Ron Sibila – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

December 6, 2016
 By Allison Bricker
December 6, 2016
 By Allison Bricker

Ron Sibila – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Ron Sibila – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview”

Luraco iRobotics 7 massage chairDr. Alan Weidner: Hi, Ron, can you hear me?

Ron Sibila: Yes, I can.

Alan: Yay! OK, very good. Well, it’s good to have you here today. I really appreciate you making time to visit with me, and talk to me about your chair, and about your experience. This is, of course, for my customers, and for people that are looking to buy a chair, so this is great. So, I’d like to just introduce you. This is Ron Sibila, he is a customer of ours that, now, what is the chair model that you bought?

Ron: The iRobotics 7.

Alan: iRobotics 7, OK. So, this is a new chair, which is from Luraco, and is a chair that has gone through a tremendous amount of R & D, and I know they’re still tweaking some of the software and things like that, but I’d love to chitchat with you a little bit about your experience. First of all, tell me, where are you located? You’re in the Eastern time zone, what state are you in, Ron?

Ron: We’re in Ohio.

Alan: Ohio, OK, well, good. Thanks so much for making time today, I really appreciate this. Tell me a little bit about your massage chair buying experience. How did you decide on a massage chair, what was it that led you to want to get a massage chair, and then, of course, what led you to finally make the decision to get one, and why us, and why the iRobotics 7?

Ron: Sure. We had been – my wife and I both – had been getting massages regularly. I mean, I started doing massage when I quit smoking, and figured as long as I did not smoke, I could pay to have myself a massage.

Alan: Good.

Ron: And plus, it really helped with the stress of my job.

Alan: OK.

Ron: I started off doing them once a month, and then I was doing them every two week, and of course, that gets in to some expenses.

Alan: Mm.

Ron: So, I had seen some – actually, one of the hair salons that I had gone in to had a massage chair at it – and I sat in that, and I thought that was pretty intriguing, so my wife and I started to look at them. And I, you know, me, I just sort of google ‘massage chair’ on the web, and I come up to a couple different websites, and it was, you know, basically just sort of the massage chair was just there, you know, nobody to really talk to, or anything like that.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: And I can’t remember whether it was through a Google search, or whatever, but I sort of stumbled upon your website.

Alan: Well, great.

Ron: So, I started looking more in there, and I’m a bigger guy, so I didn’t want to go out and just buy a chair, because I know there’s weight restrictions, and stuff like that, with chairs.

Alan: Right.

Ron: So, that was always a question for me, and you know, you look at some of these out there, and it’s like ‘Oh my gosh, they look just heavenly,’ but you know, you start digging in to it, and you know, there’s weight restrictions there. Yeah, I’m trying to lose weight, but I’m not there yet.

Alan: Right.

Ron: So, I know I’ve got to work at that, but I still want the benefits of it, so that’s when I stumbled upon yours, and I started to look in a little bit more detail, and I saw your message out there, about your report that you had done, about the things that you should look at before you decide to buy a massage chair. So, I got that from you, and I started to read that, and that just sort of peaked my curiosity to do a lot more, so you know, you had in there that if you ever had any questions, just to email you. And it was like ‘Oh man, I don’t want to bother this guy, he’s a businessman, and I just don’t feel like I need to do something like that.’ But lo and behold, I said well, let me just fire off a question, and I’ll be doggone if it wasn’t just a short amount of time later, I got a response back from you. And it’s like ‘Man, what’s he doing, sitting on his phone waiting to hear from people?’

Alan: This guy’s got nothing better to do than just answer my email?

Ron: But you know, that was just the first sign of the true customer service experience that I’ve always, you know, patterned myself off of before I retired. You know, it’s all about the customers, without them, you have nothing.

Alan: Right, exactly.

Ron: So, once I got one questioned answered from you, it was like ‘OK, well, I probably have a couple more, let me fire back another one,’ but you were always there, and I mean, that really sort of helped, and I didn’t hesitate to ask you questions.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: You know, but that’s sort of what you brought out, I think, that made it just that much easier for me as a buying person, trying to figure out what to do.

