New Osaki Models – and a Lesson on 3D Rollers!

September 11, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 11, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

New Osaki Models – and a Lesson on 3D Rollers!

Osaki has been very busy putting out new models over the last month. First there was the OS-7200CR, which is the same chair as the OS-7200H, except with mechanical foot rollers and a “dome-like” cover over the top of the chair.

Then, about a week after that chair was announced, another model, the OS-3D Pro Dreamer, was brought to market. This chair is the same as the OS-7200CR, but with 3D rollers. What are 3D rollers?

A Lesson on 3D Rollers!

In virtually every massage chair heretofore created the rollers work from side-to-side and up-and-down. Physics teaches us that the side-to-side motion works along the x-axis, while the up-and-down motion works along the y-axis. Those are all 2 dimensions. The one axis that was not being addressed was the z-axis, which is the front-to-back axis. This motion of the rollers was only introduced about 5 years ago with the Inada Sogno massage chair.

Since that time, a few other companies have integrated the 3D roller feature into some models. Examples are the OS-3D Pro Dreamer, the OS-Pro Intelligent, the iRobotics 6S, the ZeroG 4.0, and the Panasonic MA70. I think more and more chair models will come to market with this feature.

What are the practical applications of this 3rd dimension of movement by the rollers, you ask? Well, it provides the ability for the user to adjust the intensity of the rollers higher or lower. Now, a user that likes an intense roller massage can adjust the rollers to the highest intensity or, in the terms of the axis discussion, move the rollers forward along the z-axis.  If a person needs a lighter massage, then the rollers can be moved backwards along the z-axis, thus retracting them away from the user’s spine.

With the advent of the new OS-7200CR and OS-3D Pro Dreamer models, Osaki will be phasing out the OS-7200H model. After the current shipment is sold out, I understand that they will be discontinuing this model altogether.

Getting back to the new Osaki models, a couple of weeks after the OS-3D Pro Dreamer was brought to market, Osaki announced the new OS-Pro Marquis and OS-Pro Intelligent models. Here are some features of note about each of these new models:

OS-Pro Marquis

  • Body style looks like it comes from the same family of chairs as the Osaki OS-7075R. Even the remote control location is similar to that of the OS-7075R
  • Zero-gravity
  • High quality acoustic music speakers
  • Space-saving sliding base feature (similar idea as the sliding base of the new Infinity Iyashi)
  • Portable heating pad that can be put anywhere on the body
  • Mechanical foot rollers
  • Seat airbags that provide “Twist” and “Swing” programs

OS-Pro Marquis

OS-3D Pro Intelligent

  • Arm massaging mechanism hidden in the arm rests
  • Retractable ottoman to hide foot and calf massagers under the seat
  • Mechanical foot AND CALF rollers (haven’t seen that before…nice idea!)
  • Hand-held wireless remote
  • 3D roller massage

OS-3D Pro Intelligent

I also forgot to mention the new Osaki OS-2000 Combo, which is another model they’ve introduced, this one coming in under

OS-2000 Combo

$2,000. It has a nice, long 31″ roller track and comes in some pretty cool two-tone color options.

We are currently working on getting the OS-2000 Combo and OS-3D Pro Intelligent on our website and should have them up in a day or so.

Lots of good stuff for Christmas shopping in the 4th quarter.

Dr. Alan Weidner



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