So, You Live In Canada And Want A Massage Chair, Eh?

March 4, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
March 4, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

So, You Live In Canada And Want A Massage Chair, Eh?

We get a lot of inquiries from Canada for our massage chairs. Many of you that are in Canada want to know how much it would be to ship a massage chair to Canada. Apparently, the same chairs in Canada are quite a bit more expensive there than they are here in the US. So, many of you contact us wanting to know what the shipping costs would be to see if you can still get the chair for less than what you would pay for it in the Great White North.

Being from Edmonton, Alberta, I am kinda sensitive to the Canadians! Here is a suggestion for you to minimize your shipping expense (especially if you live in a larger metropolitan city in eastern Canada):

Rather than have the chair shipped to your home, which can cost anywhere from $500 - $900, just have the massage chair shipped to a northern US town/city and go across the border yourself to pick it up and bring it back home for you. We offer free shipping on all massage chairs sold in the continental US. So, the only expense you would have with your massage chair purchase, would be the gas of driving down to the US town/city, and the customs/duty expense when bringing the chair into the country.

By the way, make sure you contact customs officials in your country before ordering a chair so that you know what other costs you will have to look forward to. Each country is different but most of them have customs/duty fees associated with imported product. For more information on all of our international orders policies, check out this link:


One of our Canadian clients had his new massage chair shipped to an airport in northern Michigan. He then came across the border, picked up his chair, and, in the process, saved himself about $500 USD. If you live further north, like in Edmonton, where I am from, this strategy might not be as useful, since you have to travel quite a bit further...the time and money commitment is going to have to be weighed against the savings in shipping.

I hope this little blog entry has given my Canadian friends some ideas about saving money buying your new massage chair from www.massage-chair-relief.com. Oh, and by the way, after years of disadvantageous dollar exchange for the Canadians, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. Now, the exchange favors the Canadians. This assists you even more in the purchase of a new massage chair from the US.

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. GO EDMONTON OILERS (try not to finish in last place!!)

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