Osaki Pro Cyber vs. Infinity IT-8500 (Part 2)

August 7, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 7, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki Pro Cyber vs. Infinity IT-8500 (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of my comparative review of the Infinity IT-8500 and the Osaki Pro Cyber massage chairs. Click here to check out Part 1 of my review.

MP3 jack Cyber

Cyber MP3 jack & speaker

8. MP3 Music System – You can get music playing on both chairs, however their systems are quite different. The Cyber has a simple 3.5 mm jack that can plug into your mobile device. You can just handle your music from your device and it plays over the speakers of the chair. The IT-8500, on the other hand, at the time of this writing, has a USB port at the back of the chair into which you would plug in a jump/thumb drive with your downloaded music. You can adjust the music from the remote control. The music system on the IT-8500 is an older technology and not very efficient. However, the speakers on the IT-8500 are far superior to those of the Cyber – you will enjoy better sound on the IT-8500. Advantage: Draw (their strengths and weaknesses offset each other, in my humble opinion).

9. Vibration – For some strange reason, vibration is not a commonly found feature in a lot of massage chairs. I find it quite soothing, yet some folks find it irritating. It is quite a personal preference. Well, if you like vibration, the Cyber would be one of the chairs you’d want to consider. The chair vibrates in the seat area and can even be synched with the bass line of the music playing over the MP3 music system from your phone. The IT-8500 does not have a vibration feature. Advantage: Osaki Cyber.

10. Inversion – This is a term that suggests a recline past 180 degrees horizontal. Infinity lists inversion as a feature of it’s IT-8500, but it’s true recline angle is 178 degrees. It reclines further back than almost every other massage chair and that really serves a useful purpose in the stretch program, but it is not truly inversion by strict definition. The Cyber has a max recline angle of 175 degrees. 3 degrees doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you sit on the chairs, one after the other, you can really notice the further depth of recline in the IT-8500. Advantage: IT-8500.

11. Stretch Program – I would have to say the IT-8500 has one of the best stretch programs in the whole market. It uses the shoulder and foot airbags to pin down both ends of your body, while also reclining to 1798 degrees. It is a wonderful feature, one that influences a lot of people to buy the IT-8500. The stretch program of the Cyber is OK, but nothing to write home about. It essentially involves airbags grabbing both arms and the chair reclining. It feels more like an arm stretch than a body stretch. One customer noticed that she enjoyed the stretch better in the Cyber if she removed her arms from the arm airbags altogether. Advantage: IT-8500.

IT-8500 Remote Control

IT-8500 Remote Control

12. Manual Settings – As with all massage chairs, the user can select an auto program, which will have every massage function preset, or the user can customize their massage using the manual settings of the chair. Both the Cyber and IT-8500 have manual settings, but the Cyber manual programming is a little more intuitive to use, whereas those of the IT-8500 are a little different and will need some practice to get used to them. The Cyber has more massage modality options that give you more massage options in the manual mode. Advantage: Osaki Cyber.

13. Recommended Maximum User Weight – Most chairs have user weight limits of around 265 – 285 lbs, and both of these models fall within that range. The Cyber can optimally handle 265 lbs; the IT-8500 can optimally handle 285 lbs. If you are over that weight limit, the chair will most likely work just fine, but the strain on the mechanical parts will quite possibly wear out the chair a little sooner than it would with someone who is under those weights. Advantage: IT-8500.

14. Power Consumption – Quite a few people ask me about power consumption because of a concern for high energy usage and cost. I can tell you that these big chairs surprisingly use a relatively small amount of energy. Most have wattage similar to or slightly higher than a lightbulb! The Cyber is a 300 Watt chair, the IT-8500 is a 170 Watt chair. Advantage: IT-8500.

That covers most of the important features. Now, I would like to throw in a few other things to consider. As I mentioned in Part 1, I have both chairs in my showroom. I would have to say that the overall comfort of the IT-8500 is superior to that of the Cyber. I would also tell you that showroom sales  are significantly higher for the IT-8500 than for the Cyber. We do price matching, so price is not an issue when it comes to buying in our showroom. I could honestly say that the IT-8500 sales outpace those of the Cyber by at least 10 or more to 1. In other words, for every one Cyber we sell, we sell more than 10 of the IT-8500. It is a very popular chair with a feature set that really appeals to the general massage chair shopper.

One last feature I want to talk about is the neck massage. A lot of chairs don’t have a super neck massage. Most folks complain that the neck massages on chairs is not deep or intense enough. One of the strong points of the IT-8500 is its superior neck massage. It is fabulous and a game changer for a lot of chair shoppers in our showroom. The Cyber has a good neck massage, but not an exceptional one, like the IT-8500. Just thought you’d like to know!

I hope you found this 2-part comparative review helpful.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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