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The Infinity Smart x3 massage chair is one our most popular selling S-track massage chairs. The strength of the neck massage along with the best stretch in the business makes this chair a great buy! 3D rollers, easy to use remote, and a swing seat, too.

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Infinite Therapeutics has introduced the Smart X3 massage chair, which takes the amazing feature-set of the very popular IT-8500 and adds in 3D roller technology with a whole new set of auto programs, an auto-extend neck feature, new Bluetooth technology, chromotherapy, AND a newer, sleaker remote control! You still get the awesome stretch program, mechanical foot rollers, beautiful body fit, spinal correction feature, full shoulder airbag massage, 2 zero gravity positions, and intersound technology that have made the Smart x3 massage chair one of our top selling Chinese-made massage chair.


10 reviews for Infinity Smart Chair X3

  1. Bonnie

    I am not able to offer a large comparison here because I only have ever had this one chair, but I will share my opinions about the shopping experience with Massage Chair Relief and of the chair itself.

    I originally wanted to purchase the Inada Dreamwave due to having used it at a Day Spa before and really liking it. It had over 100 air bags and an L track with stretch function. When I found out it was discontinued permanently by the manufacturer, I was disappointed to say the least, but finally came to find this chair instead. The biggest feature that attracted me was the L track with the stretch/Extend function. Ultimately I am happy with my purchase and don’t think I could find a better chair or more helpful company than I did here. My back feels better each time I use it and I got the stretch that I wanted. All four people in my family have used it every single day since we got it.

    Pros: The chair delivers a invigorating stretch/extend that is almost like traction to stretch your back and relieve compression of your vertebra. The rollers are great at delivering a thorough deep kneading massage. There is also tapping, knocking, kneading + tapping, and shiatsu types of movement for the rollers. The largest person in our house is 6ft tall and fits well in the chair. The airbags are adequate (even if not 100 of them), the lumbar heat is comfy, foot rollers are therapeutic, zero gravity assists the rollers work on the back and lifts the feet up to improve blood flow, and the sway function adds to the overall experience. It was relatively easy to set up for DIY’ers like my husband and I. I highly recommend having two people available to do the set up if possible. It took us less than 2 hours after we got it into the house. Be sure to have carpet or a rug underneath it and use a surge protector. The controller is easy enough to learn but has some limitations.

    Cons: The preset programs are nice but, you can’t save custom/manual programs. In manual mode, you can only select one airbag region at a time to work (the preset modes rotate between all the regions). Similarly you can only select one roller movement at a time and have to manually change it every few minutes (the presets rotate between all the movements). The head rest with airbags keeps slipping off when the chair leans back far enough. Only the leg and foot airbags are a little more aggressive than anyone in my family is comfortable with. Even on the lowest airbag setting, it is still painful to a degree. The rollers for the back may also be slightly more aggressive, but due to an excellent suggestion, I just use a blanket over the chair to attenuate the rollers and it is a perfect level of kneading for me. When the chair is connected to bluetooth or the smart phone app, the corded controller no longer works, you must use your phone. The airbags in the arm rest are very difficult for a tall person to wiggle into, and once you’re in, it makes it very difficult to use the remote to adjust any settings mid-massage.

    Shopping experience was excellence bar none. I got to speak to Dr. Weidner personally on the phone to help me make my choice. He was very knowledgeable and honest about what chair he thought would meet my needs. He was honest about the most common pros and cons for various chairs that I was considering. He was immediately responsive and prompt and thorough with follow up communication. I sleep better at night knowing that he stands behind every chair he sells and offers a lifetime labor warranty in addition to the extended manufacturer’s warranty I purchased. I appreciate all the effort that goes into his client education; with videos and pamphlets and online information available to help you decide. Some how he manages to offer all this while still charging the same price or less as all of his competitors.

    I can’t tell you if this is the right chair for you, but I highly recommend it’s stretch function and kneading massage! Whichever chair you choose to buy, you should buy it from Massage Chair Relief to get an honest deal. We all enjoy our chair everyday! Thank you and happy hunting.

