Massage Chair Industry Update – 10/23/2012

October 29, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 29, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – 10/23/2012

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – October 23, 2012”

Alan: Hi I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are going to review our massage chair industry update for the week of October 23, 2012, and right away we’ll get in to stock and back orders.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: Now, the only thing that we’re really back ordered on right now is the ‘Espresso’ HT-9500, which I mentioned two weeks ago. That will available in early November, the ‘Black’ is still available now – it is limited in its availability – but it is available now. The WholeBody 2.0 is back ordered, but it will be available in early November as well. The ‘Ivory’ and ‘Black’ Osaki OS-7000 are back ordered, and they will be in in probably another two to three weeks.

[SCREEN TEXT: Osaki Discontinuing the OS-7000]

Alan: But I did learn something this week that we should know about, and that is that Osaki is going to be discontinuing their 7000 massage chair. It’s a very, very popular chair, but what they’ve done is they’ve added a foot roller – a mechanical foot roller, kind of like the Infinite Therapeutics 8200 and IT-8500 or the Omega Montage Pro – they’ve added mechanical foot rollers, but they also are adding a different motor, which will have a little bit different feel and intensity. I think it’s a more – it’s a stronger motor for the rollers in the back, so this chair might actually even be more intense than it was before, and it was a very intense massage chair in the past.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Osaki OS-7075R Replaces the OS-7000]

Alan: So, the Osaki 7000 will be discontinued, the new model will be the Osaki OS-7075R, so 7075R, and the chair is available now. We are going to be discontinuing the 7000 when it is out of stock, but we should have the 7075R up on our website in the next week or so, so if you have any questions about it just give me a call here at the showroom at 801 – or on my cell phone at 801-651-2026 – or call us toll-free at 888-259-5380. I’m just going to warn you, I have a cough today, I’ve had it the last couple of days, and I hope I don’t cough too much during this update.

[SCREEN TEXT: IT-8500 Remote Different Than IT-8200 Remote]

Alan: Let’s see, what else can I tell you, it looks like – oh, the IT-8500 has a – you know, I talked about this in a blog post last week, but the IT-8500 has a different remote control. It’s basically the same remote control, but it has – the buttons are labeled a little differently – and I went those differences. For example, instead of ‘Mode,’ it says ‘Function,’ instead of, oh I can’t remember, something for the foot rollers, instead of ‘Foot Rollers,’ it used to say something different. And so they’ve tried to make it a little bit more, a little bit more intuitive with the labeling of the remote – but the remote, the functions of the chair are basically the same – but you can check that out.

[SCREEN TEXT: Jim Coppins Interview]

Alan: Other blog posts that I’ve done in the last couple of weeks include my interview with Jim Coppins, who is the vice president of Infinite Therapeutics. We had a 30, 35-minute interview a couple weeks ago, and I broke that up in to two segments, a ‘Part One’ and a ‘Part Two.’ And I posted those on YouTube, I also posted them on our blog, but if you want to learn more about Infinite Therapeutics, and get to know the man – one of the men in charge over there, Jim – it was a great interview, and we really enjoyed the visit and talked about his models, you know, the new IT-8500 and the 8200. Great chairs, very popular chairs, and he mentioned also in the interview that they are probably going to come out with another one, another model before the end of the year. Also, what else did we talk about – oh, I put out a couple of new YouTube videos on the IT-8200 – one that is an introduction to the chair, so it kind of gives you a brief overview of the chair, and we do this with pretty much all of the massage chair models that we’ve done videos for, and then a first time use chair, so the first time you sit in the chair what are some things that you might want to know about the chair as you sit in it for the first time.

Now, let’s see what else we’ve got cooking. Well, the only other thing that I’ve got on my docket here is that I noticed a press release recently from Inada, and it looks like they have hired a marketing company to take care of a lot of their external marketing, including social media. I suspect that it will also include, you know, advertising, marketing, perhaps some SEO on their website, but Inada’s a good company, and they like to represent their products well. And they are good products, quality products, and so they’ve hired a firm to take care of the marketing end of it, and I’ll be curious to see what kinds of things that Inada might come up with to promote their chairs, and see what will come out of that, but I think that’s a good move for that name brand. And you know, when you get, when you talk about Inada products, especially the Inada Sogno, you’re talking about chairs that are quite a bit more expensive than these newer Chinese models, like the IT-8500, the 8200, the Osaki models. But there is definitely a difference in quality between the Sogno – and you got to remember, Inada’s the oldest massage chair company in the world – Mr. Inada invented the first massage chair in 1962, and he and his company have owned the process of creating this chair, from design to engineering to production, manufacturing, distribution, they own everything in house, so their quality control is second to none.

Whereas the other chairs – most of the Chinese chairs, Chinese-made chairs – are made by major manufacturing plants in China. And then companies just come over and say ‘Oh, I’ll take that model, that model, that model, and let’s add a foot roller there, and add an airbag here, and add a music system here, and then put my name on it as a label, so they can come as my chairs,’ so they don’t really own the quality control. Even though, you know, in my interview with Jim Coppins of Infinite Therapeutics, he does say that he has some say in the quality of the chairs that come out of there, but Inada owns the process, so you know, these chairs, these Inada chairs are very, very good chairs and the quality is second to none. But these other new chairs are coming out and the quality’s getting better and the price is quite different, so you know, there’s really something, there’s some things that you really could weigh out there when you’re trying to decide on a chair to get. But anyway, I’ll be interested to see what Inada has to say through a marketing company as the weeks and months progress.

But I do believe that is everything, I’m just checking my schedule to make sure that I’ve covered everything today that needs to be covered. We’re getting close to Christmas, and I’ll tell you something, I’ve been in this business for – geez, online for seven, going on eight years, and you know, selling massage chairs at my clinic before that, a couple years before that, so 10 years I’ve been selling massage chairs – and I’ll tell you, November and December get crazy with massage chair buys. So, they’re wonderful Christmas gifts for you, for your spouse, for your partner or friend or kids or your parents or grandparents, whatever, they’re wonderful gifts, and people don’t think about them much, until around Christmas time, then the idea of getting a massage chair becomes very popular. Well, along with that comes stock issues, and so as I start to give more of these bi-weekly massage chair updates, I’m going to probably be giving you a lot more bad news about stock and colors available and whatnot. So, get your orders in, you know, as soon as possible so that you’ve got the color that you want. All the companies – except for these few back orders that I’ve talked about – all the companies have good stock of most of their chairs, so you know, get in while the getting’s good, and don’t run out of time after Black Friday and Cyber Monday when the sales really, really start to kick off. But that’s just a little word of advice, or word of caution or whatever, to the wise.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you, if you, feel free, if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380 or call me on my cell number at 801-651-2026. If you’ve enjoyed this video, and you like what I have to share, and you’d like to learn more or be updated on subsequent videos, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’d love it if you ‘Shared’ our site or our videos on Facebook or with your Twitter following or ‘Liked’ us on Facebook, whatnot, but we do appreciate that, and we appreciate your support very much. Have a wonderful day, I look forward to talking to you in another couple of weeks. This is Dr. Alan Weidner from Massage-Chair-Relief, talk to you in two weeks. Bye bye.


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