Posture Correction -The Massage Chair Dictionary (Video)

June 4, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 4, 2019
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Posture Correction -The Massage Chair Dictionary (Video)

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to talk a little bit about posture correction. We all know that massage chairs can help you with pain, and symptoms like headaches, or backaches, or carpal tunnel, or whatever the situation – low back pain – whatever the situation may be.

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Alan: But one thing that a lot of people don’t realize that a chair can help with, and some chairs do better at this than others, is posture correction. Now, as you know, as you may even experience yourself, a lot of people have a forward head carriage and rounded shoulders. You might see it in yourself, or your children, or your spouse and your partner, you can see that some people have a forward head carriage. And in today’s society, where it’s very sedentary, and people are sitting at desks, and at computers all day long, it’s not uncommon for a body to start to slouch forward. When I was a chiropractor – well, I’m still a chiropractor, but when I was a practicing chiropractor – I saw this all the time, and it led to all kinds of postural problems. It led to carpal tunnel, it led to headaches, it led to upper back pain, it led to lower back pain. I mean, it’s an epidemic really, in our sedentary society and lifestyle. Well, there are chairs – and I’m sitting in the Infinity IT-8500X3, which has one of the best stretch programs of any chair we carry – but this chair, and like most chairs, you can turn it on, and like in this one, we’re going to put it on the stretch program, and I want you to see what happens. It’s going to recline, and it’ll be a minute before it starts to stretch, but I want to explain to you first what happens before it begins.

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Alan: The chair will recline, and now this chair is just kind of figuring out my, it’s doing a body scan on me right now, but eventually what’s going to happen is the stretch will begin, and the stretch on a massage chair is what we would call like a body-extension stretch, where the body is extended. It’s not a stretch like a hamstring stretch or a quad stretch, or you know, an arm stretch, it’s nothing like this, or this, or whatever. It is a full body stretch, and most massage chairs, when they mention the term stress, or stretch, they are alluding to the chair’s ability to flatten out, and if it has shoulder airbags, pin those shoulder airbags, pin your shoulders back with the shoulder airbags, and then, in as flat a position as possible, and then the airbags in the ottoman grab your feet and your calves, and then it’ll drop down. So, now you see the chair is extending, it’s going back flat. Now, watch the shoulder airbags and the foot airbags. You’ll notice the shoulder airbags will inflate, and it’ll pin my shoulders back. There, you see that’s happening now, and meanwhile, the rollers are still working on my back, pushing me in to extension. Now, watch my legs, calves and feet, airbags are deployed, and the chair is dropping down, and holy cow, I can feel a pull on my whole body. I feel it in my upper lumbar area, in my thoracic area, it’s a fantastic stretch, and it just feels like it’s decompressing you after a day of fighting gravity, which is exactly what we do every day, we fight gravity, what with our upright, you know, body position.

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Alan: So, anyway, that is how a stretch works on most massage chairs. The IT-8500X3 has the best stretch, and that’s why I’m showing it to you, because it really pulls, and the biggest difference here, all the chairs that have a stretch program usually will inflate the calf-and-foot airbags, and then drop down, like this is doing right now, but what this one does is it reclines to a full 180 degrees, which very few chairs do. It reclines to a full 180, and the airbags really push these shoulders, and pin you down, and pin you back, and that is what can help you overcome a bit of a postural problem. And so, this, as a matter of fact, Infinity even calls this feature spinal correction. Now, I’m a chiropractor, and I know how hard it is to correct the spine. It doesn’t just, you know, you’re not going to get out of the chair and have your spine posture completely corrected, but what it will do is it’ll start to, it’ll start to, you know, send a message to the proprioceptors of your body, or the nerves that sense position change, and it’ll tell your body ‘Hey, man, we want to be in this position,’ and if you do that, and you work on your posture on the side as well, that will help improve your postural positioning. When you get out of a massage chair for the first time, and I remember feeling this the very first time I sat in a massage chair, when I bought one for my clinic, this was back in 2002, I think, or 2003, and it didn’t have shoulder airbags, it didn’t have a stretch program that I used, nothing, it just massaged my back, and when I came out of the chair, I quite honestly felt like I was standing taller, like my shoulders were back, my head was back.

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Alan: That’s just from the rollers. Now, you add to the rollers, airbags that pin your shoulders back, a chair that reclines to 180 degrees or thereabouts, and you get legs and feet, you know, airbags inflating and pulling your legs down, boy, now you’re getting a heck of a stretch, and you’re getting a good postural workout. So, I just wanted to talk to you about that because a lot of people don’t realize that chairs can help with your posture, and kind of reverse that slumping posture that a lot of people have, it kind of does the reverse of that. So, anyway, that’s how it can help you.

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Alan: I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, if you don’t mind helping us spread the word about massage chairs, please share this video on your social media platforms, any one that you have to help us spread the word. I am Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and will see you again on the next video. Bye bye.

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