  2. Chris Siebert

    Dr. Weidner is amazing at helping you find the right chair! He spent hours with me in helping to test each chair for the right fit. I needed a chair that would be great for my back and feet. He did not try to up sell me on a bigger or more expensive chair. He listened and did an excellent job of helping me to feel comfortable. After ordering my chair, he kept in touch with me to let me know when the chair would arrive. He sent two of his employees over to set up the chair. They were professional and set up the chair where we wanted. They made sure it worked and that my wife and I were satisfied. We have enjoyed our chair very much!! We would give them a 5 star rating for purchasing, set up and delivery, customer service and overall satisfaction! We would recommend Massage Chair Relief to anyone!

  3. Riza Deleon (verified owner)

    Michael Nguyen at the Cerritos store made my massage chair purchase decision smooth. I came in and told him I have a lot of tension on my shoulders and migraines. He introduced me and my husband to the Infinity Smart Chair X3 Massage Chair. I sat in the chair for about 10 minutes and was already feeling the relief. I sat in 5 other chairs and sat back down on the Infinity Smart Chair X3 Massage Chair and purchased it. My experience from the purchase to the delivery process was very pleasant. The president Dr. Alan Weidner also played a big part in the delivery process. He kept in touch with me and gave me instructions on what needed to be done during delivery. Even after the chair was delivered, he made sure I was enjoying my chair. Down to the fun part. I use my chair daily and no longer have shoulder, upper back, lower back tension. My migraines have been manageable. This purchase was worth the money and I would never return it. Thank you Massage Chair Relief staff. You guys are amazing.

  4. Gregory Taylor (verified owner)

    I would like to apologize for calling on Christmas Day, never thought a real person would answer the phone,

    However you did and you were very cordial with me explaining the different type of chairs and their functionality. Without going deeply in our conversation you suggested that I go see Michael at the Cerritos.

    Once at the store I told Michael that I played golf a lot and was seeing a chiropractor weekly to help relieve my lower back pain, however the relieve would last for a couple days only.

    My jouney began with Michael explaining everything about massage chairs and what they can do for me.

    So he had me try different chairs explaining the different between S,L and SL . Different price ranges and

    What features came with each one. So my budget between 3000 and 4000 dollars, so after trying the chairs in my budget range and several others,I kept going back to the Infinity smart chair x3. Micheal ran through the programs for me, then it happened, the stretch and waist&spine massage was outstanding!

    I came in the store bent over walking with some pain,but after the stretch and waist &spine, I was standing up tall and walking with no pain, unbelievably true!

    Purchased the smart x3 chair even though it was over budget, This investment I owe to my self!

    Before I brought this chair I was online looking at different companies and their prices and I asked my this question, why one cost $800.00 and another cost Thousands more. Didn’t know where to look until I notice one that was not charging for delivery and setup and that was MCR and Dr Weidner and Micheal.

    Called and the rest is history.

    I’ve used the chair for three weeks now and loving everyday of use, once in the morning and then in the evening. Exploring other programs and combinations, just great.

    Thanks to you for educating me about massage chairs.

    The service was the best in every way.

    P S looking for a massage chair and co.
    Massage Chair Relief,
    Try before you buy.

  5. Burt Tokuhara (verified owner)

    Several months ago I was shown a ‘high end’ massage chair that my aunt had purchased. I had no idea that this kind of sophistication existed in the massage chair world, but after experiencing what a ‘high end’ massage chair could do, I decided that I wanted to buy one as well. Because it is an expensive item I wanted to be sure that I was buying the best one to suit my needs. I went on the Internet to start my research. What I discovered was that every chair looked good and every description of each chair sounded great! However, buying a massage chair is like buying a new car because I had to ‘experience’ it before I could make such a big decision.

    In my research I looked for a place where I could see and compare various massage chair manufacturer’s products. Massage Chair Relief in Cerritos was that place. I called and talked to Michael, the store manager, and after chatting with him, I was convinced that I needed to make the trip to the showroom and ‘experience’ all the different chairs to find out the strengths and characteristics of each brand and model.It was the best decision I could have made because, as when buying a car, certain details of a product appeal to each buyer differently. Design of the roller mechanism, firmness of the massage, variety of auto programs, ability to program and alter the automatic programs, recline to zero gravity or full horizontal, heater, headrest speakers, not to mention things like materials, fabrics, colors, appearance, all come together to totally confuse the buyer UNTIL he/she ‘experiences’ the product, in essence, ‘takes it for a test drive’.

