Positional Release Therapy Helps Release Pain – Massage Magazine

July 20, 2017
 By Alyssa
July 20, 2017
 By Alyssa

Positional Release Therapy Helps Release Pain – Massage Magazine

Has anyone ever heard of positional release therapy? It seems that positional release therapy may help release pain according to new studies. Positional release therapy allows the massage therapist to unwind the tissue first and then they can manipulate the tissue. This process allows the massage to be less painful and even more effective, which ultimately allows for longer-lasting therapeutic effects. To learn more about positional release therapy and how it may release pain according to new studies, read more here in this article!

Key Takeaways:

  • One method to release pain in the body is positional release therapy before a massage.
  • Position release therapy before a massage helps to lessen the pain.
  • Positional release therapy helps to unwind the body before the massage process.

“I have found positional release therapy is best applied prior to massage, or as tender and trigger points are found during the course of a massage.”

Read more: https://www.massagemag.com/positional-release-therapy-helps-release-pain-85700/

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