Well, that’s it for the calf-and-foot massage mechanism for the Luraco Legend L-track massage chair. The highlights, again, are you’ve got segmental calf massage, so you can get more coverage on the calf, you’ve got foot rollers, you can adjust the length of the ottoman during the scan process simply by pushing your heels down at the bottom of the foot massager. And those are some pretty cool features that make it really a nice feature set for the Luraco Legend chair.

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