Back pain? Try these exercises – Bend Bulletin

August 25, 2017
 By Alyssa
August 25, 2017
 By Alyssa

Back pain? Try these exercises – Bend Bulletin

Low back pain is a very common condition, and much more prevalent in older people. As we age, things like discs in our spine’s lose hydration and move out of place. Discs also degenerate, wear down and become narrower. This same condition is why people shrink an inch or two as they age. We can also experience pain from things we do every day or over time, like tying our shoes or feeding a cat. If anyone is suffering from back pain, it’s always a good idea to see a medical professional to be diagnosed properly, but that said, anyone can do a few things on their own to alleviate the pain. They can do press ups by lying on their stomach and relaxing their back, pressing their palms on the floor and straightening the arms. People can do curl ups (like a sit up but go toward the ceiling, not the legs) and a couple of other more complicated and strenuous activities that work different muscles to alleviate pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spinal discs are prone to dehydrate with age, developing tears and a tendency to be misaligned with the center of the spine, often causing pain.
  • Joints also wear down with age, becoming narrower, which can also result in pain.
  • Hip flexors, specifically the muscles that stretch from the top of the femur bones, into the pelvic region, and back to the spine, can foreshorten with inactivity, causing pain.

“Disc degeneration is the same reason people may lose an inch or two in height when they age.”

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