Alan: Right.

Ron: So, I looked at a couple other chairs. Now I can’t even remember, because I’m so in tune with my iRobotics 7, but I looked at another one, but then you said ‘You may want to look at this iRobotics 7,’ and you started to tell me a little bit about it, so I went on to their website, and started doing some research on it, and I was really intrigued by it, and it really sounded like it was what we wanted. And you know, it’s an expense, I’ll give you that, but the wife and I talked about it a lot, and we were both doing massages, and I said ‘You know, this would be nice, we don’t have to worry about jumping in the car, and going to get a massage.’

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: All I got to do is walk over in to the other room, and just sit down.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Ron: So, you know, I talked with you about it through the email, and stuff like that, and you sort of helped with the whole process. I’m not a real big fan of you know, going through and ordering stuff off of the web, and stuff, but you make it very easy for the buying people to do that.

Alan: Uh huh.

Ron: So, we decided on the iRobotics 7, and I can tell you, I’m not at all dissatisfied, I can’t get out of the chair.

Alan: Well, good. I’m glad to hear it. Well, now, so from the time that you went to that hair salon, and you saw that chair and sat in it, to the time you bought it, what sort of time frame was that? Was that a month, two months, was it a matter of weeks?

Ron: Oh, it was a couple months. I mean, I had tried them off and on before, and you know, when you’re going through the airport, they have those little things, and I traveled quite a bit. You always sit in the ones in there, so but now that I’ve gotten this one, as I’m going around and I’m seeing these things, I’m constantly looking, because I think their chairs are in a lot of the different salons, and stuff, I think they make of those chairs.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: But it was a little while before we actually decided to get it.

Alan: Yeah, it’s not an impulse buy for most people. It’s a thing that people spend a lot of time looking at, and reviewing, and studying as much as they can. So, yeah, a couple months, that sounds about right. I’ve had people that have waited a year or two years before they finally made the decision. But now, when you got the chair, what were your first impressions of it? Now, this is a relatively new chair. I haven’t even written a review about it yet. We just got the chair in to our showroom a week ago. And but, I’d be curious to hear what your first impressions were of the chair, and how you feel about the chair now, and some of the things that you like about it, or some of the things that you don’t like about it.

Ron: Well, you know, when I was ordering it, I sort of went back and forth about the white-glove installation, the white-glove delivery, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I knew my initial intent was we were going to put it down in the basement.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Ron: And we have a nice big room down in the basement, we have room set up, and stuff, down there, and that’s where I was going to put it. So, then when it got delivered, I decided against the white glove, I figured ‘Well, we’ll just kind of get it in the house,’ so I had probably a little bit more than just your standard curbside delivery, if you will. I mean, they did get it off the truck, and they had it on the pallet jack, and rolled it up to my garage door, and that’s where it got sat.

Alan: Uh huh.

Ron: So, I looked at that box, and I thought ‘Oh my lord, what am I going to do with this thing?’

Alan: Oh no.

Ron: And it was just my wife and I, but I did sort of moving things on the side when I was in the military, so I said ‘Oh, what the heck?’ So, I grabbed my little moving dolly, and I rolled it up to the front steps, and got it up on to the porch.

Alan: Oh, man.

Ron: Sort of lifted it a little bit, and got the front of it right in the front door, and it fit perfect, so I just pushed it right on in, and it went right on to the rug, and slid right in to the front door. So, we got it in the front door, and I said ‘You know what, this thing ain’t going down in the basement, there’s no way we’re going to get it wrestled down there.’ So, we decided we had a nice spot sitting over there for it. So, we opened it up, and I started to look at it, and you know, I had watched quite a few of your YouTubes on installation, and how to put this stuff together, so I wasn’t really quite sure what I was going to get myself in to.

Alan: Right.

Ron: But I was more than pleasantly surprised to see how easy this thing really went together.

Alan: That’s exactly how I felt about it. I think I put it together in 10 minutes, and I am the most useless handyman that ever walked the earth, and even I could do it in 10 minutes.

