Osaki OS-7000 vs. Osaki OS-7200 – Between the Shoulder Blades

October 2, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 2, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki OS-7000 vs. Osaki OS-7200 – Between the Shoulder Blades

Someone once asked me which of these two models work better between the shoulder blades. You know, I never think of half of this stuff until someone asks and then it seems like it is something that we should all know and that it is an important thing to consider. 

Between the shoulder blades are some muscles known as the rhomboids (I have loved the name of those muscles since I first learned about them in chiropractic college…and I have no idea why!). These muscles serve to “hold” the shoulder blades closer together whilst the body is doing lots of cool things with the arms. They also serve to hold the shoulders from falling forward to the pull of gravity. If it weren’t for these muscles the shoulders would droop forward in a slumped position. Oh, yeah, most folks already to that! That is because the poor posture pulls the shoulders forward and those cute little rhomboids are screaming for help as they try to hold the shoulder blades back from falling forward to gravity. People with weak rhomboids tend to have shoulder blades that “stick out”…kinda like chicken wings or something like that. This area can also be quite problematic for folks who have scoliosis (or curvature of the spine).

Because these muscles are under constant strain from gravity and poor posture they tend to get fatigued and overworked…thus spastic and hypertonic. When they do that, they can be very sore and tender to the touch. When the rollers of a  massage chair accurately hit those muscles it can be oh, so tender.

Well, although the rollers of the massage chair may cause discomfort, it is a good pain. Your rhomboids deserve a break today and the massage chair rollers are just the ticket. The issue is, when considering a massage chair, will the rollers actually hit those rhomboids effectively. And, that my friends, is what my client wanted to know.

I actually did not know the answer right away. I had to go to the showroom and sit on both the Osaki OS-7000 and the Osaki OS-7200H  (which is the same chair as the Osaki OS-6000 except with heat) to find out for sure which chair hit that interscapular area and the rhomboids the best.

Although the Osaki OS-7000 is the chair that has the most vigorous massage rollers, I was surprised to find that the rollers did not address the rhomboids as well as the OS-7200H. The OS-7000 has a gross massage motion that will really lift up your body and massage the larger muscles groups wonderfully. But, the OS-7200H seems to have smaller rollers that really hit those specific muscles much more effectively and precisely, although the gross overall massage of the OS-7200H is not as vigorous and intense as the OS-7000. Does that make sense?

So, if you are looking for a good intense massage that hits between the shoulder blades more precisely and specifically, the OS-7200H (or OS-6000) is for you. If you are still looking for an overall rock and roll experience (of the spine, not music) then the OS-7000 will take you on the ride of your life.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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