Osaki Pro Cyber vs. Infinity IT-8500 (Part 1)

Osaki Pro Cyber

I get asked a lot about the comparison between the Infinity IT-8500 and the Osaki Pro Cyber massage chairs, since they are similarly priced, have a similar feature-set, and are both quite commonly analyzed by chair shoppers. So, I figured I’d write a comparative review to help sort through the feature-sets and help you make the decision that’s right for you. The fact that I have both models in my showroom really helps, since I have experienced both and have seen the public’s response to both. I’ll share the feature comparison, but I’ll be adding my own commentary along the way along with which chair has the advantage on each feature, based on that experience. Since this review is quite long, I’ve broken it down into 2 parts.

1. Zero Gravity – Both chairs recline to a true zero-gravity position and both chairs have a “second” zero gravity, though as I’ve explained in other writings, there is really only one true zero gravity position. Anything else is just a deeper, further recline. Both chairs offer that. Advantage: Draw!

IT-8500 shoulder airbags
IT-8500 shoulder airbags

2. Shoulder Airbags – While both chairs have shoulder airbags, those of the IT-8500 work to pull the shoulders back, thus enhancing and encouraging a better posture. That feature also comes into play in the chair’s stretch program. Those of the Cyber serve to inflate to the outside area of the shoulders (the deltoid muscles), while at the same time pushing down on the lateral aspect of the acromio-clavicular joint (fancy name for the joint existing between the collar bone and the shoulder blade – the area that is commonly affected in a shoulder separation). The airbags of the IT-8500 are more comfortable, whereas those of the Cyber involve far more compression and can feel a little uncomfortable, especially for folks with broader shoulders. The airbag intensity can always be turned down to try to make it more comfortable. Advantage: IT-8500.

3. Height Restrictions – The IT-8500 can handle anyone from as short as 4’11” tall to 6’5″ tall. The Cyber has a minimum recommended height of 5’5″ and a maximum of 6’4″ tall. It is not a huge range on the Cyber. The biggest hindrance for handling shorter folks is the shoulder airbags. Their positioning is a little high and when they inflate on a shorter frame, they tend to miss the shoulders altogether and approximate the neck. In other words, for a shorter framed person, the shoulder airbags really don’t do anything except make some people feel a little “encroached upon” by them. The Cyber also has a dome at the top of the back rest, which is a hard stop for anyone taller than 6’4″ tall. My honest opinion is that you have to fit into the Cyber “just right”, as Goldilocks would say, or else it just won’t feel right to you. The IT-8500 has an overall better fitting and feel for the user. Advantage: IT-8500.

4. Mechanical Foot Rollers – Both chairs boast foot rollers, however those of the Cyber are quite light on the souls of the feet. The rollers in the IT-8500 are more vigorous and seem to be more appreciated by users of the chair. If you hate having anything or anybody touch the souls of your feet, you will appreciate the lightness of the Cyber foot rollers. You can independently shut off the foot rollers of either chair during your massage. Advantage: IT-8500.

Courtesy of pokecommunity.com
Courtesy of pokecommunity.com

5. 3D Roller Technology – 3D rollers alludes to the feature that allows the rollers of a chair to move forward or backward to increase or decrease massage intensity for the user. This is an easy one…the Cyber has 3D roller technology, the IT-8500 does not. The IT-8500 is considered a “deep tissue” massage chair, implying that the rollers are quite vigorous and intense. If you want to lighten the intensity of the Cyber, just press the 3D button to a lower setting. If you want to do the same with the IT-8500, or any non-3D chair, a very helpful suggestion would be to use a throw blanket or padding of some sort on the areas where the rollers are too intense. Advantage: Osaki Cyber.

6. # of Airbags – This is another toss-up. The Cyber has 36 airbags, while the IT-8500 has 38. The IT-8500 has airbags in the head pillow which provide a side to side motion of the head when deployed. IT is a nice feature that allows for passive motion of the head and neck; particularly helpful for someone with a very, very tight neck who might not be able to handle the vigorous rollers just yet or someone with an inflamed neck where massage may just not be indicated. Advantage: IT-8500.

7. Seat Massage – Both chairs use airbags to inflate the seat to compress and mobilize the hips and pelvis, but the IT-8500 has an additional “Swivel” feature, which is a less sophisticated version of the DreawWave technology of the famous and iconic Inada model. The user will feel the seat move from side-to-side when it is deployed. It is a very subtle and clever way to mobilize and relax the low back area. Advantage: IT-8500.

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Dr. Alan Weidner

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