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The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair is a game-changer. It comes with an innovative and unique HybriFlex roller track that has two separate roller tracks incorporating 6 rollers to give you the benefits of L-track and S-track chairs. Other features include self charging wireless remote, 4D L-track configuration, heated knee massage, quick keys, wireless phone charging port, and foot rollers.

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The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair is an innovative chair that perfectly blends the benefits of both S-track and L-track chairs! Not only do you get the seat massage that only an L-track can offer, but you also get the unique stretch capabilities of an S-track. It’s all made possible by the Supreme Hybrid’s double roller system, called HybriFlex. It has a dual roller track that runs up and down your back and a completely separate quad roller track that runs across the bottom of your seat (gluteal and piriformis muscles) to your lower back muscles. This gives you a full body massage like no other chair can, PLUS the two separate roller tracks allow for the chair to recline to a completely horizontal, even inverted, position allowing for a full body extension stretch.  This chair is also loaded with the following additional features:  self charging wireless remote, 4D L-track configuration, heated knee massage, quick keys, wireless phone charging port, foot rollers, and so much more.

13 reviews for Daiwa Supreme Hybrid

  1. doverto loperte

    I like this site so much, bookmarked.

  2. Stuart Xu

    I like this chair. I spend at least one 30min session every day in this chair. Dr. Weidner explained the chair, and other chairs, from functions to its mechanical in detail. I purchased it in my third in store visit. I must say that Dr.Weidner provided competitive price and excellent services.

  3. Jeff Sslmon

    Why is a Londoner living in London placing a review on a US website and hasn’t even purchased the Daiwa Hybrid Supreme?

    I’ll make it quick.

    I saw this model (sold under a different brand name over here) in a department store in Central London and was exceptionally impressed with it. It was also priced at £19K ($26K!) (so you thought living in the US was expensive…

    I was so impressed with it I decided, as a serial entrepreneur to open up a massage chair showroom as, surprisingly, there were none near London. I wanted the Daiwa to be the “star of the show”.

    However, one thing was missing….a little thing called knowledge and expertise. I also researched snd chanced upon Dr Weidner. The good doctor made time to discuss my venture and gave me such good advice. The project gets started in a few months.

    In short, you couldn’t get better advice and depth of knowledge on massage chairs than speaking to Dr Weidner and undoubtedly his team. He is straight talking snd says it “as it is”.

    My thanks and gratitude.

    • Dr. Alan Weidner (store manager)

      Thanks, Jeff. I very much appreciate the factory video of the Hybrid chair. Great video! All the best with your new store.
      dr. w.

  4. Tom Tam (verified owner)

    I bought the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair after much online research. Since I purchased my first massage chair a dozen years ago from Dr. Weidner at Massage Chair Relief, I decided to purchase this massage chair from him as well. My previous massage chair was the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. I received excellent service from Dr. Weidner throughout my ownership experience, even though I only needed advice when I moved to another city to ensure the chair was moved properly. Based on the quality of the chair and service received, I knew that it was an easy decision to do business with Dr. Weidner again.

    I received delivery of my new Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair in less than two weeks even during this pandemic. This is the best chair available in the market today. It is easy to operate and there are twelve pre-programmed massages that made it easy to select from the digital control pad. There are also speakers in the chair that allow you to pair up with Bluetooth to play your favorite music while getting your massage. I especially love the dual roller system in the chair and the amazing stretching that the chair can do in combination with deep tissue massages.

    I highly recommend this chair and buying it from Dr. Weidner at Massage Chair Relief. Their service and value are second to none.

  5. Brett Paul (verified owner)

    I love this new Daiwa Hybrid Chair! This is not my first purchase I bought my first chair in 2009 and used it every night. The chair from 2009 finally gave out and I was in the market for a new chair like most on the site here. I like an aggressive chair and my wife can only tolerate a light massage. I worked with Dr. Weidner and gave him the information on the type of chair I was looking for. Dr. Weidner has been extremely helpful both in emails and through the videos that he makes on the site. The chair its perfect for myself and my wife. I enjoy the aggressive massage that it offers and it really gets into my sore neck and top of my shoulders. I have done the stretch with it and love it. I put the pads on the chair for my wife to try and she is small framed person. My wife had sore shoulders from working on her computer all day long hunched over. I put her in the new chair with all of the pads on and it was perfect for her. My wife about 10 minutes into the first massage setting said, ” I think I could just fall asleep.” Within minutes after she said that I could see she fell asleep. She works from home now as many do now. The chair finished the cycle I think it was 15 min cycle and I watched the chair go into its resting position and I literally had to lean over and wake my wife up. This was 4:30 in the afternoon and my wife was asleep. She went to get up and her comment was I could just go to bed right now and just fall asleep. Her pain in her shoulders was gone that night. Myself it’s basically the same I catch myself falling asleep after one or two cycles in the chair. Whether you like an aggressive massage or want to put the padding down for someone who prefers a more gentile massage this chair can do both. There are so many settings on the chair and I am still trying each one. I just wanted to let everyone know whether you like it aggressive or a gentile massage this chair can do both. I did try out the Super Nova in a store so I did have a comparison to go by for either of the two chairs. I really was pleasantly surprised at how much I do like the stretch program that the hybrid chair can do. Thank you Dr. Weidner for taking your time to go over the chair and answering my emails. Its been an absolute pleasure to have purchased a chair from you and your company!

