Massage Chair Roller Technology Development

January 12, 2021
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
January 12, 2021
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Roller Technology Development

Technology has allowed for massive and rapid improvements in numerous fields over recent years, and the massage chair world is a great example. There are numerous areas of technology that have improved massage chairs in several ways just in the last handful of years, allowing users a much wider range of comfort and specialty arrangements, and one key area here is massage rollers.

At Massage Chair Relief, we’re happy to offer a huge range of full-body and other massage chairs, with numerous brands ranging from Daiwa massage chairs to Inada, Ogawa and many other industry leaders. What are some of the most important roller technology developments and resulting choice areas for clients that you should know about if you’re considering a new massage chair? Here are a couple to be aware of.

Massage Roller Tracks

In each and every mechanical massage chair, one of the most important components will be the massage rollers. These are the items that actually perform the massage on your back, carrying out tasks like kneading, tapping, knocking or even various shiatsu themes depending on how you program the system. These rollers sit on a track, and the length and type of this track determines how far the rollers are able to travel down your back and the intensity that’s maintained.

There are two general design formats for massage chair roller tracks:

  • S track: The S here is short for “sinusoidal,” which is another way of saying that this is a curved track format that’s meant to follow the curvature of the spine. The S track is a wave, moving up and down from the neck to the lower back.
  • L track: The L track chair works the same way as the S track, only with further capability for extension down the body. The S track will reach the lower back, but the L track can travel all the way down to your glutes or even hamstrings in many cases.

2D to 4D Options

In addition, massage rollers themselves have experienced several major technological advances. They are now available in three formats:

  • 2D: Where rollers move up and down from the neck to back, plus side to side. This is also referred to as the X and Y axis roller format, and was the first developed for traditional back massagers and early massage chairs.
  • 3D: This option adds a Z axis to the 2D arrangement, making it feel more like an actual human is doing the massaging. Rollers are able to push out further into your back, plus you can adjust intensity levels. These options also allow you to input preset templates and save them so multiple people can use the chair effectively.
  • 4D: The 4D chair roller takes this even further, allowing more protruding out plus various massage styles and speeds. You have total control over the strength, depth and delivery of the massage. For those with chronic back or shoulder pain issues, this is often the best choice.

For more on the roller technology used in massage chairs, or to learn about any of our massage chair services, speak to the staff at Massage Chair Relief today.

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