Ron: Well, I was thankful that I watched a couple of your videos to see the little tricks about the little – you know, the pliers to get the little – the clamp on to the air hose, and stuff like that, but once we got it in here and got it set up, it was like, I put my wife in the chair, she was going to get the break in of it. She was going to get to be the first one to get in it. So, I just sort of – I put her in the chair – and I sort of hit the go button. I just sort of stood back there and watched her to see what her facial expressions were. That was pretty interesting.

Alan: How did you find the remote, the usability of the remote, was it fairly easy?

Ron: Oh yeah, it’s very easy. You know, I sort of bounce it around. I sort of – I didn’t really realize that they had some music samples on there – and I sort of stumbled on to that the other day. And I actually – I think I was sitting in the massage chair – and I was actually going through a massage, and I had the remote beside my leg …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Ron: And my leg must have pushed it on, with one of the – when one of the airbags – I think I must’ve hit the button, and all of a sudden, the music started to play, and I’m thinking ‘Hey, wait a minute, where’s that music coming from?’

Alan: Did you find the little card, the little SD card?

Ron: Yeah, yeah.

Alan: OK. So, when you sat in it, what were your first impressions as far as the way it felt, or the way it functioned, or its usability, what were your first impressions of it, Ron?

Ron: I was really amazed, I was truly amazed at how thorough it really felt. It was amazing to see how it sort of measured your body as it goes through the sensing of it. The part that really – I think really sort of surprised me was that – I don’t know what you call it, the rotation of the seat …

Alan: Oh yeah.

Ron: How it rotates from side to side. It’s funny, it rotates you to one side, and then the airbags in the feet push your feet to the other side, and it is just, it feels unbelievable …

Alan: Awesome.

Ron: I’m truly amazed at the airbag technology. I swear, Alan, when you’re sitting in that chair, and it’s running, you feel like you have four or five people giving you a massage at the same time.

Alan: Awesome.

Ron: The way it moves up and down your legs, those airbags, is just amazing.

Alan: Well, you know, that chair, with the number of airbags that it has – I can’t remember the exact number, I think it’s like 80, or something – it’s got a lot of airbags, but man, it’s a quiet chair. I mean, I don’t know how many chairs you sat in before, but in my showroom, I’d have to say that’s probably the quietest chair we have.

Ron: I mean, it’s amazing, my wife is sitting – because we have a sort of sitting right offset from our family room, where she’s watching TV – and that chair is going on, and you can’t even hear it.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: It doesn’t interfere with anything, even when you’re sitting in the chair, you don’t hear it at all.

Alan: That’s a great point, and I couldn’t agree more, and you just made me think of something. If you’ve got it in a room where someone’s trying to listen to music, or someone’s trying to read, or watch TV, it’s nice that you don’t have this chair just making all kinds of noise in the corner, to distract. It really is a very discreet chair, it just hides, and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: I wish my kids were like that, but that’s not how it works.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: Now, what about, what other functions of the chair have you found that you like?

Ron: I definitely love the zero-gravity positioning, and the way it stretches. I’m an absolute huge fan of stretching. When I went to my massage therapist, every now and then, I’d come across a massage therapist that liked to do the stretching, and there’s nothing better than having somebody stretch you.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: You know, you could do so much, but when somebody’s doing that for you, it’s absolutely amazing, and you do feel so good, and this one, I just love it. I’m a big fan of the ‘Shiatsu’ setting on that chair.

Alan: Really?

Ron: Oh, I just absolutely love that one. It stretches you like twice, in two different positions, and I absolutely love it, and the work on the back in the ‘Shiatsu’ is just amazing.

Alan: Yeah, I thought it did a great job on the top of my shoulders, that ‘Shiatsu’ program. I felt it was the most vigorous on the shoulder-and-neck area. Were there any features about the chair that you’re not, you didn’t like, or were not quite what you expected?