  6. bretwebs (verified owner)

    I am a retired chemical engineer in the rocket/space launch industry and I am a fanatical shopper when it comes to expensive items like massage chairs. I read reviews… I looked at ratings… I read forums…. I read and read and studied. And then I started to VISIT massage chair suppliers. I sat in many many chairs… I tested them. I talked to people…. Business owners and sales people. And then I finally made a visit to “Massage Chair Relief” and I met Dr. Alan Weidner. Alan had farrrrr more chairs than anyone else to test. Alan is farrrrr more knowledgeable than any massage chair owner or sales person you will ever meet without question.

    And Alan is honest honest honest. He can afford to be because he knows his business and he knows he is offering VALUE in massage chairs that no other supplier can match. Alan is impressive and trustworthy.

    I had in my mind a crude budget of $2-3000. Then I sat in many many chairs…every chair I could test. I need to tell you that there is nothing that compares to the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid. I knew within a very short time of testing this chair that I would be getting this chair even though it is quite a bit more than my original budget… so glad I did. It is extremely distinctive and unique in it’s ability to massage the human form.

    I have had mine for about a month now and frankly it is close to life-changing. I cannot resist getting at least 3 or 5 20-minutes sessions every day using the preprogrammed orchestrations. They are masterfully done. I recommend this chair – the DAIWA SUPREME HYBRID without hesitation and I recommend buying it from Alan Weidner and Massage Chair Relief. If this chair lasts for a good long time then it will be one of the very best decisions I have every made in my life to buy it! I don’t make a habit of making recommendations or I would spend all day every day doing only that but in this case it needs to be stated. Alan Weidner is the best at what he does. He is honest and he offers the very very best products. Oh and arm-wrestle with him over prices a bit and he might have a little more room… or sometimes not but worth a try!

  7. Don and Jen Ebright (verified owner)

    We LOVE this chair!! We use it daily, sometimes multiple times a day. It fits our needs and fits our taller size perfectly. It looks amazing in our living room and doesn’t take up a lot of room. We haven’t invested this type of money into anything for ourselves, but this chair was SOOOO worth the money!! That is exactly what it is…an investment in your health and body. In our line of work our bodies can take a beating and we have spent large amounts of money at the chiropractor. With this chair we have already noticed a decrease in the number of visits to the chiropractor.

    Alan was exceptional to deal with. He answered all of our questions and was available to answer our questions when we needed them answered. We had been researching different chairs and Alan was very honest and transparent with his recommendations. We gave him the features we were looking for and our measurements so that it would fit both of us. We even told him about a chair that we had tried and the price. He told us that if it fit us we should go buy it at that price. That type of honesty is hard to find in the business world!! We visited with him several times and figured out that chair wouldn’t fit us, so we talked with Alan more about the options he had. He wasn’t pushy or telling us what we wanted to hear. When we had trouble with our tracking he went above and beyond to help us get it figured out. We can’t say enough good things about Alan.

    Thank you Message Chair Relief and Alan for the excellent customer service and helping us find the chair that was right for us!

  8. Barry Elms (verified owner)

    Fantastic chair. Excellent programs and forceful massages. Now that we have it, we couldn’t be without it. Also, Alan and his support staff are top-notch.

  9. Barry Elms (verified owner)

    It would take the entire 82nd Airborne Division to extract this chair from our possession. We’ve had it for about a week and find it indispensable. It provides 12 excellent pre-programmed massages such as “royal treatment” and “sweet dreams.” The stretch program, which is unique to this chair is wonderful.

    Also, the company, Massage Chair Relief, is great to work with.

  10. Sheree Burns-Twitty (verified owner)

    This chair is the ferrari of massage chairs. We absolutely love it and my husband spends two or three times a day in it. When we first decided to buy a massage chair we spent over 2 hours in the store sitting in every chair and deciding which one was the best for both of us. My husband likes a vigorous massage while I prefer a gentle to soothing depending on the program I choose. We both love the 12 different programs and we each have our favorites. The chair comes with extra pads which I use every time. That was a bonus for me. The auto scan and zero gravity features are a plus in my opinion. We have friends and family that beg to use it everytime they come over. I can’t tell you the difference it has made in the way we feel when we finish using it. My husband has a lot more energy and I can tell the little aches and pains we both have are getting so much better. Lastly, Shawn was amazing helping us choose the right chair for us. By the way, I would love his job. The emails from Alan were very helpful and the delivery was supreme. The entire experience was exceptional and we couldn’t be happier!

