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The Daiwa Hubble massage chair comes with features that cover everything, including foot rollers, memory function, 48 airbags, multi-language remote control, adjustable shoulder airbags, 3D L-track roller system, and a charging port for your device. Designed in USA, built in a top Chinese factory.

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The Daiwa Hubble massage chair is a 3D/4D L-track massage chair that comes with foot rollers, a memory function to remember your favorite custom programs, 48 airbags, adjustable shoulder airbags, a charging port for your device, as well as apps for operating your chair from your portable device. It can fit short and tall bodies alike, with a height range of 4’8″ – 6’6″ and a 300 pound weight limit. This chair was designed in the USA and built in one of the top massage chair factories in China.

2 reviews for Daiwa Hubble

  1. Joe Becker (verified owner)

    I received my Hubble just over 3 weeks ago. Dr Weidner gave me a nice review of the device before my purchase and nothing has disappointed me yet with the chair. Though the main chair is quite heavy, it fit through my main house door easily with the use of a dolly. I had a couple of questions installing the side rests; however, Daiwa’s tech helped me quickly solve the problem over the phone. I’ve tried all the preset massage settings and all have been very nice. The remote is very easy to use. My wife and I have been using the chair most days and we’re both very happy with it thus far.

  2. Judie scoca (verified owner)

    I live in Jacksonville Florida , and have no stores nearby that I could’ve tried out a chair to choose , after a lot of research , I called Dr Weidner and he answered all my questions and helped steer me in the direction to a chair that was right for me , First off my chair was delivered earlier then expected , I got white glove service , and the gentleman that delivered it did a fantastic job ,also showing me the ropes how to use it, I have had it approximately three weeks now and I can’t say enough wonderful things about it ,it really does find all your spots that hurt and helps to make them better. I have several illnesses spinal stenosis of my neck and back,Fibromyalgia, arthritis and Bulging discs , Lymphedema .Within four days of use of my wonderful Hubble chair , my pain has been reduced so significantly I am amazed. If you are struggling with making a decision on a chair the Hubble is absolutely amazing, I recommend it to all my friends and family. Only wish I had done it sooner ,I truly believe this is the best investment for my health and well-being I’ve ever made . Worth every penny ! Love ,love ,love my chair ❤️❤️❤️

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3D L-Track Roller Mechanism

The Daiwa Hubble massage chair comes 3D rollers, giving you the ability to adjust the depth of the roller massage, making your massage more or less intense. The roller track on this L-track is 49” long and extends from the top of your neck down to the top of your hamstrings

Mechanical Foot Rollers

The Hubble provides mechanical foot rollers under the soles of your feet which, combined with the foot airbags, will be a revelation for those of you who stand or walk all day on your feet. Combine that with calf airbags and this makes entire lower body massage experience second to none! Powerful airbags inflate and deflate in an alternating pattern around the calves and the feet to relieve tension and improve circulation, while built-in grips gently hold your ankles in place.

Adjustable Shoulder Airbags

Short or tall, the Daiwa Hubble will accommodate you. Not only can it fit bodies that range in height from 4’8″ to 6’6″, it also has adjustable shoulder airbags to match the height of the user. With a simple adjustment, the massaging shoulder pads can accommodate larger arms and shoulders for maximum effect. When inflated, they push firmly against the shoulder on either side.

Wall Hugger

The Hubble massage chair is a space-saver chair, which means you can place the chair very close to the wall so save space in your room. As a matter of fact, the Hubble only needs to be 0.25” from any wall.

Back & Knee Heat

The Therapeutic Heat function around the lumbar region provides soothing relief from chronic lower-back pain. Heat therapy helps ease tension and stress, relieve arthritis pain, and heal sore muscles. Warm muscles are more pliable, making the massage treatments more effective.

Also, the most-advanced, full-featured leg massager of the Hubble’s Legrest includes a heated knee massage, targeting one of the most injury-prone spots on the body. During a massage, the leg massager will periodically slide up to the knee applying heat and gentle airbag modulations to stretch tendons and soothe painful inflammation. Choose from 3 levels of heat.

Multi-language Remote Control

Whether you speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Vietnamese, the Daiwa Hubble remote control can display programming options in your native tongue.  A convenient pocket keeps your controller secure and in reach.

BlueTooth Connectivity

Pair your phone or device to your new chair and now you can listen to your playlist music or favorite podcast while sitting in your massage chair. High-quality compact speakers are mounted at your ears for a surround sound experience. The “Rhythmn” manual massage mode will work your muscles in sync with the music!

App & Charging Station

A USB port at the front of the chair will allow you to charge your phone or device while you download the chair’s app. You can use the phone app as a remote control from your phone or device. With the app you can activate the manual and auto programs, while also controlling the massage type and intensity.

High End Saffiano Synthetic Leather

The saffiano style was developed by luxury handbag makers to give the leather surface a crosshatched texture that is stylish, durable, and easy to keep clean.

Bonus Foot & Back Pads

Feet can tend to be very sensitive for a lot of people. Daiwa will include foot pads to slip under your feet to make the massage less intense, if desired. You will also get a 3/4″ thick pad to use behind your back should the rollers still be too intense even at the lowest 3D setting.