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OHCO kicks off it’s new chair line with it’s flagship, OHCO M.8. The first chair with side arm panels that swing open for easy entrance onto the chair. Also, calf & foot rollers, approach lighting, neck pillow rollers, and modified 3D L-track.

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The new OHCO massage chair line takes it’s namesake to a whole new level of innovation and quality. The Japanese-made OHCO M.8 massage chair offers features never before seen in the massage chair industry. Features like entry side door-like arm rests, aromatherapy, air ionizer, neck pillow rollers, approach LED lighting, heated rollers, Sens8 massage engine, Thera-Elliptical calf kneading, and calf rollers. Not to mention the typical feature-set you’d expect to see in a new, high quality massage chair, like 3D L-track roller mechanism (aka MaxTrack), foot rollers, BlueTooth, zero gravity, etc., etc., etc.


4 reviews for OHCO M.8

  1. Guy

    I think this review might be more helpful if I broke it into two parts. The chair and the whole buying experience.
    The chair – arrived sooner that expected which was fine for sure. The communication from MCR, the freight shipper, and the local delivery/set up company was great. We were informed almost daily with each step of the process by each party, with MCR providing oversight communication, from the warehouse to my home. The install was quick and nearly perfect – there were a couple of niggles that I sorted out on my own. I kept the shipping materials ‘just in case’ I need to return the chair. The plan is to hold them for 30 days and then dispose. But after nearly twice daily use by two people the 30 days may get reduced with the chair’s flawless performance. I’m tall, 6’4″ and my wife it 5’6″ and the chair accommodates our height spread without issue. There are several programs in the preprogramed list that suit us well. The adjustability of the rollers and air pressure allow us to set the chair up for our individual preferences. The intensity and effectiveness of the massage works well for us. I have chronic pain in a calf that this chair really helps me deal with it. I have thought that a 20 minute chair massage is like getting 60+ minutes of massage by a person because so may things are happening at the same time certainly more than one person could do alone. That said I’m not sure it’s helpful to describe in detail the user experience because each of us has different needs/expectations for a massage chair – mine won’t match yours. You need to ‘find’ the solution that best fits your needs. And that is where MCR and Dr. Alan shine.
    The buying experience – the internet is an amazing tool to quickly educate yourself on brands, features, specs, pricing, etc etc but at the end of the day it’s one dimensional learning in that I had facts but no practical knowledge. Sort of like being a Flight Simulator pilot verses a real cockpit pilot – knowledge but not enough to really fly. This is where Dr. Alan provides practical insight that helps sort through fit and features. Over the course of several weeks of shopping, asking, answering, asking again, answering again and phone calls we got to a place that we could make an educated decision that had a high probably of working for us. And it has worked. At the end of the day there are a lot of moving pieces to making a good decision about spending hard earned dollars and MCR makes the whole process easier with honest answers, experienced advice and a customer focused approach. The life time labor warranty was a plus for us but honestly I’d have to say the the peace of mind I have regarding this whole experience comes from the trust and confidence that I have in MCR and Dr. Alan’s business integrity. Stuff can happen and if it does I am confident that we can sort it out.

  2. Kim H (verified owner)

    I purchased this chair (It was called Dreamwave and now OHCO) from MCR a few weeks ago. Here is my honest feedback. First, I want to talk about MCR. I highly recommend MCR when purchasing a massage chair online. Dr. Weidner provides outstanding customer service and he really cares about the customers.

    Second, I want to talk about this chair. I?m very disappointed with it.
    The chair provides just an OK massage, definitely not for the $8K or $9K level.
    During the first week of use, the arm opening hinge is broken. It?s too shaky and bad designed. The stretching is nothing compared to other chairs I tried. It can only pull the leg down. No stretching on the back. The chair starts acting up with some random weird stuff after one week.

    The white glove service is another issue. I had to call them and setup the schedule several times for the chair delivery. The first time, I had to stay home the whole day and they did not even show up. But, finally I got the chair installed. So, I?m OK with that.

