Sarah & Brandon – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interviews (Video)

July 9, 2015
 By Allison Bricker
July 9, 2015
 By Allison Bricker

Sarah & Brandon – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interviews (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Sarah & Brandon – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interviews”

OS-7075RSarah Jade: Hi.

Dr. Alan Weidner: Well, hello, how are you?

Sarah: Hi, good.

Alan: Good. Did you have a – just a minute, keep video on, I’m just trying to get your webcam to show – have you got a webcam on your computer?

Sarah: I’m on my phone.

Alan: Oh, OK. Well, alright. You don’t have it on your laptop or anything like that, or just on your phone?

Sarah: I couldn’t get my laptop to hook up to the Internet, I don’t know why.

Alan: Oh, OK. Well …

Sarah: Usually it works here.

Alan: The problem is when it’s just me on here, I’m the only face they have to look at when we replay it, and they’ll get sick of looking …

Sarah: Oh, OK.

Alan: They’ll get sick of looking at me, but you know what Sarah, let’s just make do with what we’ve got.

Sarah: OK.

Alan: Thanks for making time available, I know you’re busy putting kids to bed, and I really do appreciate your time, thank you, thanks for being on the call. Now, we’re just going to interview briefly about your experience with the chair, talk a little bit about what it was that you were looking for when you were looking for a chair, how the chair has worked for you, any, you know, feedback you’ve got on the experience of buying the chair, the research you did, et cetera, et cetera, and then how you’re feeling about the chair now, how it’s serving you now. But maybe we could start, if you don’t mind, just asking, you know, what was it that, why were you looking for a chair in the first place, did you have some kind of ache or pain, or what was the exact reason for your search?

Sarah: Well, my husband’s here too, and he was the one that was really excited about it. My main purpose for it was because I had been going to the chiropractor at least once a month for a couple of years.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: And I did have lumbar pain, lower back pain, and that’s the reason it was interesting to me. [Speaking to Brandon Jade in background: How about you?]

Brandon Jade: For me, I just …

Alan: Hi.

Brandon: Hey, how’s it going?

Alan: Good.

Brandon: Needed a good massage. Actually, I went to – I was having some problems with my back, in some different areas – I went to a massage therapist, and it was really, really good, the first one I went to, and …

Alan: Uh huh.

Brandon: It was like $40, something like that, and they fixed a lot of the problems, just really, got in to my muscles, and did a really good job. So, I only went two more times in the following year, and I got a different one, and they just didn’t do a thing for me …

Alan: Uh huh.

Brandon: Like, they couldn’t find the right spots, couldn’t get the muscles that I wanted, and so I was getting a little frustrated.

Alan: Yeah.

Brandon: You know, I just wanted something that could really give me a good massage when I wanted it, without paying $40 every time.

Alan: Right.

Brandon: So, that’s kind of why I started looking for it.

Alan: Now, has the, now, you bought the Osaki OS-7000, is that correct?

Sarah: Yes.

Alan: Which is the precursor to the 7075, which is the same, the exact same chair, but with foot rollers. So, would you say that this chair has taken care of those complaints that you had when you were first looking for some relief, has it helped you with the back pain, has it helped you with the muscle spasms?

Sarah: I actually have not been to a chiropractor since then, so yeah, that, it’s really …

Alan: So, any chiropractor watching this …

Sarah: I know.

Alan: They may feel like ‘Eh, I don’t know if I want to recommend the chair to my patients.’

Sarah: No, I remember that, that took care of the problem that I had.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: But Brandon’s been to chiropractors, and we still enjoy them.

Brandon: Yeah, I go.

Alan: Well, I’m a chiropractor, and that’s actually my experience when I was in clinic, I had people buy chairs, I wasn’t really actively selling them, but they wanted to buy, you know, a chair because they sat on it in my clinic, and the two that I sold, the people never came back. I think it was for six or nine months thereafter, and when they came back, I asked them ‘How come I haven’t seen you,’ and they said ‘Well, it’s because the chair’s taken care of most of our complaints.’ So, Sarah, you basically validate that same experience I had.

Sarah: Yeah, definitely.

Alan: But Brandon, you’ve, have you found relief from the chair as well?

Brandon: Yeah, just on a day-to-day basis, a lot of relief.

Alan: That’s great.

Sarah: Yeah.

Brandon: We do a lot of strenuous workouts …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Brandon: And I noticed, I still get, over a course of three or four months, I’ll start developing some problems. So, I’ll go to a chiropractor once in a while.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Brandon: But on a day-to-day basis for my 12-hour workdays, it’s really nice to have. It really gives me the muscle relief that I wanted, and I don’t have …

Alan: That sounds like a helicopter.

