Massage Chair Industry Update – July 23, 2014

July 30, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
July 30, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – July 23, 2014

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – July 23, 2014”

update Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014. Thanks for visiting with us today.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: Stock status is pretty good, as a matter of fact, I’m not aware of anything really back-ordered right now. The Inada Sogno should be in stock, I haven’t heard that they haven’t come in, and I haven’t heard of any other stock that is not in right now. So, most chairs are available, if not all, chairs are available, and this is a good time to buy. The summer’s a little bit slower for shopping, and for massage chairs, the whole industry’s a little bit slower, but come, you know, September, October, November, things will really start picking up. As a matter of fact, if you’re a real, you know, shopper, who likes to, you know, plan well ahead, if you’re thinking of getting a massage chair for Christmas, man, I – now’s the perfect time because the prices are lower, the – you know, the prices haven’t gone up for the Christmas rush, sometimes companies will jack the price up right before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush. Also, you know, the great color selection, everything’s in stock, and now we’ve got all these new models I told you about the last couple of weeks, the new Inada chair, the new Panasonic chair, the new Human Touch chair, Human Touch chairs, so there’s lots of stuff, lots of reasons to buy a chair in the summer time.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada Flex 3S Price Increase to $6799 on December 1, 2014]

Alan: Anyway, speaking of prices going up, the Inada Flex 3S chair is going to be going up in price on December 1st, to $6799. So, right now it’s $6499, and by the way, I wrote a comprehensive two-part review on the Flex 3S, or yeah, the Inada Flex 3S. You see, I’ve had the chair for a little over a month, but I’ve not really –and I’ve sat in it and I’ve enjoyed it – but I’ve not really sat in it with the critical mind working. So, I read through the owner’s manual, great owner’s manual, it’s not like a Chinglish, or what they a call a Chinglish manual, where they’ve taken the English, and done a – or the Chinese, and done a direct English translation – and it doesn’t quite make sense half the time, and a lot of people can’t figure out what’s being said anyway, but this is a very well-written owner’s manual, very simple to read, very, it’s not a huge manual, very small, easy to read. So, the Flex 3S has got a great owner’s manual, you can follow that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada Flex 3S Review – 2 Parts]

Alan: The comprehensive review is two parts, it’s pretty long, but it goes in to great detail about the Flex 3S, and you know what, I sat on that chair for two solid hours, and I love it. I really like the low back massage, it does a lot of work on the low back, the shoulder blades, the stretch program’s fantastic, and it’s not just a typical stretch program like you’ll see on the Sogno, or the IT-8500, or whatnot, where the chair back and the ottoman go up and down. The chair back does go down, and the ottoman does go down, but then it has airbags in the waist, and in the mid back, the thoracic spine that push you all the way up, and it kind of arches your back, reminiscent of the Osaki 7075 Thai stretch, where it seemed to really – actually, that one lifted your hips up, but it really arched your back – this one lifts your mid back and your low back up, so it doesn’t strain your back, it doesn’t strain your back like the Osaki chair does. It’s a very comfortable stretch, but what’s cool about that Flex 3S is that it’ll go down, and put you in an extended position, but then it’ll also come up, and put you in a seated, flexed position. So, now you’re sitting up, and you’ve got – your legs are up straight, your back – and you’re up all the way, it kind feels a little uncomfortable almost like you’re sitting on the floor with your legs straight and you’re trying to bend over to stretch your hammies, it kind of feels like that, but then, it has airbags that push you, those same airbags in the low back and in the mid back, that push you forward while you’re in that position, and all the while, the rollers are going up and down and working you, and the shoulder airbags are pinning you back. So, it does that in the flexion and in the extension position, and it is awesome, it’s a great stretch program, great on the posture, and the low back massage is primo. The neck massage, to really get a good neck massage on it, you got to go on to the manual settings and move the rollers up there, and crank the 3D all the way up, and this chair does have 3D. Anyway, I’m talking too much, you can go ahead and read the review, it’s great, and I talk about all that stuff in there.

[SCREEN TEXT: Inada Duet Review!]

