Massage Chair Industry Update – May 1, 2014

May 2, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
May 2, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – May 1, 2014

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – May 1, 2014”

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for, today is Thursday May 1st, 2014, and we have some back-order information for you, to start off with.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: The OS-4000 in ‘Charcoal’ and ‘Creme’ is back-ordered for another one to three weeks. The Osaki 7200H in ‘Black’ and ‘Creme,’ the 7075R in ‘Taupe,’ and the 7200CR in ‘Creme,’ they’re all back-ordered, but we don’t know, there’s no estimated time for arrival, I would suspect it’d be around the same time as the OS-4000. The HT-7450 in ‘Espresso,’ from Human Touch is back-ordered until early May, and the ZeroG 4.0 ‘Bone’ color, which is the butter, light butter color, should be in this week. The WholeBody 2.0 in ‘Black,’ from Human Touch also will be here in early May, and the YuMe in ‘Black’ and ‘Red’ is back-ordered until June 16th. All the other chairs, that I’m aware of, are in stock. I know that the IT-8500 from Infinity was out of stock for the longest time, and we finally got a shipment of those, and I understand there’s a good stock for that, and that’s a very popular selling chair, so I hope there’s stock available for that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Congratulations Human Touch!!]

Alan: OK, what else have we got for you? Oh, you know, Human Touch just won some awards. There’s a thing called the – what do they call it – the Awards for Design Excellence, put out by The Design Journal every year, and it recognizes and awards companies that have contributed to the contemporary and progressive design of furniture. Human Touch has won in the past, I remember reporting on this in the past, but this year they’ve won six awards, and they’ve won it for their ZeroG 4.0 massage chair, part of their Immersion Seating line. Apparently, they’ve also won some awards for their Perfect chairs, one of the new models, and one of the older models, and so the – and the AcuTouch 6.0, which is a massage chair that they only sell through Costco, and a new iJoy chair called the Reveal, which I don’t have on my website, but those chairs all received ADEX Awards, or Awards for Design Excellence – so congratulations to Human Touch. Human Touch is, you know, it’s also their 35th anniversary this year, they’ve been around for 35 years, this is no slouch of a company, they’ve been around a while. As a matter of fact, my very first massage chair was an HT-125 from Human Touch. I got that probably back in 2001, 2002, for my clinic, and I actually began using it as a way to, as a way to keep clients, or customers, preoccupied, if you will, while they were waiting for therapy. Well, it turns out that the actual massage chair became the therapy for some of them. As a matter of fact, I had some customers that bought the chairs, ended up buying the chairs from me as, you know, just for their home, and I didn’t see them again for six months, when they used to come every month, or every few weeks, so the actual massage chair became the actual therapy. Then, of course, we began our website in 2005, so you know, nine years ago, and that website was only Human Touch chairs. I didn’t there was more than Human Touch out there, so all we sold were Human Touch chairs, and of course, since then we’ve expanded, and carry all these lines, and the rest is history. Human Touch, it was a good company to deal with, they’re a good company, a good, solid company, great customer support, and good products, so congratulations to them for 35 years in the business, and helping me get started in mine, and also, congratulations for the ADEX Awards. This is what the executive director for the ADEX Awards said, he said, ‘The ADEX Awards are given annually to companies that exhibit an unwavering commitment to design and innovation.’ So, yes, they are very innovative at Human Touch, they design and engineer all their own chairs, like the Immersion Seating line, like their iJoy line, like their Perfect chair line, these are all very innovative designs, innovative chairs, and very aesthetically pleasing chairs, so way to go, Human Touch.