    In summary, I bought this chair because it is a new release model and Made in Japan. But, it turns out a big disappointment. It?s bad engineering with cheap materials. JAPANESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT THE SAME ANYMORE. I returned the chair.

  3. Mark Thomas (verified owner)

    My wife and I discovered massage chairs while vacationing in Singapore at Changi airport’s SATS Lounge. They had three and when one became available she jumped in and was hooked. Consequently, we began our quest to find the best chair for us and found a video by Dr. Weidner that led us to his very comprehensive website. We were immediately drawn to the new Dreamwave M8 and called Dr. Weidner’s site and were fortunate to speak with him personally. He is extremely knowledgeable in the inter workings of massage chairs and answered all of our questions and gave us the impression that the M8 would not disappoint. We can honestly say that ordering, delivery and assembly was both stress free and simple as we took advantage of the white glove service. Dr. Weidner’s customer service is by far the best we have ever had and gave us complete confidence in our expensive purchase. He kept us advised every step of the way from order to delivery. He even had a check list that included keeping the original boxes in case we needed to return the chair for any reason. He also sent us a surprise “care” package that included two coffee mugs, Utah honey, some of his favorite candy and a surge protector extension. To say that the good Doctor takes excellent care of his customers would be a an understatement as his genuine honesty is not found very often if at all anymore. We are extremely happy with our delivery and our chair and highly recommend Dr. Weidner.

    Now about this amazing machine. First of all it is very heavy and comes in two boxes with one weighing 308 lbs and the other 122 lbs. The delivery service had to remove the chair from its box for better clearance through our front door. The actual chair sans packaging weighs 364 lbs so we plan on not moving it. The controls are fairly easy for initial use but take a bit of time to completely master and then they become intuitive. We start out with correct posture in the chair as this is an important key to the chair learning your body dimensions in order to deliver the best massage. Of course, unlike the other chairs, the doors make it very easy to enter and exit this chair. This feature greatly influenced our chair decision as even though we are still very ambulatory we are both entering our 70’s.

    Once in the chair a simple push of the home key gets things started as it presents both the preprogrammed and focused massages. These are all very good and differ subtly in the overall impact they deliver from mild to somewhat intense. All in all they are great and seem to be very well thought out in delivering their description.

    The most amazing feature of this chair is the way it duplicates and in some aspects exceeds that of a trained masseuse. The feeling you get is not one of hard rollers climbing up and down your spine but instead a variable kneading by rollers that actually feel like fingers. Other features include an occasional gentle tapping and the pressure of the inflating pillows. Combine this with a pair of noise cancelling headphones that via Bluetooth provide healing frequencies (may I suggest a YouTube video called 741 HZ- CLEANSE INFECTIONS, VIRUS, BACTERIA, FUNGAL- DISSOLVE TOXINS & ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION’S) and you get a feeling of what nirvana must be like.

    Suffice to say we do not have one bit of “buyer’s remorse”. We are both using our M8 quite frequently each and every day. Prior to this purchase I was unaware of the benefits of massage having only had a few in my lifetime. We have even mastered the manual controls that adjust and enable very exact specific points of massage. This is great for those times of back muscle overuse doing yard work or just leaning over a jigsaw board too long. I have been told by a masseuse in Bali that massage helps combat lactic acid build up in our muscles which prevents soreness. I can attest to that having used our Dreamwave M8 both before and after stacking 2 cords of firewood.

    In conclusion, we could not be happier with our chair and the sales experience we received from Dr. Weidner and are very grateful we found him for our purchase.

  4. Tana Thomas (verified owner)

    We saw Dr. Weidner review this chair on a video and decided to call his store and was lucky enough to reach him personally. We told him we were interested and had many questions which he happily gave us all the answers we needed to make an objective decision. After careful consideration and with all the help Alan provided we decided to purchase the DreamWave. he even included the white glove delivery with set up which we think was essential and was handled very professionally. After two weeks of getting to know our new “wellness machine” , my husband and I both agree it is going to turn out to be one of the best purchases we have ever made, It is very user friendly and all the programs are wonderful and very enjoyable. It is extremely well made and we love having the door to open to get in it. It is simply an amazing piece of technology and very beautiful design. We picked the pearl color and love it. We highly recommend this chair for all the comfort and well being it provides.