Alan: Speaking of reviews, an guy named Alex came to my website, and read my little bit about the Inada Duet, a month or so ago, and left a comment, and his comment was a full-length, comprehensive review of the Inada Duet. Now, he said that he bought the chair, so I knew he wasn’t from the United States, because you can’t get the chair in the United States, Inada USA is not importing the Duet at this time for various reasons, and they may never import it, if they do it might be in a year and a half or two years from now, but it’s not on the immediate horizon. Well, anyway, I’m thinking ‘Where did this guy get the Duet?’ So, I was so impressed with his review, I emailed him and I said ‘Hey Alex, thanks for, you know, writing your review, where you from, and would you mind if I used your review as a separate blog post on my blog?’ He emailed back, he says ‘Yeah, I’m from Russia, and I bought the chair here, and I’ve seen that there’s hardly any information about the Duet out there, hardly any reviews,’ he said there was some small review in Australia. So, he wrote this long review and posted it on my website, probably because he sees that I write so many reviews, and we’d appreciate it. Darn right, we appreciate it, I posted it today on our website, and now you can get a full, it’s probably an 800-word, 800, you know, 900-word review on the Inada Duet, and it’s a pretty good little feedback on the Inada Duet, so take a look at that, along with the review on the Flex 3S.

[SCREEN TEXT: The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide]

Alan: Let’s see, what else can we talk about today? Oh, our book, now I mentioned to you that I’d written a book called ‘The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide,’ the subtitle is ‘How to Select the Perfect Massage Chair for Your Home or Business.’ You know, this is a 200-page book, it’s now up on Amazon, it’ll be on Kindle for download tomorrow, I think, or later today, but our book is now finally up, and we’ve already sold some. It’s kind of cool to have a book. What’s cool about it is that this is really the first book of its kind in our industry that gives you all the information you need to know in making the decision about what chair to get, and how to decide which chair would be best for you, whether it’s at home, whether it’s at a business, whether it’s for children, for adults, for pregnant women, or whatever condition, or whatever situation, it talks about all the aspects that come in to play when you’re trying to decide on a massage chair. So, if you’d like to download it, you can go download it on Kindle, I think it’s $2.99 on Kindle, it’s $9.93 as a hard copy, but anyway, if you leave a review – we’d love to invite you to leave a review – we’d appreciate if you left a four or five-star review, and that would be helpful. Anyway, take a look at that if you can, you can look at some of the pages on Amazon, but we’re very proud to have that book up. If you have any suggestions on topics that I didn’t cover, that I may have missed, or I glossed over, didn’t do a real good job, go ahead and leave it on the comments section here on the video, or on our blog, or call me, or email me, or whatnot, I’m very open to your input, I’d appreciate that.

[SCREEN TEXT: The Amazing Bed]

Alan: OK, I was in Kansas City last week, I was invited by The Amazing Bed people to be a speaker at a seminar they were putting on in Kansas City, and I got to see the bed again. Now, I’ve got one in my showroom, but I haven’t disassembled it, it’s all set up, and I kind of forget how elaborate the roller system is. It’s all made in the US, it’s a very nice, good quality massage bed, and you know, it’s very different from the massage chair, you don’t have airbags in it, you know, you don’t have, you know, it doesn’t really do the arms, or the feet per say, but it has an extended roller track, and it’s not really a roller track. The massage chairs actually have rollers, The Amazing Bed has metal, smooth-surface steel balls that are welded to four steel pegs that go down in to this motor, you know, this motor mechanism that goes up and down the spine, and you can, this thing, you can increase the intensity of it, there’s different programs, you can have kneading, you can have it just, you can have it kneading and tapping, and you can lay on your side and use it. So, this is kind of cool, like a massage chair, of course, goes up and down your back, does your neck, does your mid back, low back, this’ll do it, but this will also go down in to the back of your thighs, and your calves. You can move up and down the bed easily, so you could have it work higher up the back and head, if you want, or down lower in to the calves and feet. You can lay on your side, and that’s kind of interesting, and you’d think ‘Gee, having rollers work up and down your ribs?’ I thought it might be a little uncomfortable, but it actually felt pretty cool, I felt like my serratus muscles, and a bit of my lats were getting hit, but it’s a pretty cool bed. Ideally, I can see – and you can check it out on our website, it’s the last little selection on the nav bar is ‘Massage Beds,’ and you can see The Amazing Bed there, but where was I going with that – oh, wouldn’t it be ideal if you had a massage chair that you could use while you were watching TV, and you know, reading, and getting all the things like foot rollers, and airbags, and this, that, and the other that a massage chair offers, and then, you don’t have to fall asleep in the massage chair to enjoy it, you can move on over to your bed and go to bed and sleep, the massage will turn off after you’ve fallen asleep, and it’s a perfect, it’s a, like a memory foam mattress, it feels like a normal mattress, you’d never believe that it was a massage bed. Well, that would be pretty cool to have that, kind of that, double whammy punch, you’d sleep better, you’d feel better, I can’t see any negative reasons for having a chair and a bed, for heaven’s sake.