Ron: Well, there’s one area – and you sort of, I watched your update yesterday, or the day before, and I think they addressed that – it was a little bit weak, if you will, in the neck area.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Ron: And I know you said they’d been doing adjusting on that, I think that one would be a little bit, could be a little bit better in the neck area.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: Because when it hits the neck, that’s definitely one that’ll just put me right to sleep.

Alan: I agree with you. I found, though, that when I went in to the manual settings, the neck – it actually did a decent job on my neck – in the manual settings. I don’t know if you’ve tried the manual, but I found that it was better than the auto, but they are making some wholesale changes to the roller in the neck area. So, what I would recommend you do is contact them.

Ron: Mm-hmm.

Alan: They’re an outstanding company. They respond this quick if there’s a concern or a complaint that they can make a change over right there, they will make it, and they’ll take care of the customer. So, you might want to call them and say ‘Hey, this neck thing, I hear you’re going to be improving the neck, you know, can I get that improvement?’

Ron: Mm-hmm.

Alan: But just as a tip, in the meantime, go to the manual settings and push the neck region, and I think you’ll find the neck a little better in that, using the manual settings.

Ron: Yeah, I’ll have to try that. I was tempted to do that, and like I said, I’m a big fan of the leg workouts, and I’m going to focus, you know, just using the manual one, focus on my legs, because that one just – again, I can’t tell you – to me, it’s better than having a massage therapist working my legs.

Alan: Wow.

Ron: It’s just amazing, just amazing.

Alan: Well, did you know that you could take the pads out from underneath the feet, and you could get a more vigorous foot massage too?

Ron: I heard you say that, and I got in to it yesterday, and I was going to do that, and I forgot to take the pads off, because I was just interested in sitting down, and I forgot all about it.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: But I’m going to try that.

Alan: Well, some people like a real mellow foot massage, and when I sat in it, I thought – when I first sat in it, the airbags hadn’t turned on, it was just the rollers – and I thought ‘Well, this is pretty light.’ When the airbags turned on and started pushing my feet on it, it felt better, and I made that comment to the folks at Luraco, and they said ‘Oh, you got to take the pads out.’ I thought ‘Oh, for heaven’s sake,’ so I took the pads out, and they’re easy, they’re not attached by Velcro either, they’re just slid underneath that sheath, and you just pull them out.

Ron: Uh huh.

Alan: Yeah, it’s an intense foot massage, no doubt.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: That reminds me, did you try adjusting the intensity of the airbags and the rollers on the remote?

Ron: I have not, because I thought they fit me perfectly, the way they were working.

Alan: OK.

Ron: Now, I may try to do that for my wife, because my wife got in there, and my wife has some problems, like in her lower back, I don’t know whether it’s – I’m no doctor, sciatica, I don’t know what it is – but sometimes she’ll get some pains when she’s sitting there, and when it started to work on her lower back, she thought it was pretty intense, and I never really felt it, so I might do that for her.

Alan: OK, I’m glad you mentioned that. Go on to the, on the bottom of the remote, it says, it’s not settings, but go to ‘Adjustments.’ I think it’s ‘Adjustment,’ or ‘Adjust,’ push that button, and it’ll give you, what’s cool about this chair is you can adjust the low-back roller’s intensity, independent of the neck-roller intensity. So, you can increase the intensity on the neck up to a five, and adjust the intensity of the low back down to a one. You can also adjust the airbag intensity there, but it’s very, very easy, and I would maybe recommend you try that with your wife.

Ron: Yeah, I will. I tried the – we had a real cold snap here like a week ago, and it was a little chilly, I didn’t want to turn the furnace on, I was just – I just didn’t want to do it yet, it’s too early to turn the furnace on, but I sat down to a massage, and I turned on the heat setting. And I turned the heater on that, and was like ‘Holy mackerel, that’s another nice thing.’

Alan: It really warms you up nice.

Ron: Oh yeah, that was really nice.

Alan: How often would you say you use the chair?

Ron: I’m using it like four to five times a week.

Alan: Wow, that’s fantastic.

Ron: I just absolutely love it.

