Massage Chair Industry Update 02/25/13

March 5, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
March 5, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update 02/25/13

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – February 25th, 2013”

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and today we are doing our massage chair industry update for the week of February 25th, 2013, and we don’t have a lot of news today, just a few things to go over. Of course, first of all, we will review stock and back-order status.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Update]

Alan: From Human Touch, the HT-7450 in both the ‘Black’ and the ‘Espresso’ are back ordered until later February, so probably should be coming in this week. The ‘Black’ leather Sogno and the ‘Red’ Sogno have some inventory pressure, but other than that all the Sogno chairs are in stock. All the Inada chairs are in stock. The Infinite Therapeutics chairs are all in stock. Panasonic is in stock. The only – Osaki has a few back orders, the ‘Ivory’ OS-1000 is back-ordered for another seven weeks. There’s inventory pressure on the OS-4000. The OS-6000 ‘Black’ is back-ordered, and the OS-7075R, they’re getting a shipment in in three days, but there’s a lot of back orders and a lot of inventory pressure on that, so they suspect that that shipment will be sold out pretty quick. If you want to get one, order it now; don’t wait until they’re in later this week. But after this shipment’s here and sold out, it will be another six weeks before they get some – before they get a new shipment of Osaki OS-7075, which is a very popular chair.

[SCREEN TEXT: IT-8500 vs. OS-7075R]

Alan: The OS-7075, by the way, is a popular chair online, I get a lot of calls about it, a lot of YouTube hits about it on my YouTube videos. But the IT-8500 as a comparable chair, and when most people are shopping for the 7075, they’re also looking at the IT-8500. I wrote a two-part article back in December comparing the 8500 to the Osaki 7075; go into the blog and type in ‘IT-8500 vs OS-7075R’ and you’ll get a good review on those two chairs and help you determine which one might be the better fit for you.

[SCREEN TEXT: American-Made Massage Chair in the Showroom!]

Alan: As far as news goes this week, we got that American-made chair in to test, and I sat on it last week, made a bunch of notes about it because there are a few things in there that I thought could maybe be a little bit better, gave that feedback back to the company, and then we will be meeting this week to talk about other, maybe some other changes to the technology of the chair. But it’s a very nice chair, nice-looking chair. It was fairly easy to assemble; there was a couple things in the assembly that didn’t make sense. We recorded the assembly, so when the chair does come to market and is exposed to the general market, then I will get that video out so people who buy the chair can see how to assemble it. But the remote control is a nice remote control, pretty easy to follow. The chair has a good, vigorous massage. You can adjust the intensity of it. It has airbags and I believe foot rollers, if I’m not mistaken. The airbags in the feet were a little intense and there was no way to adjust the intensity of the airbags separate from the intensity of the rollers. So they were all one and the same, so I recommended that they split those up and have a massage roller intensity and an airbag intensity adjustment separate from each other. But anyways, I’ll let you know more about the chair each week as we get to know – as we become more familiar with it. It’s a nice chair; it has kind of a Sogno styling to it, but it has an airbag system in the neck, which is interesting and nice. It works on the trap muscles like the Sogno does and like the OS-7200H does. It has good arm airbags; it has a bicep arm airbag, which was unique to the Sogno up until now. So this chair has a little extra in the arms. I’m trying to remember other features of the chair, but that’s about all I can remember right now. It’s a nice chair, and you can tell it’s solidly build and I think it’s going to be a good chair in the market when it comes to market.

[SCREEN TEXT: Panasonic MA70 Videos Coming!]

Alan: I’ve put out – we just recorded a bunch of new videos last week, we filmed some primarily for the Panasonic MA70, which I mentioned a few weeks back we just got in our showroom, and I really like that chair. It’s a very nice chair, very solid chair. A Panasonic chair is one of those kinds of chairs that will last you for years and years and years. When I have people call me and say, ‘You know, I’ve had my chair for 15 years, my massage chair, I’m ready to change,” usually it’s a Panasonic that they’ve had. So Panasonic and Inada are built to last many, many years. Good chairs, Japanese quality, and Japanese engineering.

I wrote a couple of blog posts that I think might be of interest to you. One was a bit of a pet peeve for me, and it was for people who buy a chair and they find that there’s something wrong with the chair when they get it. Don’t freak out about it; it’s not unusual – well, no, it is unusual to have a problem right out of the gate, but once in a while a chair will come with a little fault in it. Maybe it needs a component replaced, or there’s a hose that wasn’t attached right, or whatever. But sometimes – most people are very, very cool about this, and they understand that that’s what the warranty is for, is to cover stuff like that and the warranty will cover that – but once in a great while, a person will get really upset and think the chair is a lemon. And the greatest analogy we can give you is that of a car. I used to sell cars – years ago, in 1985 when I was just -newly married – I sold Honda cars. And once in a while, we’d sell a brand-new Honda car and it would come back and there would be a problem with it. We’d fix it, and the car would go and we’d never see the people again. It didn’t mean the car was a lemon or a piece of junk; it just meant there was some flaw that had happened to the car during assembly, and the same thing can happen to a chair. It doesn’t mean every chair is perfect; we know it’s not, or else we wouldn’t have warranties to cover it. But anyways, I talk about that in some detail in my article, and I’d like you to take a look at that if you are concerned about an issue with a chair that you got. Don’t worry, it’s OK; the warranty will cover it. It doesn’t mean the whole chair is problematic, it just may mean that one part is problematic, and unplug it, plug in a new part, and bang you’re ready to go.

[SCREEN TEXT: “Top 10 Cool Massage Chair Features” Blog Post]

Alan: And then I wrote another two-part article called ‘Ten Cool Features of Massage Chairs.’ And I kind of enjoyed writing this because there are some features of some chairs that I just love that are kind of cool and you don’t see them everywhere. Like the YuMe has the kneeding massage on the calves, which I’ve seen before. I think that’s kind of cool. And the Sogno has the airbags that inflate from the headpiece down onto your trap muscles, very cool. Or the Osaki 7075 has that headband that you wear that massages your scalp and the suboccipital muscles under your skull. Cool stuff, and I kind of listed my top ten cool features of chairs. Take a look at the blog and you can read more about those, and if any of them suit your fancy, that may be something you want to consider when you buy a chair. But enjoy those blog posts if you take the time to read them. It’s good information, and if you have any other cool features that you’ve found on a chair that you have, let me know about it. I’d like to know about it if it’s something we haven’t covered.

Anyways, I guess that’s about it. It’s a short, short industry review this week, and nothing too much on the horizon that I can see. It looks like stock is good for most chairs, and chairs are selling. I mean, this is definitely the baby boomers are grabbing a hold of these massage chairs and finding the benefit of them, present company included, as we have sore bodies, as we’re paying the price for years of hockey and football and basketball and rodeoing or whatever it is that we do, or even years of just sitting in front of a computer. Eventually the scar tissue catches up with us, and the ligament and the soft tissue compromises, it catches up with us. And these massage chairs do wonders for things like that because they eventually lead to pain and discomfort, and that’s what a massage chair is wonderful at treating.

Well, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ If you enjoyed this video, please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll be updated every time we do a new review or if we have any other videos coming out. As I mentioned earlier, we have more coming out. Also, if you like what I have to say, please ‘Like’ us on Facebook or share us on Twitter or Facebook or “+1” us on Google Plus, but please spread the word about massage chairs. We do appreciate that very much. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner, have a wonderful day, we’ll see you in two more weeks. Bye-bye.


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