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Swinging Side Door Arm Rests

With the push of a button, each arm rest of the OHCO M.8 swings open to allow you to get into the chair like getting into a car. For folks who are elderly or in a lot of pain, getting into a massage chair can be a major hassle. The swinging open arm rest makes getting into a massage chair a breeze.

Conscious Approach LED Lighting

If your room is a little dark and you get close to your massage chair, LED lights on the side of the arm rests light up to warn you of it’s close proximity. Great idea!

Thera-Elliptical Calf Kneading

Air cells inflate around your calves and then begin kneading your tired and sore calf muscles. It feels heavenly if you’ve never experienced this before. Great therapeutic addition to the OHCO M.8 full body massage.

Mechanical Calf Rollers

Speaking of the calves, the OHCO M.8 massage chair comes with mechanical calf rollers, an increasingly popular feature in new massage chairs. Accompanied with the Thera-Elliptical Calf Kneading, these calf rollers will give you something to look forward to every day!


There is a discreet slot in the headrest into which you can place a few drops of your favorite essential oil to elicit whatever physiological response you seek. A subtle, but wonderful addition to the therapeutic experience of a massage chair.

Air Ionizer

Also located in the headrest is an air ionizer, which cleans the air around your head of dust, dander, spores, and other pollutants.

3D MaxTrack Roller Mechanism

The roller track of the OHCO M.8 massage chair extends from the top of your neck to the bottom of your seat, plus you can adjust the depth of the rollers for a more or less intense massage experience. If you’ve never sat on a massage chair with butt roller massage before, you are in for a treat! The MaxTrack is a modified L-track roller system that massages the buttock muscles as well as allowing for a more horizontal recline which facilitates a better stretch program than most true L-track chairs.

Sens8 Massage Engine

At the core of the M-Series lies the technology to transform your entire state of being. Our proprietary Sens8 engine is designed to deliver an intuitive and lifelike massage. In addition to basic movements—tapping, kneading, rolling—the Sens8 4D engine uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hands of a massage therapist. It precisely manages a wide range of massage speeds from fast to ultra slow movements. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of motor speeds add variation to movements and patterns; deepening the human qualities of the OHCO M.8.

BlueTooth Connectivity

Pair your device to the OHCO M.8 massage chair so you can listen to your own playlist over the stereo speakers.

Neck Pillow Rollers

The OHCO M.8 has rollers in the neck pillow that allow you to get a neck massage while still using a pillow to prop your head up. The biggest drawback of neck pillows used for elevating your head for comfort is that you can’t feel the rollers when they come up to the neck. Neck pillow rollers solve that problem.

Designed by Ken Okuyama

The look and feel of the M.8 has been created by a famous Ferrari designer, Ken Okuyama. It is a very handsome chair with beautiful lines. You will fall in love with it even before you sit in it.

Beautiful Color Options

You will absolutely love the color options of the OHCO M.8 massage chair: Bordeaux, Saddle brown, Midnight black, Walnut brown, and Pearl. Just gorgeous color choices to fit in any decor!

3 Year Parts & Labor In-Home Warranty

Should anything ever go wrong with your new chair, you have a 3 year Parts & Labor warranty from OHCO along with fantastic customer support (and, of course, Lifetime Labor Coverage from Massage Chair Relief for as long as you own your new chair)

Heat Technology

The OHCO M.8 has infrared heating elements located directly on the rollers that provide specific warmth along the length of the entire roller track, including the neck rollers built into the headpiece. The M.8 also has a heat feature located in the feet, hands, and seat.

Of course, the OHCO M.8 massage chair feature-set includes most of what you have come to expect from a new massage chair. Here is a brief list of additional features:

  • Space Saving Recline
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers
  • Zero Gravity
  • Heat Technology
  • Stretch Program
  • 14 Auto Programs
  • Shoulder Airbags
  • Quad (4) Rollers
  • Body Scanning Technology