  11. Will M. (verified owner)

    The Daiwa Supreme is not for everyone. I tested it for two weeks and concluded that it would not work for me. The good things are that it is a comfortable chair, it appears to be heavy duty, it is pleasant looking, and the stretch program is INCREDIBLY powerful. For those wanting stretch, this is it (my back cracked every time, it was just short of painful). There are three reasons for return (they are the three missing stars). 1) The programming is woefully inadequate. I have owned two previous chairs in the moderate price range and their programming was way superior. Programming the rollers and orchestrating the aircells are the heart of the chair. It is the personality.
    One example: ALL of the 12 auto programs use only low speed range and 2-4-6 width, ALL OF THE TIME. They spent nothing on programming. 2) The upper rollers when travelling vertically, roll over the vertebrae a lot, and smash C6-T2. (beware this problem, it is painful). 3) The final complaint is delicately sensitive: how can I put this? The bottom roller carriage (4 rollers) which claim to be gluteus
    maximus massagers do not go out from the center. They are rollers but feel like probes and they are probing in restricted territory!
    I could describe the characteristics but (butt?) the reader should self explore.
    I realize that this review is disturbing. I wish I read it first. I switched to the Super Novo and it is FABULOUS.

  12. Lisa I. (verified owner)

    I was researching massage chairs for my husband and this was one of the very informative sites I had ran across. Ironically, we were staying in AZ for a bit for business and were fortunate enough to find time to make an appointment to test out massage chairs at the actual store.

    Shawn was very helpful and answered all our questions and never made us feel pressured to buy. Two hours later we knew the newest Daiwa model was the one. I was torn between the D-Core and this model, but the Daiwa won out since it offered the deep stretching.

    The purchase experience from beginning to end was amazing. Shawn the sales rep was helpful…the emails from Alan and his team were helpful with updates for our chair delivery (we had purchased before Christmas so it was on back-order). The delivery guys were so kind and did a great job. (They were also willing to deliver and set up for me on a Sunday since I was so anxious to use the chair.)

    I have been recommending Massage Chair Relief to all my friends and family and telling them they must make a trip to the showroom. It gave me so much peace of mind that we were able to test out all the chairs and find the one that was right for us. Shawn made a good point when I asked which chair was the best. He said that each chair was like a different massage therapist so you need to find the one that fits your preferences.

    Well, this Daiwa checked all the boxes. My husband prefers a really strong and vigorous massage while I prefer a soothing massage and the various removable padding that comes with this model does the trick along with the numerous settings. I find myself using the automatic Stress Relief program setting for my first 30 minutes, then if I have time to sit in the chair longer I will pick the manual program to do an additional massage on the areas I want to keep relaxing. 🙂

    I just want to say that I rarely leave reviews but I had to take the time to leave one here since I’ve been so happy with the experience plus this chair is so new that it was hard for me to find reviews on it…hoping this helps someone out there with the decision-making process.

    One more thing, I am 5 feet and my husband is 6’ 4” and this massage chair caters to our size. I love the auto scan and how smart this chair is so it hits all the right spots like it was made for us.

  13. David (verified owner)

    Massage Chair Relief is the best place to buy a massage chair. You can sit in all of the chairs, try them out, and see which works for you. The programs on this chair are outstanding, the stretch superb. You can do a full air massage as well. There is not a better chair on the market, and MCR is the best place to purchase. One suggestion though, it would be nice if you could update the firmware, and design your own massage program.

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HybriFlex Roller System

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair provides the seat massage of an L-track chair as well as the full body extension/inversion stretch of an S-track. It’s all made possible by the Supreme Hybrid’s double roller system, called HybriFlex. It has a dual roller track that runs up and down your back and a completely separate quad roller track that runs across the bottom of your seat (gluteal and piriformis muscles) up to your lower back muscles. This gives you a full body massage like no other chair can, PLUS the two separate roller tracks allow for the chair to recline to a completely horizontal, even inverted, position allowing for a full body extension stretch. Imagine having rollers work on your neck and buttock muscles simultaneously. Something we’ve not see before but made a reality by the Supreme Hybrid.

3D/4D L-Track Roller Mechanism

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair comes 3D/4D rollers, giving you the ability to adjust the depth of the roller massage, making your massage more or less intense, based on your comfort level and therapeutic needs.

Mechanical Foot Massage

The three mechanical foot rollers under the soles of each foot, in conjunction with the foot air bags, provide reflexology benefits as the massager targets three zones on the soles of the feet to massage and stimulate pressure points.

Knee/Calf Heating Element

The Supreme Hybrid’s all-new patented legrest offers a heated knee massage, a calf massage, and ankle & foot massage with triple reflexology rollers. Enjoy an innovative holistic treatment that combines stretching, heat, compression massage, and reflexology.

Wall Hugger

The Supreme Hybrid chair is a space-saver chair, which means you can place the chair very close to the wall so save space in your room. As a matter of fact, the Supreme Hybrid only needs to be an inch from any wall.

BlueTooth Technology with Stereo Speakers

Pair your phone or device to your new chair and now you can listen to your playlist music or favorite podcast while sitting in your massage chair.

Touch Display Remote Control & Quick Keys

The new touch-display remote is mounted on an easy-to- reach pedestal, and the display dynamically changes as you use the chair. It’s easy to get a professional full-body massage by touching one of 36 expertly crafted massage sessions. The chair’s armrest console offers a secondary remote that uses buttons and dials to make common adjustments quick and easy. The built-in USB port and Wireless Charging port allow you to keep your phone or tablet charged during your massage session.