Questions About The Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

April 25, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
April 25, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Questions About The Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

Osaki 7000 Questions

Some questions from a website visitor about the Osaki 7000. This chair has quickly become our second best seller, behind, of course, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave chair. The Osaki 7000 is an even bigger chair than the Inada Sogno and is a more aggressive massage. But, below is the question and my answer to my client:

Massage Chair Question:

Hi Alan,

First of all, I want to let you know your website has been by far the most useful research tool in my search to buy a massage chair.  I also appreciate your prompt responses to my questions.

Osaki 7000 Massage Chair

I have a couple more questions.  First, the Osaki 7000 seems to be a great chair, and likely the one I’ll go with, however I see there is another identical chair out there called the Fujita KN7005.  There’s also a newer version of this chair called the KN7005R, which supposedly has some upgrade to the rollers and softer cushioning for a deeper massage.  It also costs about $300 more.  Do you expect a similar upgrade to the Osaki, and a similar price increase?

Second question is about the white glove delivery.  I have no problem assembling things myself.  Actually I think it’s helpful to know how things go together and come apart.  The problem is that I live in a condo complex, with a three step walk up to my front door, and I’m concerned the term “curbside” is literal.  I’d rather not spend the extra $200, but I’d like even less to have to lug the chair myself up the steps (I do have a bad back after all).  Do you know if the delivery will at least take it to my front door?

Again, thanks for all the help.  Regardless of whether an Osaki upgrade is coming or not I’ll be sure to buy a chair from you, and hopefully soon. Your website says the Osaki 7000 is back-ordered in ivory and taupe, but the black is currently available?


My Massage Chair Answer:

Hi, Jonah

Thank you for your email and your kind words about my site and how it is assisting you in making your decision. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. The Fujita seems to be the same chair, and it is made from the same Chinese factory, but I believe there are some subtle differences, but nothing noteworthy. That is what the folks at Osaki tell me. I don’t know what those differences are, but they are not too terribly significant. I will say, though, that Osaki has a better customer support history for their chairs. Fujita is not a well-known company in the industry and their chairs are not that popular. Rumor even has it, from one of Fujita’s dealers, that getting service support from Fujita is very difficult. That is a big problem for me, as a dealer. You know how I put my name and my image out there on my site and videos? If my customers can’t get support for their massage chair problems, it will reflect on me and I can’t have that.  

I do know that Osaki has a strong customer support department that won’t leave you hanging. That is the main reason why we decided to carry the Osaki massage chairs. They had asked me for over a year to carry their chairs, but I was hesitant until I knew more about their customer support. And it has been great…and that is why we now carry their models. 

2. Osaki is expecting a 7200 model this summer, but it is not an upgrade of the Osaki 7000…an upgrade of the Osaki 6000. It will have heat, which is something that the 6000 does not have. No changes in the works, that I am aware of, for an upgrade to the 7000.

3. The Osaki 7000 comes in a huge box. If you have back pain and are concerned that the lifting will mess up an already hurting back, I think you are wise to consider the White Glove Delivery. If you had a couple of young, healthy backs helping you out, then you could probably pay them $10 each to help you lift the box into the room you want. I have had clients do that in the past. “Curbside” is a very, very broad term, depending on who the delivery guy is and what mood he is in. Some guys will deliver to your door or to your garage, others to the curb, yet others, for a few bucks out of your pocket, will move the chair into your front entryway. It all depends on  how nice the guy is. 

4. Black is currently available for immediate shipping. Ivory and taupe are back-ordered for another 3-4 weeks. If you are considering one of those colors, order now because only 8 of each color is coming in and they will be spoken for long before the shipment arrives.

Thanks, again, for your email. I hope my answers to your questions helped out in some way. 

Dr. Alan Weidner
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