    Michael, the store manager, who was super-knowledgable, patiently helped my wife and I work through all these details with all the different chairs in the showroom. It was an enlightening education which took over 3 hours of his personalized attention. And yet, there was NO PRESSURE for us to make a decision that day. In fact, with our new knowledge and understanding he encouraged us to go home and do more research and then to return, if needed, to ask more questions and ‘experience’ the chairs again! Needless to say, we were impressed!

    For the next couple months, I continued my research on the Internet using Google and YouTube and discovered many videos by Dr. Alan Weidner, the owner and founder of Massage Chair Relief. He has a great website at These videos were very informative and helped reinforce my ideas of what I wanted and expected out of the massage chair that I would eventually purchase. When I learned that Dr. Weidner was a chiropractor, I felt extra comfort knowing that he would know a ‘thing or two’ about the health benefits of a great massage chair and his endorsement of the product was a critical part of the equation.

    Choosing the massage chair itself was a hard decision, but a much easier decision was buying my Infinity IT8500 X3 from Massage Chair Relief. Included in the purchase price was the ‘white glove’ delivery and set up of the chair in my home. These chairs come from the manufacturer in three or more large boxes weighing over 300 pounds in total. They cannot be pre-assembled and then moved into just any room in your home/office because they cannot fit through a standard doorway when fully assembled. Think about this, every time you decide to move the location of the chair, it must be disassembled and re-assembled. Guess what??? As part of the deal when you buy from MCR, they offer FREE lifetime moving service of the chair. If I move my residence or just decide I want to move the chair from the living room to the master bedroom, they will come and do it, for free!

    Additionally, MCR offers free lifetime labor if my massage chair should ever fail or break after the manufacturer’s factory warranty period. I will have to pay for the part, but they will come to my home/office to install the part for FREE! In all my research of ALL other retailers selling massage chairs, not one of them could come close to this kind of service.

    And boy, was I happy I purchased through MCR when, on delivery day, the foot/ottoman portion of my massage chair, right out of the box, had a bent bracket that attached it to the frame of the base of the chair. Dominic, MCR’s ‘white glove’ guy, immediately took a few pictures of the damage, called the manufacturer, sent the pictures to confirm the damage and a new ottoman was shipped to me that day! Once the manufacturer confirmed that they would ship a new ottoman, Dominic enforced his ‘will’ on the bent bracket with a hammer and managed to pound it into working order. This took time and extra effort, but he knew I had been anxiously waiting for delivery of my chair and would have been so disappointed if I couldn’t use it that day. Not only did he get it to work on that initial delivery day, he came back a week later to install the new ottoman that had been shipped to my home.

    Besides the constant email communication from the day I ordered the chair to the day it was delivered, I have received service above and beyond my highest expectations and that is why I can say with complete conviction and confidence, if you are going to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end massage chair, buy it from Massage Chair Relief to make sure you receive the high-end SERVICE that is on par with the high-end purchase price!

    B. Tokuhara

    PS: I’ve had my chair almost a month now and everyone that has sat in it and experienced it has LOVED it!

    Is a high-end massage chair expensive? Yes it is, but it is a TREMENDOUS VALUE considering you can use it in the comfort of your home/office, anytime, multiple times in a day, at your convenience, for years to come!

  6. Tom Lilienthal (verified owner)

    I purchased a massage chair about twenty-five years ago that I used on a regular basis for approximately five years so I had been without one for close to twenty years. It was always in the back of my mind to get one with the latest technology but price usually didn’t support that option for me.

    A little over a month ago, my wife sent me to Costco to buy some groceries. When I walked into the store, I immediately saw the Infinity massage chair ‘road show’ display. I took a ‘ride’ on the IT 8500 X3 and then followed up with riding a more expensive top of the line chair.

