Mimi McDaniel – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Part 2) (Video)

August 20, 2015
 By Allison Bricker
August 20, 2015
 By Allison Bricker

Mimi McDaniel – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Part 2) (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Mimi McDaniel – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Part 2)”


Dr. Alan Weidner: You mean like, when it goes, when it fully reclines, like on the stretch program, you’re worried if there’s an animal underneath the back there?

Mimi McDaniel: No, no, when I come back down. I worry if there’s an animal underneath the foot area when it, when the program’s …

Alan: Oh. Oh, OK. Got it.

Mimi: Yeah, and …

Alan: So, when the ottoman goes down?

Mimi: Yes. Yes.

Alan: OK, yeah. Well, I’ve heard the same thing about grandchildren.

Mimi: Well …

Alan: So, I think it’s a concern across the board, yes.

Mimi: Well, somebody that has kids, I would think that that would be, that would be something that would definitely make a difference.

Alan: Yeah, well, that’s a valid concern. I know the Human Touch chairs, some of them have a thing in the back, like a little sensor in the back, that if there’s a child or an animal that’s sitting on the back of the base, the chair will not recline or incline, and won’t move until that critter is, or that child, is gone …

Mimi: Yeah.

Alan: But it’s kind of hard to do that all around the chair, I get that, especially with the ottoman, where you’re coming up maybe from a reclined position, and you can’t see what’s going on underneath your feet, until you’re upright …

Mimi: Yeah.

Alan: And then it may be too late, so yeah, I get what you’re saying.

Mimi: So, what, what will happen, if there’s something under me, what happens?

Alan: Well, you’ll probably hear a bark. That’s the best I can tell you, there’s, there really is no, there’s no safety feature, the one thing I would maybe recommend you do, is if you’re worried about a dog being under there, lift your feet up off of the ottoman, because the ottoman itself is, even though it’s still pretty heavy, it is mobile. I mean, it’s loose, you can raise or lower it, by hand, even when the chair is on – just a minute – are you there?

Mimi: I’m here, can you hear me?

Alan: Yeah, it looks like we lost you there for a minute.

Mimi: Yeah.

Alan: Let me just check to make sure that everything – yeah, it looks like everything’s still up – but anyway, the chair, the ottoman’s heavy, but with your legs in it, it’ll make it even heavier. So, maybe when you restore the chair to the upright position, lift your legs up out of the ottoman, that would probably be the best thing I could suggest.

Mimi: OK, alright.

Alan: Now, have you had any customer support needs since you got the chair? Oh, you know what, something’s not recording here, just a minute, can you see me, no?

Mimi: All I can see is your still picture.

Alan: Oh, well, darn it. Let’s see, let me see, darn the luck, something’s amiss here.

Mimi: Do you, we need to start the call over? Or …

Alan: Well, no, I think we’ll be OK, I just, we’ll just have to go with the still photos, I guess, but I can see that my webcam’s not on, but let me, we just have a few more questions, and we’ll just do it with the still photo.

Mimi: OK.

Alan: Did you have any customer support issues, or any issues that you had to call Infinite Therapeutics about, for repairs, or anything like that?

Mimi: There was one issue that I had, and I sent you an email, and asked you about it, and you gave me the number to Infinity, but I think that you actually answered my question, and I went back and looked at it. Something had come loose, and it was malfunctioning, and I, you know, you had said check the cords, make sure everything’s plugged in, and I did …

Alan: Yeah.

Mimi: And that was the issue, and …

Alan: Yeah, it’s usually an airbag on the 8500, it’s an air hose that is not connected right, so that’s probably what it was.

Mimi: Yes, something had just popped loose, and it, I mean, it was, it quickly fixed it, and …

Alan: Good.

Mimi: I was put at ease. That was one of the things that I really liked was every, every time I had a question, when I was making my purchase, you answered my question quickly, and you were specific in your answers, it wasn’t just a general, I felt like I was, I felt like I was getting customer service like I was the only person that you were selling a chair to.

Alan: Oh, well, thank you. I’m grateful to hear that, and we try, that’s our effort is to make you feel like – we want you to feel safe when you’re making the decision, because this is a big decision to spend this kind of money on a chair that you’ve never seen, or tried out, and we try to instill some confidence in you, so that you don’t have to – I mean, you’re anxious already, that’s why you’re getting this chair …

Mimi: Right.

Alan: You’re trying to get rid of this muscle tension, we don’t want to add to it with the fear of who you’re dealing with, so thank you for mentioning that, I appreciate it. Now …

Mimi: Sure, and you know, one of the other things that I liked was the white glove service, having them, you know, that option, I think everybody should just automatically do that, have them set the chair up for you. You don’t have to fiddle around with reading instructions, and I mean, it’s just, they set it up, I got in the chair, and I probably didn’t get out for three hours.

