Another Great Massage Chair Question From One Of You!!

September 29, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 29, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Another Great Massage Chair Question From One Of You!!

I had another question today from another visitor to our massage chair site. This is from a fellow in Europe, so the topic of shipping massage chairs internationally comes up. I hope his questions  and my answers help you answer some of your massage chair shopping questions.

"Hi great website ! I am going to buy a massage chair for the first time and I want to buy the best chair on the market. Main points include heat, calf massage and general all rounfd body massage. Preferably The chair should be comfortable & stylish enough to use as a recliner. I am interested in the following chairs, PHP2030 OSIM Uspace Inada Sogno Omega Premier Panasonic 3006 Sanyo 7700 I would be grateful for youu advice on these chairs? Final question ,,, I live in Switzerland, do you know how much shipping would be or do you have any local European partners.

Many Thanks,


Here is my response...

"Hi, David
Thank you for your inquiry. It sounds like you have been doing some homework!

We are not familiar with the PHP chairs and I know that the OSIM brand is Brookstones, but I have only sat in one OSIM model and there was nothing remarkable about it relative to the other chairs you mention. However, we are very familiar with the other models you are asking about. Here are answers to your questions:

1. "heat" -  all the chairs have heat, but the Panasonic 30006. The Sanyo has only heat in the legs. The Omega has the most comprehensive heat, in the back, seat, and legs. The Sogno has heat in the low back.

2. "calf massage" - All the chairs you speak of have a calf AND foot massager. They are all of good quality, as well.

3. "general all round body massage" - I love the Sogno PLUS massage personally because it covers more square inches of the body than any other chair in the world. It also has the Dream Wave technology which massages the seat and buttocks more than any other chair. This Dream Wave technology is quite revolutionary.  It is my favorite and since it came to America, it has become our best seller...by far.

4. "comfortable & stylish enough to use as a recliner" - The only chair that looks different than a typical massage chair, which is how most chairs look, is the new Inada Sogno. It is very stylish and contemporary looking, although the ottoman and arm massagers are quite overt and obvious. The Omega Premier has the arm massagers as attachments to the arm rests and does not look aesthetically pleasing if you are looking for a recliner-looking massage chair. 

5. "how much shipping would be or do you have any local European partners" - We will need to have your city, postal code, and model you decide upon to get an accurate shipping quote for you. Yes, we can ship to Switzerland, but we do not have any local European partners. I am told that the price of most massage chairs in Europe is so cost-prohibitive that even with the shipping cost, the combined cost is more than the standard price of a chair in Europe.

I hope this answers some of your questions and helps make your buying decision a little easier. Please email again if you have more questions or inquiries. You can also call our showroom at 1-801-417-8240 to speak to Steffanie or myself.

I await your response with your postal code and city and model you are interested in so that I can get you an accurate shippng quote...

Dr. Alan Weidner"

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