Seven Tips for Beating Summer Stress

September 17, 2015
 By Alyssa
September 17, 2015
 By Alyssa

Seven Tips for Beating Summer Stress

When we were kids, we got three months off from the daily grind of school to recharge your batteries during the summer. As adults, most of us don’t have that luxury and we just have to sweat it out. And as such, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by stress while trying to keep up with the relentless demands of work and home life. But, as time goes on, maintaining an unhealthy and disconnected lifestyle will leave you feeling physically exhausted and mentally depleted.

So, how do you avoid getting burned out by the stress that comes with living in our hyper connected modern world? While it may sound overly simplistic, the solution lies in dividing your life into two columns; things you will do and things you won’t. To stay healthy and effectively manage stress you need to exercise regularly, eat right, mind map everything and stay connected to those closest to you. Conversely, you also need to cut the junk food out of your diet, cut down on the time you waste doing nonessential activities and stop skipping meals because you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have time to eat.

Check out this great post to learn the seven tips that will help you get a handle on stress by focusing on what’s important.

Read the full article here: Battling overwhelm: 7 tips to manage stress and win the round

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