Alan: Do you find that it’s fitting you, like you were concerned about the fit, is it fitting you?

Ron: Yes.

Alan: Because the chair was designed for a taller, and a wider body, and you’re finding it fits?

Ron: That was the one thing that scared the daylights out of me when ordering a chair. It was because the width of the chair – you know, when I’m buying something – because of my size, I’m always looking at that.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Ron: And I looked at that quite a bit when I was doing my research.

Alan: Uh huh.

Ron: And I was so happy when that chair got in here, and I sat down, because there’s, you know, there’s still room for the airbags to expand, and when they expand, and they sort of grab hold of you in your hip region …

Alan: Uh huh.

Ron: Or in your shoulders, you’re still feeling it, it’s not like it’s, I’m too wide for it, or anything like that, very impressed.

Alan: Good.

Ron: Very impressed.

Alan: Good, I’m glad to hear it. I get a lot of people inquiring about chairs that’ll fit a larger body. It’s not, like you’re not like this rare person that has this concern, it is very common, and so I think people will be happy to know that this chair can accommodate the more husky body.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: How tall are you, Ron?

Ron: I’m only 5′ 9″.

Alan: 5′ 9″, OK, the chair is designed for tall as well. It’s supposed to help people up to 6′ 5″, or 6′ 6″, or 6′ 7″, or something like that, but anyway, that, of course, doesn’t apply to you, because you’re shorter than that. Now, you bought the chair for stress relief, any other body complaints that you’ve had in the past that you use massage for? Have you had low-back stuff, do you have neck pain, and if so, do you find that the chair is addressing those?

Ron: Well, you know, it’s interesting, I’m glad you asked that question, because it’s funny, when some of the massage therapists that I’ve worked with over the years, I’ve known them for years, and they always laughed at me when I go in there, and they start to work on my back.

Alan: Uh huh.

Ron: Because the one girl, well, the one therapist that I had, she said I had Thor’s twins on my back. Because I’ve got two lumps that are sort of midway in my back, or whatever …

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: And it was funny, because you know, that’s one thing that I really liked, Dr. Weidner, was some of the therapists, they’re really in it for the science behind it.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: And they’re not in there just to sort of push your muscles around, if you know what I mean.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Ron: And she told me some things that I could really do to try to help with some of those bumps on my back, and they were really stress related, and one of them was like family side, and the other one’s like work side. I don’t know where they get all this stuff, but you know, I listened to her because I enjoy hearing that kind of stuff, and it gives me something to work on.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Ron: So, I did that, but I – every now and then, they’ll start to come back, and I’ll feel them – and this chairs hits them like spot on.

Alan: Good.

Ron: It’s like the perfect spots. I like it when it goes up, especially on the ‘Shiatsu,’ and it starts climbing, and it does that gentle push up in to your back like that, and there’s one spot, and it’s like I wait for it to hit it, because as soon as it hits it, it’s like ‘Oh, it feels so good.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: But it does a great job.

Alan: Well, I might add, again, going back to the manual settings, you can push the manual settings, the button – and the manual settings are real easy – and you just push the button on there, on the area that you want worked on, and if it doesn’t quite hit it, there’s arrows, you can move the rollers up or down, just to where you want it. And that way, you can kind of keep it right on that spot, and let it work for 5 or 10 minutes, or however many minutes. So, there is a way to do it, so it stays on that area.

Ron: Yeah, I got to play a lot more with the manual stuff, so I get to really sort of target some of those areas that – you know, I’m just happy to sit down, because I know I sit down there, hit ‘Shiatsu,’ and you know, that’s like a 25 to 30-minute massage, and it’s like I’m just in heaven.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: I know it’ll eventually get there, but like you said, to hit those, and to focus in to those areas will be really nice.

Alan: Yeah, that will be, and you know what, I’m still learning about chairs that I’ve had in my showroom for three years. So, it might take you a while to get a handle on everything, but I have customers that’ll contact me and say ‘Now, did you know this chair does this?’ No, I had no idea, so there might be things you’ll discover about this chair years from now.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: Now, have you found any additional benefit from the chair? So, you use it for stress, maybe for certain aches and pains. Have there been any other surprises from the chair, like ‘Oh wow, this is a benefit I got that I hadn’t really planned on.’