[SCREEN TEXT: Make-A-Wish Foundation Update]

Alan: OK, what else have we got? Oh, you know, our Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser, I haven’t updated on this for a while, but we’re up to $5775, five-thousand, seven-hundred and seventy-five dollars, so we’re at 75% of our goal. We just started in November, and we’re almost at our goal, we’re three-quarters of the way there, so thank you for all of you who have purchased chairs from me. As you know, or may not know, we contribute a portion of every sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and our Make-A-Wish child, our wish child, is Samantha. Her wish was granted as far as parts and labor were contributed, but the cash donations still, they’re still working on the cash contribution to her wish, which was a patio at their home, so she come outside and enjoy the beautiful weather in a warm and inviting environment, and so they’ve granted her that wish, but we are still raising money toward that end. So, as soon as Samantha’s wish is granted, we will move on to another wish child, and hopefully bless their lives with, helping them out with having their wishes granted, or their wish granted.


Alan: So, thank you for everyone who has bought a chair from me, who will buy a chair from me, thank you for contributing to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, very, very thankful. By the way, if you’d like to donate, you don’t have to buy a chair from me, you can just go – I’ll put the web address up here above me – and you can go to our Make-A-Wish page on the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s website, and you can make a donation there of any amount, so any amount we’re grateful for, thank you.

[SCREEN TEXT: OS-4000 + Foot Rollers = OS-4000T]

Alan: Alright, now the Osaki 4000, I mentioned earlier that the Osaki 4000 is back-ordered on a couple colors. Well, I don’t remember if I mentioned this on our last update, but Osaki has added foot rollers to the Osaki OS-4000, and they’ve modified the model number from the 4000 to the 4000T, and the price has remained the same. My cost on the chair’s gone up, but the price of the chair, retail price, is the same, and from the mouth of Osaki, they’re saying that this is kind of a test to see how the market receives it. The 4000 is a popular chair, it’s kind of the flagship chair of Osaki, and it was kind of the chair that put them on the map, even though now they have the Dreamer, and the Cyber, and other chairs that are really knocking, you know, knocking them out of the park, but the 4000 was kind of their flagship chair when they first started. Well, now they’ve upgraded it with the foot rollers, and they call it the 4000T. It continues to be successful, I’ve sold quite a number of them, they’re a very popular chair, good bang for the buck. Anyway, so FYI, the Osaki 4000 now has foot rollers.

[SCREEN TEXT: Used HT-7450 for $2899 OBO (Espresso Color)]

Alan: Also, I thought I’d mention that I have a used HT-7450, it’s regularly $3499, it’s only about a month, month-and-a-half old, we’re selling it for $2899, or best offer. It’s inventory, it’s packaged, ready to ship, it doesn’t do me any good sitting in the back of my showroom.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: So, if you’re interested in it, please give me a call, 888-259-5380, 888-259-5380, and I will gladly arrange to have that chair sent to you. So, give me a call, the warranty’s still intact, the chair’s in immaculate condition, it’s an ‘Espresso’-colored HT-7450. Well, I think that is just about it for the massage chair industry update today. If you have any questions, or any comments, about any of the things we’ve talked about today, or if there’s anything that you’ve heard about, that I have not, that I’ve failed to report, please feel free to get a hold of me. You can email me, call us on our phone number, you can chat with us online through our chat software, but we’re all – I’m available to you – and someone in our staff is going to be available to you whenever you need us. I used to say 24-7, as far as the phone calls go, but I have so many people that call in the middle of the night, you have no idea. So, we actually have had to mute our phones, so I don’t get woken up, because by the time I get to the phone, and stagger to the phone in my bedroom, the call is dropped, and now I’m awake, and I can’t sleep. So, I will get your call late in to the night, and early in the morning, but in the middle of the night sometimes, I may not get to it, but call any time, we’d love to visit, leave a message if you can’t get through to me at one of those early morning hours. Please feel free to ‘Like’ this video, share us on Facebook, and Twitter, and Google Plus. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can be updated about subsequent videos, about our massage chair industry update, about definition videos, about review videos, about interviews, anything, that’s the place to go, and you will be notified of any video that comes out, if you subscribe to our YouTube channel. So, thanks again for visiting, we will see you in two weeks. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ have a great day. Bye bye.

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