    Because I have been battling with sciatica and have some lower back issues, I found that I much preferred the IT 8500 X3. While in the Extension mode, it (in a very good way) cracked my back very similarly to the way my chiropractor does it. Later that night, I went online and did several hours of research on the chair and found out that this is the only chair on the market that has that particular function. I was also quite taken by all of the preset automatic programs as well as its manual mode where one can dial in exactly what they want to have worked on and how it will be administered.

    During my online research I came across some videos from On the website, they offered to match pricing. The following day, Sunday, I called the number listed on the website and my call was picked up by the owner, Dr. Alan Weidner, who was on in Europe for a wedding! He very patiently answered all of my questions with no pressure given, including agreeing to match the much discounted pricing I had been given earlier when I first saw the chair. He also told me that their policy is, along with the usual warranty, to offer free labor on any work done on the chair for as long as I own it. I believe that this is the only company that offers that in the industry.

    After more hours of research, I contacted him back and ordered the chair. As promised, he stayed in contact with me throughout the ordering, tracking and delivery process offering top notch customer service at every step along the way. He also suggested that I get the white glove delivery to ease the process (they unpack the boxes, bring the parts into your home, assemble the chair and then test it and will discard the boxing if you so desire. It was a service that was well worth the price.

    We’ve had the chair now for a few weeks and some miraculous things have happened as a result. My sciatica of over two years is all but gone, my lower back is about eighty percent improved and a swelling, numb feeling I’ve had on the ball of my left foot (from walking in shoes that weren’t tight enough) has gone down and the foot is now back to normal.

    My wife recently did two of the automatic programs back to back and then went to try to take a nap. She has never been able to nap in the afternoon. That afternoon, she had a great relaxing and rejuvenating nap!

    Even though these chairs may seem pricey, I believe that our good health is one of the most important parts of living a quality lifestyle. Also, given periodic professional massages and visits to the chiropractor, this chair will more than pay for itself.

    I have spent my adult live looking for businesses that offer superb customer service to continue doing business with. Unfortunately, as time progresses, these businesses are becoming harder and harder to find. Dr Alan Weidner and his company, massage-chair-relief has now been added to my list of these exemplary businesses.

    The chair, Dr. Alan Weidner and massage-chair-relief have my highest recommendation.

  7. Norman K Molletti (verified owner)

    This review is for my purchase made over a year ago. I will keep it simple by listing my thoughts.
    Michael at the Cerritos store was great. I got the best customer treatment that you could ask for. He answered all my questions and never pressured me. I think I was a real pain with multiple visits, phone call, etc. and He gave me 100% every time.
    My IT8500X3 has been used every day by me and the wife. All our Family loves it. I have had no trouble with it and it is still working great. There are some noises developing like it is getting loose or worn somewhere. I plan on calling Infinity to see what they say. I wish the remote buttons were back lit.
    I went back to the store considering taking advantage of their 90 day return policy after owning the IT8500X3 chair for a couple of months. I explained to Michael my thoughts and at no time did he try and talk me into keeping my purchase. My impression was he just wanted to see me happy and offered advice on my issues. I decided to keep the IT8500X3 instead of upgrading to the Luraco high end model.
    During that Cerritos Store visit I briefly met Dr. Weidner who was passing through his store headed to San Diego for a short vacation. I found him very nice and willing to help. He was very apologetic about wearing shorts since he was on vacation and headed out the door to continue his trip.
    Bottom line for me : great massage chair and a great Company to do business with.