Sarah: Yeah, we’re outside, sorry.

Alan: No, that’s OK.

Sarah: It’s a really beautiful night.

Alan: As long as it’s not the, you know, the hospital helicopter coming to rescue you, but …

Sarah: No, we’re good.

Alan: Anyway, Brandon, sorry to interrupt, keep going.

Brandon: Yeah, no, it really helps with a lot of the problems that I was having with my back, and muscle tension.

Alan: That’s great, that’s awesome.

Sarah: And stress.

Alan: And stress, yes.

Brandon: Yeah, so when I’m really stressed out, I can just go relax and zone out.

Alan: Now, how long have you had the chair for?

Sarah: We’re either going on two years or three years, I can’t remember which year we bought it.

Alan: Now, have you found out, have you found that there have been any other therapeutic benefits from the chair that you hadn’t planned on, like I mean you were going there for back pain, muscle spasm, you know, tightness, and whatnot, soreness, but did you notice any other benefits from having regular use of the massage chair?

Brandon: Well, our friends like to visit a lot more.

Alan: Mooches.

Brandon: We’re getting more popular.

Sarah: Yes, we’re very popular right now.

Alan: Yes, and I know that is the case, a lot of people like to sit on these things, it’s quite a novelty. But have you noticed anything like sleeping better, or a change in any other kind of symptom, or breathing deeper, or whatever the case may be, we hear all kinds of sorts of things, I was just wondering if you experienced any other kind of therapeutic benefit than what you’d originally planned on?

Brandon: For me, what I didn’t plan on was when I’m getting sick, or recovering from sickness, it really helps.

Alan: Really?

Brandon: Yeah, I didn’t actually expect that, like, I’ll notice I’ll get really tense, or a lot of stress, so I’ll, you know, take a bath, take medicine, and take a massage, and it just really, really helps me recover a lot faster.

Alan: Awesome.

Brandon: That’s an extra benefit that I’ve been aware of.

Sarah: And there’s other things, we have the heat, and then the vibration options. So, those are really nice, anyway, that can just help you relax, anyway.

Alan: Well, now the 7000 is a pretty intense massage, it’s what we would consider a deep-tissue massage, did it take you any getting used to – how long did it take you to get used to it, or did you – were you OK with it right off the bat?

Brandon: Actually, when I first got it, I could really tell a huge, like, impact, like, it felt really deep, and I could really feel like it was getting in there to all the tight spots, and then, after about a couple months I got used it, so it’s kind of like, my body just expects it.

Alan: Yeah.

Brandon: So, I don’t feel it so much anymore, other than the relaxing benefit, but I know it’s still getting a deep massage.

Sarah: But it is intense, and that’s what he loved about it the most …

Alan: Yeah, well that’s …

Sarah: When he tried the massage chairs, and he chose that one, and that was it for him.

Alan: And the ‘Thai Stretch’ is pretty intense too, and I assume you’ve used that.

Sarah: Yes.

Brandon: Yeah.

Alan: That’s a pretty intense stretch, eh?

Brandon: Yeah, we use it a lot.

Alan: Good. Now, how did you come to decide, tell me a little bit about what you went through in searching for a massage chair, and then of course, ending up with us, but how did, what kinds of things did you go through in search of a massage chair?

Brandon: Well, I started in a doctor’s office, and he just had it there, kind of a little novelty thing, while you’re waiting.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Brandon: It was very unique, I’d never seen anything like it. I thought ‘Well, that’d be really cool,’ and ‘Well, if I ever get a massage chair, I’ll have to look in to that, if I ever need one,’ and it was several years later before I started noticing aches and pains, and muscle strains. So, I started looking for one, and so, I started with the local furniture stores, and they’ve had massage chairs, you know, just the regular vibrating ones. I knew what I was looking for and they didn’t have it.

Alan: Right.

Brandon: So, I did find one place in town that was local, but they had to order it, and it would be like three weeks out, and they didn’t, I couldn’t try it out, and I kind of wanted to try it out first.

Alan: Right.

Sarah: We’re in a small town in southern Utah, so we had to venture elsewhere to find what we were looking for.

Brandon: So, then I started looking online, looking for different places that had them.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Brandon: And what I really liked was being able to go and try different ones out, and when I called you, you said you had a display of them, all the different price ranges …

Alan: Yeah.

Brandon: And all of the different things that they could do, so that’s exactly what I want, like I want to try out what I’m going to buy, and make sure it’s in my price range, and my budget, that I can afford. So, that was worth the drive, rather than just to order it and then see it.

Alan: And that was, and you did drive up here, I mean, isn’t it like a four, a four-hour drive, would you say, or a three-and-a-half, four-hour drive?