Alan: Mm, wow that is awesome. Well, we’ve had mixed reviews about white glove service, so I am grateful that it worked, that it was a good, positive experience for you, that is great.

Mimi: Yeah, it was really great.

Alan: Now, were there any other health benefits that surprised you from using the chair, like you got it for the anxiety, and the muscle tension, and the stress, but were there any thing, was there anything for you, or your husband, or anybody in your family, that it kind of surprised you ‘Oh wow, this is different since we’ve been using the chair?’

Mimi: Um …

Alan: Like sleeping better, or standing taller, or anything, that you may have noticed that has maybe surprised you a bit?

Alan: Sleeping better, definitely, I mean, that’s been nice. You know, what I like to do is, a couple nights a week, sit in the chair, and relax, and then, and I’ll usually fall asleep in the chair, and then, when it, you know, the program is over, I stumble to bed, and that’s kind of a nice, you know, getting massaged to sleep, I mean …

Alan: Right. Right.

Mimi: Other than going to a tropical island somewhere, I mean, it’s not often that you can get massaged to sleep …

Alan: Well, good.

Mimi: But yeah, I’ve enjoyed that, and the foot massage is very nice, and the leg massage, at first, I was apprehensive about that, but it is very nice, because it was good for my …

Alan: Did you find – well, I’m sorry to interrupt you, I was going to ask you – did you find that the foot rollers helped your plantar fasciitis at all, or is it, has it been a non-, it’s not helped at all, or what would your feedback be on that?

Mimi: I’m sure it’s helped. Time, a lot of times will help, but the massage for, you know, kind of relaxing your feet, and your calves …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Mimi: Is pretty big for a plantar fasciitis issue, and I like how the airbags will massage my calves too, and help loosen that up, so I think it’s helped …

Alan: OK.

Mimi: I definitely can walk better, in the past year, than I have.

Alan: OK, well, that’s good to know, a lot of people have plantar fasciitis, and they call me about it, and for the most part, we think the rollers help it, but for some, it might irritate it a bit, and of course, you can always shut that off on the chair, but I was curious to know if it had helped you at all.

Mimi: It doesn’t irritate it at all, no, I like to have a foot massage, and you know, it’s important for plantar fasciitis people to stretch, and to relieve the tension on your feet, because that’s a big – that’s what the problem is with plantar fasciitis – is the tight muscles, or ligaments, or whatever, but it helps tremendously.

Alan: Wow, well, that is good to know. Well, thank you, is there anything else that you’d like to share on this interview before we, before we wrap it up?

Mimi: Oh, on the foot massage?

Alan: Mm-hmm?

Mimi: How the airbags come on top of your feet?

Alan: Yeah?

Mimi: And that is, that’s awesome, I never really realized how sore the tops of my feet got …

Alan: Oh …

Mimi: And so, I really enjoy that, for sure.

Alan: Like that too. Well, and you combine that with the rollers underneath, and you kind of get that double whammy on the feet, it really does feel good, it’s a nice feel, but that’s nice to know. We don’t hear a lot about people liking the way the, you know, what, how the airbags feel on the top of the feet, we think of it more in conjunction with the rollers, but to hear you say that it makes the top of the feet feel good, that’s a nice feature, we’d not discussed that before, so good to know.

Mimi: Yeah, and I will definitely, when I get ready to get another chair, I’m not going to wait until, you know, this one wears out, because I don’t know when that would be, but whenever we get in to a new house, and we have a little more room, I’m going to be looking at getting a second chair, and I’m not going to have to shop around, I’m going to go directly to you, and I’m going to take you up on that travel option.

Alan: Well …

Mimi: Make sure you don’t get rid of that.

Alan: Oh, no, we’ll have it, don’t you worry, we’d love to have you, you come on out here, and we’ll take good care of you. We’ll at least make sure that you have time to try out a chair, and you’ll get fed …

Mimi: OK.

Alan: So, those are the two most important things.

Mimi: Yes, they are, it’s like you know me already.

Alan: Well, gee, Mimi, it’s been great visiting with you, thanks so much for taking time. This is awesome, I really appreciate it, and now, it’s been about 20 minutes, so I know you’re a busy woman, so I truly appreciate the time, but thank you very, very much.

Mimi: Well, I appreciate you asking my opinion, and any time you need some help, or suggestions, or research, you know I’m here for you.

Alan: I appreciate it.

Mimi: Sure.

Alan: And the video, we’ll probably have it up on YouTube next week, but you can look out for that, and we really appreciate you being willing to do this, thank you so much.

Mimi: Thanks, Alan.

Alan: Take care, Mimi. See you.

Mimi: You too. Bye.

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