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dictionaryAlan: Well, hello, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘ and today I’m going to define, for our massage chair dictionary, the term S-track and L-track, which are two common terms – the S-track is the more common term in the massage chair industry, and the L-track is a relatively new term that has been born of chairs that have an extended roller track – and I’ll explain what I mean by that in just a moment. The S-track means that the rollers, the quad rollers of the massage chair, move down the spine in the shape of an S, which is exactly the shape of your spine, forward in the neck, back a little bit on the mid back, and then forward again in the low back. Between the use of the shape of the rollers, as well as padding and pillows in various areas, that allows for that roller, the rollers, to hit those areas, and hit them balanced, so that you’re not going straight down and hitting the mid back harder than the neck, because the neck is forward, and the mid back’s back, you’re kind of – you’re not hitting the spine as a straight line – the chairs have been designed with a roller track that caters to that S-shape of the spine.

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Alan: So, let’s begin here with the, this is the Infinity IT-8500, we were able to peel back the rollers, or peel back the cover, so we can see the rollers. You can see the quad rollers, and we’ve discussed this in other videos, but the roller track goes down, you can kind of see the roller track tilting, see it tilting as it comes down toward the low back, and then it’ll come down to the low back, and it’ll tilt in a little bit more, and then it’ll come back up again, and you’ll see it follow a bit of an S-shape. You’ll see the plate, as it comes up to the neck, now it’s starting to lean this way, going toward the neck, and then it’ll go back a little bit as it hits the skull. That is an S-track, so it’s very subtle, you see here, increased padding on the low back, so that when the rollers come down here, the padding separates the low back from the rollers. The rollers can hit that part of the low back right there, and the padding allows for that, allows for some support for the low back while the rollers are hitting the low back.

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Alan: So, that is the S-shape, the S-shape is forward in the lower part, back a little bit in the mid back, and back up again, forward, on the neck, that’s the S-track. Now, L-track is another thing altogether, and we’re going to move over here to the Infinity Iyashi, which is the first name brand chair that we have that has a roller track that extends down, and in to the buttock. So, what you’re going to see here is the S-track of the rollers coming down the back, but then they call it an L-track because the rollers come down, and then they veer off to go toward the feet, to hit the buttock area. So, there’s an S-track, following the shape of the spine, and then an L-track that follows the length of the buttock, that allows for that track to go down toward the hamstrings in the back. So, that is the L-track, and the rollers are going back up again, but they follow an S-track in the upper back, and then when they come down to the bottom of the spine – they end on the other chair, they end down here – but on the Iyashi, they continue on in the shape of an L, going toward the buttock.

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Alan: Now we see the rollers coming down – you see that, now the rollers are moving over toward the buttock, and toward the hamstrings – you see that, they’re moving horizontally. Here they’re moving vertically, here they’re moving horizontally, and that is the L-track. So, if you hear the term S-track and L-track, now you understand what we’re talking about. So, L-track versus S-track, every chair has an S-track, pretty much. The newer chairs that have the extended rollers down to the buttock, they have that L-track. So, S-track, L-track, and I hope that explains it to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on our toll-free number, 888-259-5380, or email me at [email protected], I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to share us and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be updated on subsequent videos that we put out, and we try to put out one to three videos every week. So, I hope you enjoyed this video, I look forward to seeing you on the next one. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com,’ have a great day. See you. Bye bye.

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