  8. Jack Ford (verified owner)

    I made the wise decision to buy my new chair from Dr Weidner due to his eagerness to share his knowledge both online and by phone, plus the free return policy, low price match and lifetime labor guarantee. My first purchase was the Luraco i7 Plus which did not perform as we expected, so I also have personal experience with the MCR return process which was hassle free as advertised, btw Dave in logistics was just as pleasant to work with as Dr. Weidner. More research and a long conversation with Michael from the Cerritos store about what features I wanted led to the purchase of the Infinity Smart Chair 3D, and I love it, it’s a much better designed chair than the Luraco. This chair is excellent for people who want a serious massage and can easily be adjusted for those that want a little less pressure, my wife also commented that she likes the look of the Infinity better than the Luraco. The remote is user friendly but not backlit which is a flaw on a machine that includes chromotherapy lighting In my opinion, how that made it through the design process is puzzling to me. Before I purchased I made a phone call directly to Infinity to ask a question, they picked up the phone on the first ring and were very friendly and helpful as well, which is reassuring that they’ll be around if needed. In closing, the Smart Chair 3D is an awesome chair and EVERYONE I had the pleasure to deal with during these transactions provided top shelf customer service. Thank you Dr. Weidner for everything!

  9. Jamie Huskey (verified owner)

    We had been looking online at massage chairs for over a month – mainly to help with the pain and stiffness my husband has experienced in his back for years. We really wanted to see them and try them in person before making the investment, but living in a rural community in SW Colorado we would have to travel quite some distance to do so.

    After many hours of looking at chair reviews as well as customer reviews, we decided to travel the 5 1/2 hours to the Salt Lake City, Utah area and meet with Dr. Alan Weidner. We were able to try several chairs and thank goodness we did. The one that fit and worked best for Darrel was not the one we would have ordered online. Our experience in the store with Dr. Weidner was awesome. We never felt pressured and we did not purchase a chair while we were there. We came home, reviewed the notes from Dr. Weidner (he made notes on each chair we tried-what we liked and didn’t like about each one), looked online and read more reviews on the Infinity Smart Chair X3, which was the one Darrel loved and felt would help him most with his back issues and then called Dr. Weidner and made the purchase.

    We have had the chair about two weeks and the difference in Darrel’s mobility is amazing. He is using the chair in the morning and again in the evening. He is getting around so much better and the constant back pain he was experiencing is so much better. I am excited to see him moving around better and standing up straighter. I don’t have back issues but I sure enjoy the massage after a long day at a desk in front of a computer. My adult children and grandchildren are using it any chance they get. I have a grandson who at age 10 has juvenile arthritis and he has felt benefits of using the chair as well. That in itself makes the chair 100 times worth more than what it cost.

    I don/t feel like customers get to experience good old fashion customer service with so much shopping online or in big department stores. That is not the case with Massage Chair Relief and Dr Weidner. He made us feel like we were VIP customers from the time we first spoke to him on the phone. He continues to follow up with emails, letting us know we can reach out to him at any time if we need to. And he has the best warranty we could find. I can’t say enough about his above and beyond customer service.

    If you are looking for a massage chair, please reach out to Dr. Weidner. I am sure you will be happy you did. If you want to contact me regarding our experience, please do.

    Thank You-Darrel and Jamie Huskey

  10. Tim (verified owner)

    The Smart Chair X3 is almost identical to the IT-8500 X3. All the items mentioned in the following review should also apply to the Smart Chair X3.

    (Rated 5 stars because it is the best value deep-tissue massage chair on the market.)

    In my unique scenario, chiropractic adjustments are necessary to reduce pain and restore flexibility. However, the positive benefits only last about 2 days. By the next visit, I have been living in excruciating pain for quite some time.

    My goals were to purchase a reliable and durable ‘deep-tissue’ massage chair that (a) effectively relieves upper back / shoulder pain and (b) decompresses the spine. A secondary goal was affordability. A tertiary goal was to get a chair that is flexible enough so family members with different needs would use it. The final goal was to get a chair that is aesthetically pleasing so I would want to keep it for the next 15 years.

    My research started with the HumanTouch WholeBody 7.1 / Zero G 5.0, then moved to the Kahuna 6800S, Synca Kagra, and Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus.

    Some online research findings:
    Human Touch – Poor synthetic leather durability on the cheaper chairs. Some customers report poor repair/maintenance service.
    Kahuna – Endorsed by many celebrities. However, ‘FDA Approved Medical Device’ is considered a false advertising ploy.
    Synca Kagra – Has a lat massage feature but there is no foot roller. The more expensive JP1100 has received negative reviews about their foot roller.
    iRobotics 7 Plus – Fantastic but prohibitively expensive. And no, I don’t like wood paneling.
    Inada – Insanely expensive.

