Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales!!

November 28, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
November 28, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales!!

snowman_with_surprise_-_no_bkgToday is Black Friday, and the start of the holiday shopping craziness. I will reiterate here what I say every year at the same time…Don’t wait until the last minute to get your massage chair holiday shopping done.

Shipping deadlines are one huge thing, and I’ll get into those on Monday’s post, but models and colors start to dwindle daily starting today as so many people start rushing to get their perfect massage chair.

No matter how much the massage chair companies plan on sufficient inventory, there always seems to be a model or color that goes into back order status this weekend. So, again, if you are thinking of getting a massage chair for someone for Christmas, don’t wait too much longer…or else you’ll have to settle for scraps.

Now, having gotten that off my chest, here is what is being offered for Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials:

1. Infinite Therapeutics is offering a free 2 year extended warranty on all of their models

2. Osaki is offering a free 1 year extended parts and labor warranty on the Osaki OS-2000, OS-4000T, OS-7200CR, OS-7200H, and the OS-3D Pro Intelligent

3. Osaki is also offering a free eye massager and handheld massager on the following models: OS-7075R, OS-7200CR, OS-3D Pro Intelligent, OS-3D Pro Dreamer, Titan TP-Pro 8300, and the Titan TP-Pro 8400

By the way, we received our floor model Titan TP-Pro 8400 yesterday and I really like what this chair has to offer for only $2999. I’ll do a thorough review in the next week or so on it to give you the full scoop, but right off the bat I can tell you that it is a vigorous massage chair and a great bang for the buck.

4. Osaki is also increasing their instant savings discount on their OS-3D Pro Intelligent and OS-3D Pro Dreamer to $1500, from $1000.

These deals will only last until midnight Monday, December 1st. So, take advantage of these offerings from two very popular massage chair companies.

If you download my free report from the bottom footer of any page on my website, you’ll also be included on our mailing list and be notified of our store’s own Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. And, of course, you’ll  be notified all year long of any sales, floor models, used chair that come available.

Have a great holiday season and stay tuned for the Christmas shipping deadlines, which I have alluded to already in my biweekly Massage Chair Industry Update on our YouTube channel, in my next blog post next week. Time is running short for Christmas delivery!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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