[SCREEN TEXT: Make-A-Wish Child Update]

Alan: OK, now, Make-A-Wish, you know, we helped fill the dream, or grant the wish, of Samantha. She’s still on our website because we’re still waiting for a new wish child from Make-A-Wish. So, for those of you that have heard me talk about us already meeting that goal, and getting a new wish child. If you’re wondering where the wish child is, I’d like to know, I’ve put in a number of emails to Make-A-Wish to find out if they’ve got a new child for us. Apparently, some people don’t want their pictures or whatnot on the Internet, and I guess I get that, but you know, geez, we want to be able to help somebody, and we’re raising the money anyway. A portion of every sale goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and we’ve raised, I think over $7000, maybe close to $8000, I’m not sure, but our goal was $7500, I think we’re right close to that goal now, and we started just in November. So, maybe this next November, we’ll jack the goal up to $10,000, I think it might be a very reasonable goal to reach, but thank you for those of you that have purchased from me, and for those of you that just went on to the Make-A-Wish page to donate, we really, really, truly appreciate that.

[SCREEN TEXT: Floor Models & Used Chairs for Sale!!]

Alan: OK, I told you about the price increase, oh, I’ve got a few massage chairs that are, I’ve got for sale, I’ve got two floor models, it’s the Human Touch HT-9500, I don’t, I can’t remember how old it is, and how much of the warranty is left on it, but it’s a beautiful leather, a black leather chair. Human Touch chairs are famous for being aesthetically beautiful, and not looking like massage chairs, and then having great massage functionality underneath it all, and this is what the HT-9500 has. It’s a big, beautiful recliner, it would fit in to any decorum, and then it’s got this great massage system. Plus, it’s got the foot-and-calf ottoman that comes out from underneath the chair, and it has got Human Touch’s patented wave-like paddles that offer the best foot-and-calf massage of any chair, hands down. I think it’s even better than a chair that has airbags and foot rollers, in my humble opinion, but I’ve got that chair for sale. I think we’re selling that one for $2999, and it’s regularly $5499, or something like that, so it’s a tremendous discount, and it’s in perfect condition, hardly used. We have the Infinity IT-8100, which is one of their lower-priced chairs, I think it retails $2695, we’re selling it for $1895, and that’s in perfect condition, great condition. Of course, we have a ZeroG 4.0, which is Human Touch’s Immersion Seating, top of the line Immersion Seating chair, great chair, great neck and back massage, firm, good massage, and a nice looking chair, just like the other Human Touch chair, the 9800, it looks like a regular chair, with massage chair functionality, and it’s got a price tag of $2299, regularly it’s $2599, and we’re selling it for $2299, that includes the five-year extended warranty, which is usually $369. So, the person that bought the chair, bought it for 30, like $3400. They bought it, it wasn’t what they were hoping, sent it back, and this is a popular chair from Human Touch. I’ve got it for $2299, and all the prices I just gave you include shipping, OK, so that includes shipping, warranty, great, perfect condition, ready to go. So, just let me know if you’re interested in any of those chairs, you can call me, or email me, or whatnot, and we can chitchat about them, and we’ll get you hooked up.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: Well, I guess that’s about it for this session of the massage chair industry update. If you have any other questions, feel free to call me any time, comments, put them below, questions, put them below. If you found this video helpful, please share us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or on your YouTube channel, or your YouTube account, we just appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. Thank you so kindly, and we will see you again in two weeks, have a great day. Bye bye.

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