Treating the Physical and Psychological Effects of Lower Back Pain

May 5, 2016
 By Alyssa
May 5, 2016
 By Alyssa

Treating the Physical and Psychological Effects of Lower Back Pain


A recent study published in the Medical Journal of Australia revealed an eye-opening fact about chronic back pain; it is now the most commonly diagnosed underlying symptom by that country’s primary care physicians and the condition is often made worse by stress. Researchers now believe that injury related lower back pain often as a significant negative impact on a person’s psychological health because of the depression and anxiety caused by being in chronic pain, having reduced range of motion and because it causes sufferers to isolate themselves away from friends and loved ones.

The situation is then made worse by the fact that many surgical remedies for lower back pain have prolonged and painful recovery times.

As such, those living with lower back pain may wish to incorporate massage therapy into their overall treatment plan. Massage is highly effective at dealing with lower back pain because it soothes both physically and psychologically.

Physically, massage is effective at relieving muscle tension that causes discomfort and lowering inflammation that promotes expedited healing. Psychologically, massage has the effect of inducing the brain to produce endorphins and other hormones that will promote emotional stability. Click the link below to learn more about the relationship between excess stress and chronic were back pain.

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