Will Insurance Pay for a Massage Chair? Massage Chair Covered By Insurance

June 11, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 11, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Will Insurance Pay for a Massage Chair? Massage Chair Covered By Insurance

Getting a health insurance plan to pay for a new massage chair can be challenging but, for many people, it is possible to get your new massage chair – or at least a portion of the cost – covered under certain benefit plans.

Yes you read that correctly, a medical massage chair covered by insurance could be in your future. 

Massage Chair Covered By Insurance? Maybe

Because the health insurance market has become so stringent on what is and is not covered, you might have to fight to get your plan to cooperate. But, even if your health insurance will not cover the cost of a massage chair, you may have other options for offsetting the cost of this worthwhile purchase.

Medical Massage Chair – Using a New Massage Chair to Help Meet Your Deductible

Some health insurance plans may allow you to apply the cost of a therapeutic massage chair against your annual deductible. Typically, this requires a doctor’s prescription for the therapeutic chair. Also, the insurance company will usually require that the chair be considered DME (durable medical equipment) under the plan terms.

To determine whether this is a possibility under your plan, talk to your benefits administrator or research the benefits and terms of your healthcare plan. You can also talk with your care provider to see if they can offer insight into how to get a massage chair covered under insurance.

Can I Buy a Massage Chair with my HSA?

If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HAS) as a part of your medical benefits plan, you may be able to get reimbursed for some or all of the cost of a therapeutic chair.

If you can utilize these benefits for your purchase, you will derive even more financial benefit from the purchase because, in most cases, the money you deposit into your FSA or HSA typically goes in pre-tax. In other words, you won’t have paid income tax on the money you used to purchase your new chair.

Is a Massage Chair Tax Deductible?

In some cases, you can take a tax deduction for a physician-prescribed therapeutic chair purchase. Not everyone qualifies for a massage chair tax deduction, but your CPA or tax preparer can help you determine if this is possible for you. If you do qualify to take a deduction, you could reduce your income tax liability significantly.

It may also be possible to have the sales tax waived on a chair purchase (depending on the sales tax laws in your area) if the equipment was prescribed by a medical professional.

Even if none of these options apply in your case, you can find more affordable ways to get the relief you need. For example, you can finance your purchase and pay for it over time. If you do your research, you can even find zero-interest massage chair financing programs.

Massage Chair Relief has teamed up with Synchrony Financial to offer a deferred interest program that allows up to 48 months for you to pay off your new chair. If you qualify – and our program can get you an approval in less than five minutes! – we handle the entire process for you, including processing your order with the finance company. In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying all the pain and stress relief the doctor ordered, with a new therapeutic massage chair.

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