New Drug-Free Treatments for Chronic Pain Sufferers

September 16, 2015
 By Alyssa
September 16, 2015
 By Alyssa

New Drug-Free Treatments for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Almost 1/3 of the people living in the United States live with some form of chronic pain. While some are able to get relief from surgery or pain relievers, those methodologies don’t work for everyone. And, prescription pain relievers, while good for offering temporary relief, run a high risk of becoming habit-forming over time. That can leave some chronic pain sufferers grappling with debilitating pain that can no longer be treated by narcotics and a crippling drug addiction. Thankfully, new pain relief treatment options are becoming available for the afflicted.

One of the new treatments involves using radio waves to effectively short-circuit nerve cells. Another uses electrical signals to change the sensation of pain into something more akin to receiving a massage. Most intriguingly, one technique involves harvesting stem cells from a person’s own bone marrow and injecting it into a pained area, such as the lower back. By doing this, the stem cells will replace tissue that has become degraded over time with healthy new cells that will not flare up with pain when stimulated. Best of all, most of these new chronic pain treatments don’t involve invasive surgeries or the use of habit-forming medications.

Take a look at this fascinating right up to learn about what may be the next generation of chronic pain treatments.

Read the full article here: New technologies can help short circuit chronic pain

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