Study Finds Stressed-out Teens Are More Likely to Develop Diabetes as Adults

January 18, 2016
 By Alyssa
January 18, 2016
 By Alyssa

Study Finds Stressed-out Teens Are More Likely to Develop Diabetes as Adults


A new study has found that teenagers who have a low tolerance for stress are more likely to contract type II diabetes than those who are not. Published in a European medical journal dedicated to diabetes, the study examined more than 1.5 million Swedish men from 1969 to 1997. Researchers found that young men who were not able to handle stress at the age of 18 were 51 percent more likely to be diagnosed type II diabetes later in life. The reason for that correlation is that people who cannot manage stress are a high risk factor for high blood pressure obesity and poor blood circulation, conditions that if left untreated, can lead to the development of diabetes.

This study is a prime example of why everyone should make proper stress management a priority. In addition to suffering from short-term effects like fatigue and insomnia, chronic stress can have significant negative impact on both your quality of life and your longevity. As such it’s important to regularly engage in activities that relax the body and mind. When we do things like listen to our favorite music or take in a massage session, our bodies produce the hormones that fight the physical effects of stress, such as making it harder for her body to metabolize fat. Click the article below to learn more about how untreated stress can damage or long-term health.

Read the full article here: Low resistance to stress at age 18 years can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in adulthood by up to 50 percent

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