    During the process of learning about single/double/quad rollers, air bags, S-tracks vs. L-tracks, etc. I found massage-chair-relief through a you-tube video about Synca chairs. Here is something unique. In contrast to a particular you-tuber that recites the same glowing script for every chair he reviews, Dr. Alan Weidner is genuinely interested in educating potential customers about the whole massage chair industry. That is a hefty task to shoulder. He understands people will appreciate the trustworthy knowledge he freely offers and then consider purchasing from him. It is a good business model made excellent by several things:
    1. Price matching
    2. Generous return policy
    3. Travel expense offset if you are out-of-state, visit a massage-chair-relief showroom, and purchase from him
    4. Free labor for the life of the chair
    5. Acts as customer advocate in case there are issues with the manufacturer

    OK OK, you get it. This is a good retailer to purchase from. But why the Infinity IT-8500 X3?

    The IT-8500 X3 has an ‘extend’ auto program that leans the chair back into zero-gravity position, pins the shoulders back, pins the feet, and pulls, decompressing the spine. I tried it at a Costco demo. Honestly, it was scary the 1st time. It was scary the 2nd time and the 10th. Then I got comfortable with it. As another reviewer already mentioned, if you are stiff all over after a long sedentary work day, the ‘extend’ auto program will get you out of that funk!

    I also demoed the DreamWave M.8 at a healthyback store. It is superior in some ways and inferior in others. I’ll detail those items here.

    The M.8 has a traditional cervical spine traction technique of grabbing the head and pulling. It is effective at relaxing the neck. By contrast, the IT-8500 X3 rolls the neck and shoulders back in progressive stages. It is also effective, just not quite as immediately relaxing as a real head grab and pull. You can improve the cervical stretch of these rolling movements using gravity assist. Lean the chair back into a zero-gravity, reclining position while you are running the neck & shoulders auto program.

    The M.8 has 2 rows of 3 paddle ‘air cells’ for each arm, one row above and the other row below. These airbags twist against the arm and hand. I found it amazing. It is really relaxing. By contrast, the IT-8500 X3 has two airbags on top of the arm and one underneath that inflate and squeeze. There are reflexology bumps that stimulate nerve endings. It is pleasant and ‘tingly’. Yet I really wish the IT-8500 X3 had paddle ‘air cells’ like the M.8.

    M.8 negatives:

    The M.8 has short and precise roller movements, as if the chair were designed for a small, fragile person. The IT-8500 X3 has powerful, sweeping movements that can really dig in.

    With the exception of the cervical traction, the stretch aspects of the M.8 seemed to press my body down and inward. Whereas the IT-8500 X3 pulls my body outward.

    Perhaps it is adjustable, but I did not experience a strong calf roller massage on the M.8. The IT-8500 X3 doesn’t have a calf roller but it has 3 airbags that inflate in succession. (You can also adjust the airbag intensity in manual mode.)

    So the IT-8500 X3 meets the decompression goal that I was looking for. What about upper back / shoulder relief? There are 3 shoulder programs (deep shiatsu, breathing, and massage extend) that are a fixed 5 minutes. Why a fixed 5 minutes? I don’t know. I wish the time were adjustable. Regardless, those 3 programs pin the shoulders back and roll the back. There is also an auto neck & shoulders program that is time adjustable. (I compared it to M.8’s cervical traction – see previous paragraph.) And finally, I use the manual part ‘partial’ setting to target a vertical zone on the shoulders, max out the roller intensity to 5 inches, max out the full air bag intensity to 5, increase speed to 6, and turn on heat, all while in zero-gravity position. It is intense!

    Other noteworthy items:

    The IT-8500 X3 foot massager has 3 rollers with reflexology bumps. You’ll get a pleasant surprise when the airbags push your feet left/right over the rollers.

    You’ll get another pleasant surprise when the chair completes a massage. As it returns to the upright position, the rollers move towards the top of the S-track. Final resting place of the rollers is to cradle your head. This is a thoughtful, professional feature. It put a smile on my face more than once.