Ron: Well, you know, I’m not really sure if the chair is doing it, or not. Between that, and you know, the chair has allowed me to feel more relaxed, which allows me to work out a little bit more, and you know, and that’s really helping me with my diet program as well, is getting more active, and stuff. I think it’s helped me with my flexibility a little bit more, because it keeps me a little bit looser, you know, I’ll do my work outs, and stuff, and then after I come back upstairs, and get a shower, or whatever, I’ll go sit down in the massage chair and let it work some of those muscles that I just worked out, and stuff. I think it’s really helping with my flexibility, and I, you know, yeah, sometimes it’s supposed to make you, you know, really relaxed, I think it also gives me a little bit more energy, because it really sort of works some of those areas.

Alan: Right, I understand.

Ron: And I feel a lot better with that.

Alan: That’s cool, you know, I’ve heard a lot of people tell me in the past that it helps with their energy levels, and I don’t know how to – I don’t know what the reason is for that – I don’t know if it’s like a power nap, or something like that, that just revitalizes you, I’m not sure, but I’ve heard that before, and I think that’s pretty cool. Do you usually use the chair in the morning, or night, or afternoon? When is your more typical time of using it?

Ron: A lot of the time mine’s sort of like – mine’s sometimes later in the afternoon – because my wife will be watching her soap opera.

Alan: Yeah, good.

Ron: And then it gives me something to do while she’s watching her soaps, but …

Alan: Yeah, I know you’re watching them too, Ron.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: When I was first married and going to school, I remember I’d come home, and I think we were – the wife was watching, oh, what was it – The Young & the Restless, and so I sat down and watched with her, and the next thing I know, like I’m hooked on this bloody thing, I couldn’t stop watching it. But I’m not saying, of course, that’s what you’re doing, but that’s what I was doing back in the day.

Ron: Well, I will tell you, much the same as you, you know, when I was in the military and I was working shift work, I’d get up – you know, if I’m on the midnight shift, or something, I’d get up early in the afternoon, or something, after sleeping in the morning – I’d get up, and she’d be sitting there watching the soup, and of course, I’m going to sit there and drink my coffee, and of course, just like you, I got hooked on it too, for a while.

Alan: It was way too easy to get sucked in.

Ron: Yeah, really.

Alan: Now, when you sat in the chair, did you feel that it was a quality device, or did you feel like it was cheap, or cheaply made, or did you feel like it was good quality?

Ron: Oh man, to me, there is nothing but quality with that chair.

Alan: OK.

Ron: I mean, I was so, even from the time I opened the box, and I looked at the chair, and just the way it was. Trying to move the chair out of the box, you knew it was quality, just by the way it was, and by the weight of it, and how the rollers worked on the underneath side of it, that all points to quality.

Alan: Good.

Ron: And then, when you go in to put the arms and stuff on, and you see the way that they’re connected, and the way the metal is inside the chair, and stuff like that, you know, again, I think that was one of the things that really drew us, was that. Also, being quite a bit American-made …

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: That meant a lot to me, too.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: And just having that, you really saw the quality.

Alan: Well, I appreciate that, and for those that are viewing this video, and may not know this, this chair has some imported Taiwanese hardware components, but all the electronics, and all the programming, all the rest of it is done in the United States. So, it’s really the first chair of its kind to be made in the United – well, first chair, period, massage chair, period – that’s made in the US, or considered made in the US. It’s assembled here, the quality-control testing is done here, everything is done here, except for the major, large body components that are manufactured in Taiwan, not China, but Taiwan, which is known to have a little bit better quality, similar to the Japanese quality. So, yeah, it is a quality machine, and I’m glad to hear that you felt that it was quality.

Ron: Oh yeah, and then you know, that’s – you look at the interior of it, but then you look at the exterior of it – the leather that’s on that chair, and everything else, just beautiful.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: Very well made.