Brandon: Yeah, a four-hour drive.

Sarah: We were in town because of Thanksgiving, and so you were able to open the showroom the day right after Thanksgiving, it was the day after.

Brandon: Yeah, that was really nice.

Alan: Great.

Brandon: It really worked out.

Alan: You kind of gravitated to that Osaki chair right off the bat, didn’t you?

Brandon: Yeah.

Sarah: Yeah, he did, I think it was just meant for him.

Alan: Well, I think, I think you tried other ones, and I think Sarah maybe was, maybe, you know, checking out some other ones, but it always seemed to come back to that Osaki 7000.

Sarah: Yeah, I was cautious about what we want to spend our money on, and make sure it’s the best deal, but then when we figured out it was the best deal for us, then it was an obvious decision.

Alan: Yeah, and you were hook …

Brandon: Yeah, it really is …

Alan: Go ahead.

Brandon: Yeah, it was the perfect chair for us.

Alan: Hook, line, and sinker, yeah, you were in there hook, line, and sinker.

Sarah: Yeah.

Alan: Now, have you had any customer support needs with the chair since you bought it?

Brandon: No.

Alan: Been working fine?

Brandon: That’s actually, what’s that?

Alan: It’s been working fine?

Brandon: Oh, yeah.

Sarah: Yeah, yeah.

Brandon: It’s been great.

Sarah: We keep the manual, and we have contact information in case there’s anything, but there’s never been an issue with anything.

Alan: Good. Well, you know, the chairs are not perfect, and you know, and the Chinese chairs typically have a little bit of a higher failure rate than the Japanese chairs, but still only two to five-percent, which is not a lot, and so I’m glad to hear that you’ve had no problems, that’s wonderful. Sometimes there’s an issue, and of course, customer support’s a big deal when you’ve got an issue.

Sarah: Yeah.

Alan: And so, if there was a customer support experience, I would’ve liked to have heard about it, but I’m very happy to hear that you’ve had no issues at all with the chair, that’s wonderful, and would you say that the chair is everything that you expected it to be?

Sarah: Yeah, absolutely.

Alan: Yeah.

Brandon: Yeah, definitely.

Alan: A massage chair is something that, it’s kind of hard to, once you own it, and you use it regularly, it’s hard to imagine not having one, do you guys use it pretty much daily, or how often do you use it?

Sarah: Yes.

Alan: Pretty much daily, eh?

Sarah: Probably at least five times a week, it’s being used.

Brandon: Yeah.

Alan: Oh, that’s wonderful.

Sarah: Maybe more, Brandon really likes it.

Alan: Well, are you pretty athletic, Brandon, I can’t remember, do you do a lot of sports, or are you quite physically active?

Brandon: We both are.

Alan: You both are?

Sarah: Yeah, we’re both active, yeah.

Alan: And so, coming in after a workout, or even before, the chair really does feel fantastic for …

Sarah: Yes.

Brandon: Yeah.

Alan: When you’re quite active, it’s a wonderful thing. Well, you know, that’s pretty much all I can think of asking you, unless you could, unless you had something else that you wanted to say about the whole experience, any other input, or any suggestions for anybody else that’s watching this video, or listening?

Brandon: Well, I just had a really good experience, just with your service, and your being able to deliver it, and very satisfied.

Alan: Well, thanks a lot, we appreciate it, and thanks for trusting us with your business. That means a lot to us, but the fact that you’re a happy customer – and of course, when I invited people to partake, participate in these interviews, I didn’t care if it was positive or negative, we wanted to hear, you know, everything so people out there that were shopping and looking could get a true representation, but …

Sarah: Yeah.

Alan: I’m grateful that everything worked out well for you, that’s wonderful, and I’m glad you’re happy with your chair.

Brandon: Yeah, it’s been fantastic, I’d recommend it to anybody.

Sarah: Yeah.

Alan: Thanks, Sarah, any parting shots?

Sarah: No, I think that covers everything.

Alan: Well, thanks so much, thanks for taking time from your family to hang with me here, and chitchat, and I really do appreciate it, and maybe we’ll talk again sometime in the future, when we, if we have any more questions about that chair, or if you have a customer support issue, you can call me, you can always call me, but …

Sarah: Or if I get a laptop, I can let you know.

Alan: Yeah, there you go, but actually I’m surprised by the clarity of the sound with the phone, it sounds fantastic, I was expecting it to be a little more, you know, a little more static-y, but it sounds great.

Sarah: Yeah, it’s worked out well.

Alan: Alright, you two, thanks so much, have a wonderful night, I really appreciate you.

Brandon: Yeah, you too.

Sarah: Alright, thanks.

Alan: See you, bye.

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