Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer – My Initial Review!

October 3, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 3, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer – My Initial Review!

os-3d pro dreamerWe received the new OS-3D Pro Dreamer massage chair by Osaki in our showroom this week and I finally got it all assembled yesterday. I actually assembled it myself, which is a real stretch for one of the most inept handymen around! But, I was able to put it together relatively easily. This model is pretty much exactly the same chair as the OS-6000/7200H, which I had in my showroom until recently, but with 3 differences: the dome at the top of the chair back which houses the music system speakers, the mechanical foot rollers, and the 3D massage rollers.

Here are my thoughts on the chair, including some input on the assembly process:

  1. The chair came in 3 boxes, one containing the body of the chair, another the chair back, and the third box with the arm rests in it. The ottoman was attached to the chair body in the first and biggest box.
  2. The sides are to be put on first, then the chair back. Each chair side required the screwing in of 2 bolts, the connecting of 1 air hose, and the plugging together of two electrical plugs.  The chair back required the placement of a pin, the plugging together of 1 electrical plug, and connecting 2 airhoses, on on each side of the bottom of the chair back. The hardest part, for me, was finding the holes in the arm rests for the long screws that attached the arm rests to the chair body.
  3. The remote control pedestal was the last thing to install and that was all of 4 small screws attaching it to the chair body.
  4. The music speakers in the chair “dome” are cute, but the sound is nothing to “write home about.” Quite tinny at first, butmusicyou get used to the sound quality very quickly. Your phone plugs into the chair and then you can adjust the music from your phone. Very easy to use. No SD cards or USB ports to plug into.
  5. The chair has a zero gravity feature, which Osaki calls “Anti-Gravity” in this model and it’s predecessors. It allows for two zero gravity positions. The second position, which tilts the seat up even higher than the first position and reclines the chair back even further, is accompanied by the foot part of the ottoman electronically extending to measure your leg length.
  6. Turning off the chair returns the chair back to it’s default, neutral position. I found a couple of times, when I was in the lowest zero gravity position, that turning off the chair returned it to the first zero gravity position. I just had to hit the power button again and it came up the rest of the way.
  7. I found that I didn’t like having the neck pillow attached because it got in the way of my neck massage. I ripped it off the chair…it is attached by velcro and is very easy to remove.
  8. The neck massage seems much more firm, deep, and comprehensive in the OS-3D Pro Dreamer than it was in the OS-6000/7200H. I really was happy to see that. One of the knocks on it’s predecessor was that the neck massage was weak and not very thorough on the neck muscles. Much better this time around!
  9. The 3D feature is good. It is a simple button on the remote which, when pressed, will bring the rollers forward, thus pushing harder into your back. You can feel it happening and even hear the motor doing it while the rollers are moving forward. Glad to see this feature in an Osaki chair.
  10. The mechanical foot rollers are not nearly as intense as it’s counterparts in the OS-7075R or the Infinity IT-8500 and Iyashi chairs. They seem quite a bit more mild, which is welcome news to folks who find the rollers in the other chairs to be just too much. I usually will turn off the foot rollers when I am in the OS-7075R, but my feet were quite comfortable throughout my sessions on the OS-3D Pro Dreamer.

    It feels like there are thicker pads separating the feet from the rollers. By the way, you have the option in this chair to turn off the foot rollers during an auto program if you still find them too intense or annoying.

  11. I love waist airbags in the low back. As a chiropractor I know that it is hard to find modalities that give passive rotation to the low back. Waist airbags do just that and the OS-3D Pro Dreamer does just that. Nice feature!
  12. The thigh airbags compress against the outside of the thighs, but do not massage the IlioTibial Bands like the Inada Sogno or Panasonic MA70 do. The compression is nothing more than a way for the chair to hold your hips in place while the rollers go over your low back area. It helps increase the intensity of the low back roller massage.

    I might mention here that the shoulder airbags work similarly to the thigh airbags. Simply compressing against the outside of the shoulders (deltoid muscles) in order to hold the upper body in place while the rollers go over the upper back. Helps with increasing the intensity of the massage.

  13. The arm airbags inflate sequentially, which I have always felt is more therapeutic than just one big air bladder inflating on the whole forearm. At least with the sequential inflation there is a better chance to improve some circulation in the upper extremities even if it is slight.
  14. I mentioned the good quality neck massage of the Pro Dreamer, but I should mention that the low back massage is great, too. This chair, like it’s ancestors, has a 30″ roller track which allows for the rollers to just hit the top of the buttocks. I have found that it can be challenging to find a massage chair that offers BOTH a good low back and neck roller massage. This chair has it!
  15. Blue chromotherapy lights are integrated on the outside of the arm rests. It actually looks pretty cool and, when the lights are down in your home, these blue lights create a lovely, ambient, relaxing light in the room.
  16. The music system, which consists of a plug-in for your cell phone and some speakers in the “dome”, has a vibration synch feature where the vibration feature of the chair synchs to the music of your cell phone. Not a new feature, but I’ve always thought it was kinda neat.
  17. Last, but certainly not least, I want to talk about the Stretch Program. I loved it, but I want to mention a few observations about it:
  • The rollers are super intense during the stretch program and I think we can thank the 3D roller system for that. You can really feel those rollers push forward while, at the same time, go up and down along your spine.
  • The thigh and shoulder airbags inflated and compressed against the body very intensely during this program. I did not notice them this intense during any other program. They were squeezing pretty dang hard…in a very good way!
  • I noticed that airbags did not inflate on the rear part of my foot during the stretch program. They inflated on the front part of my foot, but it was the calf airbags that really kicked in and they are what held the legs down while the ottoman dropped down and the chair back reclined. In most chairs, it is the foot and ankle airbags that hold the lower extremities down when the chair is going through the stretch motion. It seemed to me that the calf airbags were the real “pullers” in this chair.
  • The lack of foot airbags, as explained in the point above, resulted in my feet actually coming out of the foot wells during the most extreme point of the full spine stretch. But, again, the calf airbags did all the work.

Well, that’s about it for my first experience with the new Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer. I hope this helped in some way.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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