Alan: What color did you get?

Ron: The brown.

Alan: The brown, yeah, I got the brown one too.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: It’s a nice chair, and one thing that they pointed out to me – I didn’t really think about it when I see it, because I see massage chairs every day – they said that their design was meant to be a little bit more simplistic, nothing too fancy, maybe look more like a regular recliner, and I would have to say it probably is like that. It’s a more simplistic design, nothing too like funky, or space age.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: But yeah, because I mean, the one that I was – you know what, it’s funny that you talk about that, the whole space age – I think, for me as a consumer, you look at something like that, and you know you’re going to be, you know, it’s an investment, you look at something, because I looked at the, you know, and I talked to you about it through email, and stuff, was the, what’s it called, DreamWave?

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: Yeah, you looked at that, and it was like that’s really so futuristic-looking, and stuff like that …

Alan: Uh huh.

Ron: But no, this is, I do think it’s very simple looking.

Alan: Yeah.

Ron: Very, and you know, and sitting where it sits in my house, it’s another piece of furniture that’s sitting in an area that doesn’t really have a lot of furniture.

Alan: Right.

Ron: And it looks very much in place there.

Alan: Yeah, well, good, I’m glad to hear that. I think it’s a nice design, and I hadn’t really – and like again, I hadn’t really thought about it until they mentioned it to me – and I thought ‘You know, it’s true, it is kind of just more of a classic chair look,’ I don’t know, but it’s a nice look.

Ron: Mm-hmm, definitely, definitely.

Alan: Anything else, Ron, that I’ve neglected to cover, or ask about, or anything else that you want to pitch in here?

Ron: No, I would just, you know, I would definitely say that being able to do the assembly of it yourself made it nice. I’m sort of like you, I’m not a real big fan of trying to put stuff together. My wife tends to say that I like to give too many sermons when I’m trying to put something together, you know, a few expletives come out there sometimes when you’re trying to put some of that stuff together, but not this one. It really went together, and her and I just did this thing, just like you said, lickety-split, there was no time at all. So, don’t be afraid to do the installation, there’s nothing to it.

Alan: Yeah, I agree. I’ve been known to throw a few tools, trying to assemble a chair, but I had no trouble with this one, either, so I agree with you, I agree with that.

Ron: Yeah, definitely.

Alan: Well, Ron, you’ve been delightful. I really appreciate your time, and your insights are fantastic, and this is really our first review, I think, with the iRobotics 7, so this is really helpful. And I think it’ll serve greatly in helping others make their decision about, you know, whether to consider that chair or not, so I’m really grateful for your input today.

Ron: Well, you know, likewise, I can’t say enough about the kind of support you gave to me, in my search for this, the information you provided, you’re very forthwith with information. You make it much easier for us, zero pressure, and you know, when you’re looking at doing an investment like this, that’s the last thing you want to do is have somebody hounding you about trying to buy it. But you just lay out all the facts, and everything out there, and answer any questions, and let me, as a consumer, make up my mind. And I can’t thank you enough for that support, that was just awesome.

Alan: Well, you’re welcome. You’re very gracious. I appreciate the kind words, but thanks trusting us with your business, that means a lot to me.

Ron: Well, you’re more than welcome, sir, and I appreciate everything you’ve done. I look forward to working with you some more.

Alan: Well, you bet, and listen, make sure you give Luraco a call.

Ron: Oh yeah, I will.

Alan: And ask them for the upgrade on the neck, and I think you’ll be extremely happy with it. I’m excited to get mine, I think I’ll be getting it in the next week or two, my upgrade on the neck, and I’m very excited about it. Because I think that’s really the only thing about this chair that could be tweaked a bit.

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: So, and it looks like they’ve done it, so …

Ron: Very good.

Alan: Alright, Ron, thanks so much. Have a wonderful day, and we’ll talk again soon.

Ron: OK, thanks.

Alan: See you. Bye bye.

Ron: Uh huh, bye bye.

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