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The Osaki Pro First Class massage chair combines a sleek body design with a jam-packed assortment of features, including calf kneading, foot rollers, zero gravity, negative ion therapy, BlueTooth, quick keys, and, of course a 3D L-track roller mechanism.

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The new Osaki Pro First Class massage chair is yet another high-end product from the folks at Osaki Titan. This 3D L-track model boasts foot rollers, calf airbag kneading, adjustable shoulder airbags, BlueTooth, Quick Keys, negative ion therapy, 2-stage zero gravity, and a beautiful, easy-to-use LCD remote control. The efficient space-saver feature allows you to place your chair only 1.5″ away from your wall and color options are beautiful.


4 reviews for Osaki First Class

  1. Kendall Suh, M.D.

    WARNING! Osaki Titan Massage Chairs are consistently defective (I have had 3 in my home, 2 were replacements of mistakes or defective products!). Not only do these expensive chairs fail, the company does not stand behind their very expensive but defective chairs. I have had an 8 month nightmare experience trying to get fixes for my defective chair. Osaki Titan has sent me wrong parts to replace and has a snarky, unprofessional, nonremorseful, attitude with very poor communication. Without the support of Massage Chair Relief and Dr. Weidner, I would have had no response or attempts at solving this problem. Dr. Weidner stands behind his products and will suggest a company that does the same. Osaki Titan is simply the worst retail company I have had the misfortune of dealing with, and you would be foolish to give them any of your business.

  2. Jora Trang

    This chair is a life-saver! Purchased with an amazing discount and with Dr. Weidner’s personalized service, we were able to easily purchase it – make changes on our purchase when we needed it, and have the chair delivered to our home. It took us about an hour to put it all together – not hard to do with a YouTube video – just being slow and careful – the air hoses took some effort to ensure pushing in – but once we got it all put together – we both took turns falling asleep in it! It looks and feels like a spaceship and you literally feel like you are leaving for outer space. The prior reviews say its “aggressive” but I’d reframe it – to me, I had not had a massage in over a year – especially with the pandemic – so everything was aggressive. After noodling with the functions and playing with everything, I was able to figure out how to lessen and lighten the massage and now, after a week of having the chair, we’ve managed to get it to the write pressure, etc. and its just pure HEAVEN. It makes a HUGE difference everyday, gets our blood circulating…and even helped me with an adjustment issue that I had when I strained my back doing something else a few days after getting the chair. You still should exercise, eat right etc., but this chair is a must for ensuring total body health. I start my every morning and end my every day in it and its indispensable. With the lifetime labor warranty this was a no brainer when I did thorough research on the competition. Here’s hoping for years of health and healing with this chair!

  3. Phillip (verified owner)

    This chair is no joke. If you like strong massages, this is the chair for you. It is very intense, which I like. This is one of the strongest chair I’ve had for calf and neck. Everyone who comes over and tries it never leaves! I like the little smart pad it comes with, very intuitive, pretty easy to get used to. If this had heated legs this would be perfect. I love the auto programs, and the fact you can extend your sessions to 40 minutes. The 2 tier zero gravity is great and really feels zero gravity. Highly recommend this chair if you like strong massages

  4. David (verified owner)

    The chair does a lot of stuff, but beware – it is a very aggressive massage, even on the lowest intensity settings, ESPECIALLY on the feet. The foot massage tended to just be painful for us. We tried this unit out for 30 days and could not handle the intensity. There just was no “feel good” factor, just too harsh for us. It’s actions are a bit like the Osaki Maestro, but the Maestro is a much more friendly, comfortable massage.

    Thanks to Dr. Weidner for working with us on this unit.

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3D L-Track Roller Mechanism

The roller system of the Osaki First Class extends 49″ from the base of your head to the bottom of your seat. The depth of the rollers can be adjusted forward and back 5 levels for a more or less intense massage experience, depending on your tolerance.

Lumbar Heat

The Osaki First Class massage chair provides low back heat to soothe the sore muscles through a lumbar heating element.

Space Saving Feature

Place your new First Class massage chair within 1.5 inches of the wall and, when you recline, there is no way your chair will hit the wall! Your chair will recline and “scoop” under so that it does not come closer to the wall behind it.

Negative Ions

Negative air ionization therapy is the use of air ionizers as an experimental non-pharmaceutical treatment for seasonal effective disorder and mild depression. The First Class has air ionizers built into it.

BlueTooth Music System with High Definition Speakers

Pair up your phone or tablet with the First Class speaker system and you can play all the music from your own playlists over the chair’s high definition speaker system.

24 Airbags

Although rollers are the dominant feature of this new and innovative chair, you still get your fill of airbag therapy: arms, calves, feet, shoulders, and low back.

Body Scan with Auto Leg Scan

The chair will measure your shoulder height and the top of your neck so that the rollers give you the best fit during your massage program. The chair will also automatically measure your leg lengths to make sure you are seated most comfortably for your massage session.

Quick Keys

On the top of your chair’s arm rest are some buttons that allow you to quickly adjust basic functions of the chair without having to go back to the remote control. Very convenient.

USB Charging Port

Built in to the inside of your chair’s arm rest, and next to your quick keys, you will have a USB plug in so that you can charge your phones and devices while enjoying your massage experience.

23 Auto Programs

The Osaki First Class has 23 different auto programs divided into 4 different categories: VIP, HealthCare, Special, and Relaxation. Each category has 5-6 auto programs.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

3 rollers at the bottom of each foot will move back and forth to give you the soothing foot massage you’re body craves all day long. Combine that with the compression of the foot airbags and you have a very comprehensive foot therapy.

Calf Kneading

Airbags on either side of the calf muscles move up and down and forward and back at the same time they inflate which provides a kneading motion and effect on those calf muscles. You can control the calf kneading massage three different ways by going into the manual mode of the very easy-to-use touch screen LCD remote.

Two Step Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is a must-have feature in today’s market. The optimal tilt of the massage chair position will give you spine the greatest chance to decompress and relax. Add roller and airbag massage to that an you have a recipe for an amazing therapeutic experience.

Up to 30′ Massage Sessions

You can have a massage session for either 10, 20, or 30 minutes long.

Adjustable Shoulder Airbags

The shoulder airbag housing can move in or out to accommodate narrower or wider body frames.