    There is a manual ‘music’ program that synchronizes the massage with whatever music you are Bluetooth streaming. With the exception of rock music because it often has a steady beat, the music program provides a semi-auto/semi-manual dynamically variable massage.

    There are 9 auto programs and 6 manual massage techniques.

    There is an Iphone/Android app so you don’t have to use the corded remote. The app is designed better than the remote.

    The roller is composed of two dual rollers that act like a quad roller but have the flexibility to rotate/move independently. (Note: their vertical and ‘intensity’ positions always stay in sync with each other.)

    The IT-8500 X3 can encourage chiropractic-like adjustments. During a massage, tension mounts in my neck, prompting me to to relieve it by twisting my head to the side. When I do that, my cervical spine ‘cracks’. This happens multiple times during a massage until all tension is gone.

    If you want the benefit of an L-track chair in this S-track chair, recline to a zero-gravity position and slide a few inches back. You’ll find the rollers massage your butt.

    Be mentally prepared. This is a therapeutic, deep-tissue massage chair. It digs. I was sore for several weeks. I also noticed a lot of brain stimulation during those weeks. You will experience many ohs and awes, even after a month of acclimation.

    You should know that shipping weight was recorded at 382 lbs. Don’t let that frighten you. Tip your delivery person well and they may help you move it. The chair is rock solid. If you have wood floors, make sure to use carpet under the chair at all times to prevent damage to your floor.

    Negatives not already mentioned:

    As a best value chair, there are trade-offs that supposedly keep costs down. The biggest is that even some cheaper chairs allow you to continuously adjust the width of the rollers and the height placement using up/down, out/in buttons. With the IT-8500 X3 you get 3 discrete width settings. To adjust the rollers vertically you have to wait for it to come around and then hit stop. It is really a design oversight. Infinity makes up for the discrete width settings with the ‘kneading’ technique that performs a figure 8. Moving diagonally, it hits spots the 3 width settings can’t reach. Unfortunately there is no workaround for the vertical positioning issue.

    The other negative is in the spine & back auto program. The head pillow left/right air bag movement is not that powerful. It is kind of a gimmick that doesn’t have much value.

    If I had the choice to design a perfect massage chair, I would go with the IT-8500 X3 and improve it with:
    1. Continuous up/down in/out roller position settings
    2. Add intensity levels to the foot rollers
    3. Make the 3 shoulder programs time adjustable
    4. Switch out the arm/hand massager with the DreamWave M.8 paddle ‘air cell’ technology
    5. For ergonomics, move the power cord connector from the bottom to the top of the remote
    6. Redesign the head pillow as a cervical traction device

    Quality control and customer support:

    The IT-8500 X3 meets my aesthetic goal of purchasing a chair that is visually appealing enough to want to keep it for the next 15 years. However, it was delivered with 2 flaws in the polyurethane (PU) leather. First, there was a cut in the PU leather on the foot massager. Second, there was a small PU chunk cut out of the left hand arm rest at the far back corner, where the plastic shelf meets the PU. I also noticed PU rippling in the left and right arm rests. The rippling on the right arm rest is almost unnoticeable. The rippling on the left arm rest is much more noticeable.

    Infinity customer support is quite good. They responded quickly and were respectful and considerate. They sent a replacement left arm rest that solved the PU imperfection. They also sent a replacement foot massager. And they offered to send a repair technician. However, the rippling is worse on the new arm rest than on the arm rest it replaced. (I can’t win.) Infinity says the PU rippling is not a flaw. They also say the PU rippling changes based on temperature and humidity. The replacement foot massager was incorrect. It was missing heel airbag inflation, foot airbag padding, embroidered Infinity logo, etc. I mailed it back and to my surprise, a couple days later it was back on my doorstep along with a 2nd foot massager. Well, the 2nd foot massager turned out as a correct replacement. However, one of the two metal brackets that attach to the chair was bent. I also noticed scratches on the metal pillar on the backside that the lifting roller travels on. I was not happy. I thought I received a used foot massager. Infinity assured me it is new. So I bent the bracket straight and painted over the scratches. And that’s the foot massager I ended up keeping.

    It is important to note that the arm rests are difficult to install. It took me several evenings to install the right arm rest. I took advantage of the opportunity for a technician to install the replacement left arm rest. But he did not install it flush on the plastic shelf. I sometimes get movement in the left arm rest when pushing up off the arm rests after a massage. So I plan to reinstall it myself.

    Infinity customer support is pretty good. But whomever does the quality inspection is not. I would also add that packaging is excellent; parts are bubble-wrapped and encased in Styrofoam. Considering the cost of the massage chair (several thousand dollars), I expect better quality inspections. This oversight blemishes an otherwise reputable company.

    So there you have it, the good and the bad. At about half the price of a DreamWave M.8, the IT-8500 X3 is the best value massage chair that meets my needs. Considering the goals I set out to accomplish, it has features that are superior to the M.8. You are probably not going to find a massage chair that has everything you want. The game is about finding the best mix of features that align with your goals at a price point you are willing to sacrifice.

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3D Roller Technology

You can adjust the intensity of your massage with the simple push of a button the remote control to move the rollers in or out. There are 5 levels of intensity for the user.


It is well known that light can have an effect on our mind and psyche. Infinity has taken that into account with external lights on the Smart x3 that elicit a relaxing state of mind for the user.

Sleeker, Re-Designed Remote Control

Everything about this chair can be adjusted by the pedestal remote control. You will have new auto programs that will incorporate the 3D roller technology.

Neck Auto-Extend

The Smart x3 offers a neck extension feature. When the rollers move up to the neck, they also move forward to protrude more in to the neck muscles. Many chairs lack a deep, vigorous massage of the neck region, but this chair removes any doubt about a good neck massage.

Zero Gravity

2 zero gravity positions to encourage a “weightless” position. Ideal for low back pain sufferers, the zero gravity function mimics the optimal position as determined by NASA’s space program. Optimal weight distribution removes excessive pressure from any one part of your spine.

Inversion Therapy

A full recline of the chair back, accompanied by the zero gravity seat positioning, produces an inversion effect to the spine, distracting the joints of the spine.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

While most massage chairs have airbag compression of the feet and calves, the Smart x3 has 3 mechanical foot rollers that work the sole of each of your feet. Very soothing!!

Foot and Calf Airbags

Airbag compression to enhance circulation of the blood and lymph from the legs to the heart.

Spinal Correction & Stretch

Shoulder airbags that compress the front of the shoulders and pin them back, while the rollers move up and down the spine. This feature will leave you feeling like you are standing taller and straighter after you have used this feature. Add to this the airbags grabbing your calves and feet and dropping down, and you have the best stretch in the busines!

Body Scan

The pinpoint body scan figures out the shape of your spine and the location of your spinal curves so that the Smart x3 can cater ever-so personally to your own particular body type.

Seat Airbag Massage and Sway

The Smart x3 employs seat airbags that move the seat from side to side and up and down, enhancing passive motion to an area of the body that is very hard to reach without the assistance of an actual therapist. Fantastic feature if you have low back pain.

Air Neck Massage

A gentle rotation airbag massage relaxes the neck muscles and lulls you to sleep while the chair weaves it’s magic.

Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage

A full complement of shoulder airbags that will envelope your whole shoulder joint and give it the attention that is lacking in other massage chairs.

Tru-Grip V Stretch

Airbags will grip your shoulders, arms, and lower body while the chair back and ottoman raise and lower…giving you a stretch you will both love and never forget.

Lumbar Heat

the thickness of the body tissues in the low back makes warming up a hard thing to do. A lumbar heating element will assist in that process so that blood flows to those thick tissues a little quicker.

Acuroll Neck & Shoulder Massage

The Smart x3 utilizes 5 sensors to help assess and then provide the most accurate neck and shoulder massage.

Bluetooth Music System

You can just synch your phone with the chair’s Bluetooth technology and manage your personal sound system while you are in the chair and listen to it with intersound technology, which basically is a speaker system that faces inward toward the user.

30.25″ Roller Track

38 Total Airbags